Ike Taylor Retires, Pittsburgh Looks to the Draft for Replacements

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been hit hard in the off season. While the team finished the 2014 season in the middle of the pack, there are massive changes being brought to the table for 2015, namely the loss of several star players. Last week, Troy Polamalu announced his retirement from the game after 11 active years with the Steelers. Polamalu’s decision was one based on his desire to leave the game at the “top” and move onto bigger and better adventures. Now, the Steelers are losing Ike Taylor, too.

Ike Taylor announced his retirement exactly one week after Polamalu made his announcement. Taylor was a free agent and had been released by the Steelers, but made the personal decision to walk away. He was drafted by the team in 2003, the same year as Polamalu. Experts seem to think there may be a connection between the teammates retirements, after all, they’ve spent their careers together, from start to finish, on the same team.

Taylor, a relatively unknown during the draft, was drafted in the second round of 2003, as a cornerback. Fans like Igor Cornelsen (resume.com) know that, fast and lanky, many teams didn’t consider his speed when looking at him. He’s done his job well, however, over the last 11 seasons for the Steelers, and likely would have continued to do so for another team.

Taylor and Polamalu are simply part of a new trend; players retiring in their prime when they still have the stamina and wherewithall to continue playing in the NFL. Now, the Steelers are left with a few empty positions that they’ll need to fill. Experts believe they are looking at the draft, coming up in just a few short weeks to fill those spots.