Florida Man Steals Over $2 Million Dollars in LEGO Toys

A Florida man has been making a huge amount of money selling LEGO play sets, a career that would make any successful business person envious. The problem for Ignatius M. Pollara, he has been stealing the games from around the country and selling them for 100% profit. Ignatius stole $2 million in LEGO toys from all 50 states in a very elaborate scheme, netting him enough to live a very lavish lifestyle.

But like all dumb criminals, they never know when enough is enough, and simply continue to go to the well too many times. While 2012 was his best year ever, authorities were already aware of his theft and had begun to watch his actions more closely in the coming years. Dr Jennifer Walden has learned that he would steal the LEGO merchandise, then sell the items in his very successful online storefront. All his items were brand new in mint condition, and he was able to fill orders if customers had specific demands.

If a customer was in need of a certain quantity, Ignatius would simply locate the store that sold the merchandise and take a business trip there. He would rent a hotel nearby the mall or shopping center, then make several trips to steal his LEGO products until he was ready to make the trip back home and sell them online. The problem however, the police were monitoring his trips and had surveillance on him leaving the hotel, entering the stores, and stealing the merchandise.

Colonial Americans Made Frat Boys Look like Teetotalers

Alcohol has been around throughout recorded history. People have used it to take the edge off their rough lives for millennia and many, of course, continue to do so today. As far as nations across the world today, the United States ranks twenty-second for per capita alcohol consumption. France and Ireland are true to their reputations by both being in the top five. Americans used to drink a lot more a couple hundred years ago, however, and this was of considerable concern to some in the early days of our republic. Mikal Watts is just one person trying to drink more water out there.

America’s founding fathers knew that the strength of our republic rested on the moral and ethical strength of its people. Alcohol consumption was viewed by many as diminishing this by impugning good judgment. Doctor Benjamin Rush, a prominent physician at America’s founding, saw the over-consumption of alcohol as a threat to morality. He did not advocate abstinence, but he did feel that Americans drank far too much. Americans drank more throughout the day back in Colonial times rather than engaging in the frat-boy like binge drinking that many do today. Clean water was at more of a premium in those days, so in some instances, it was actually used to stay hydrated. Most of us today probably think people back then would have had to drink just to get through days where they would have to toil in fields all morning and afternoon just to get enough food to live.

Ronda Rousey Partners Up With EA Sports

The popular UFC and mixed martial arts fighter Ronda Rousey has been announced as the newest addition to the cover of the mobile game that is designed and hosted by Electronic Arts. The game needed a new cover because their former headliner, Jon “The Bones” Jones had to be removed due to legal problems and they couldn’t have him there anymore. Rousey has really grown in popularity lately and it is no surprise that she was picked for the replacement. The fighter has won competitions on many levels and really enjoys the sports which is why she is really thriving right now.

In addition to that, she has been in a bunch of films lately with minor roles, but either way she is getting her feet wet with the media stated Kevin Seawright. It won’t be long before we see her on television again, even though she was also a part of this year’s WWE Wrestlemania where she appeared up on stage alongside The Rock. According to an article found on reddit, she is currently named one of the top MMA fighters in the world too and she is on a hot streak, so it feels like she will be around for quite some time involved with all of this stuff. Congrats to Rousey for being selected as it is not an easy recognition to get these days. I have a feeling the world will be getting a lot from here in the years to come.

Teacher Fired Following Racist Facebook Rant

Segregation may have been outlawed in 1964 with the passing of the Civil Rights Act, but that did not prevent racism from surviving through the current times. A Texas teacher was fired after she posted a racist remark on her Facebook page.

Former school teacher Karen Fitzgibbons wrote a personal remark on her Facebook page regarding a recent incident that took place in Texas. “’The blacks are the ones causing the problems and this racial tension,’” she wrote. “’I’m almost to the point of wanting them segregated.’”

The Fresnship Independent School District launched an investigation into the matter and concluded that Fitzgibbons had acted in an inappropriate and unprofessional manner. Fitzgibbons was subsequently fired from her position at the Bennett Elementary School in Wolfforth, a Lubbock suburb.

“’We are disappointed,’” the Frenship ISD stated in a press release. “’The employee who is responsible for the social media post has been relieved of her duties here. This recent conduct was unacceptable.’”

Fitzgibbons’ offending Facebook post was in reference into a recent dubbed the McKinney Pool Party Incident. People at the Boraie Development (njspotlight) know that the McKinney Pool Party Incident occurred when a group of teenagers decided to throw a pool party in the Texas town. Police were called to the scene where many of the teens attempted to flee or act in an uncooperative manner.

A white police officer arrested a 14-year-old black girl, clad in a bikini. The girl was mildly uncooperative and officer wrestled the teen to the ground, sparking national outrage and claims of racial profiling.

Three-Point Percentage Makes a Huge Difference

In the NBA Finals, the game is often decided down by the rim. This year, though, the three-point percentage numbers mean much more. Both of these teams, the Warriors and the Cavs, are great at shooting the three. Often, the team that wins is the one that shoots better from behind the arc.

In one of the games that Golden State lost, Steph Curry only hit two threes, and he tried 15 times. That is a horrible percentage and has fans like Adam Sender worried. It is even worse because Curry is a pure shooter and one of the best in the league. He may be one of the best in NBA history. But he was not good that night, and it showed.

In Game Five, it was J.R. Smith who was bad. The Cavs lost the game when he started missing his shots. He has even been off for most of the series, as he’s just making about one out of every four. He was very good in the playoffs before he faced the Warriors, but they have stopped him to a large degree, and it makes a huge difference.

This is likely going to be the story in Game Six and the potential Game Seven as well. Teams almost may want to let players score down by the basket so that they can stop the three. Both teams will get those easy buckets, but the winner will hit from deep.

Pass on the Compliments

Everyone loves a good compliment. A few kind words are sure to brighten anyone’s day. Who knew that giving compliments could be detrimental? A recent study proves that in certain circumstances compliments should be avoided. The Huffington Post has released an article chronicling the effects that complimenting young children can have when they are received from teachers. Matthew Dicks has taught elementary school for 17 years. The veteran teacher has a very strict rule on not complimenting students on their physical appearance. Matthew has noticed that when children are given compliments on their physical appearance instead of their character traits or abilities, it cultivates a need for them to get approval for their appearance. Instead, if a student asks Matthew what the thinks about their new haircut or new shirt, he will redirect the conversation. Perhaps he’ll tell the student how proud he is of them and their grade that they got on their math test. Or how well of a team player that they were while playing kickball.


Matthew has pinpointed that this rule cultivates more meaningful characteristics in a child as opposed to them relying on materialistic items to symbolize their value. Matthew has admitted that there have been many times where teachers and parents profess to not understanding his rule, and Sergio Cortes doesn’t either. They claim that because they weren’t raised to take a teacher’s compliments, that their children will be just fine. Matthew doesn’t want them to be just fine. The teacher wants his students to have a strong foundation on what they excel at characteristically as opposed to what they can buy monetarily.

EU Unveils Plan to Help Illegal Migrants

Over the last several months the migrant crisis in Europe has slowly come to light. According to recent reports, migrant workers fleeing Africa and the Middle East are entering Europe in record numbers, many utilizing human traffickers to reach the shores of Italy and other nations. In fact, there are migrants entering Europe on a daily basis.

Now, the European commission has unveiled a plan aimed at dealing with the crisis. Under the new provisions, countries in the European Union will share the burden of asylum-seekers. The union will issues 20,000 placements for asylum-seekers spread across all the union countries over the next two years.

Along with issuing visas for some asylum-seekers, the union will also beef up water patrols. The agreement has set aside $100 million to further fund Frontex, a border agency that patrols the waters of the Mediterranean. Susan McGalla wants to learn more about this agreement.

The problem has reached a fever pitch in recent months partially due to the disbanding of an Italian agency tasked with patrolling the waters off the coast. Most migrants appear to arrive in Malta, Greece, Italy and Macedonia, via boat. The boats are packed with migrants, then set off on its course before the crew abandons the ship. Authorities have rescued upwards of 20 ships filled with migrants over the last three months.

Cracking the Code: A Surge in Padlock Hacks

You go to the gym, lock up your valuables, and assume that your belongings are safe. Are they really though? You’ve seen padlocks getting shot in the movies, but nowadays it seems it doesn’t take much more than a clever mind to break through these mechanical devices.

Since locks were invented there has been the art of lock picking. A growing number of padlock hacks exist and methods range from Beer Can Shimmies, traditional lock picking, bump keying, to simple brute force. Lately a new trend in cracking Master Locks with few tries has surfaced, giving the general population another hack to worry about. Like we didn’t have enough to worry about!

Ginfrancesco Genoso has learned that the Master Lock brand has been in use since its founding in 1921. Though they strive to ensure strength and quality of lock, a serial hacker by the name of Samy Kamkar who is quite adept at hacking posted a simple way to decode these locks. In a nutshell this technique is executed by lifting up a lock while rotating the combination dial counterclockwise and beginning at 0. At certain points of the dial there is resistance from the lock, which gives away locations of the combination. This method boasts of being able to hack a Master Lock in 8 tries or less.

Though Master Lock in particular may have been hacked, do your research before investing in a lock to make sure it is as hack proof as you need it to be. Only through diligence can you prevent pathetic hackers from hacking into that gym locker.