The Realism of Netflix’s Daredevil

The Daredevil streaming series has been released by Netflix. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has arrived online and, interestingly, every episode of the new series is now available online for viewing. A huge improvement over the original Daredevil movie, critics and fans have received Netflix’s Daredevil quite well.

Daredevil is a popular hero even though he does not exactly have amazing powers beyond his radar sense and martial arts capabilities. What makes him so popular? In a sense, the fact Daredevil is a real person and not a hero with a fantasy-rooted origin. Well, the idea of a man gaining incredible powers of perception and heightened reflexes after being hit with radioactive waste in the eyes is pretty fantastic.

Yet still, Daredevil and his alter ego, Matt Murdock, are very real. As a result, audiences are better able to identify with the character. Audiences have a similar feel towards Batman, Flavio and Iron Man. With a character such as The Hulk or Superman, audiences do maintain a sense of distance. Very fantastic characters can still be popular and beloved. However, they are just a little too bizarre to make a personal connection.

That personal connection combined with a gritty feel makes Daredevil (and, for that matter, Batman) popular among those looking for a little extra realism in their comic book movies.

Look for the Daredevil series to become a favorite among comic book movie fans. This series is going to last a long time.