Nebraska Bans the Death Penalty

Nebraska repealed the death penalty by over-riding their governor’s veto. Capital punishment hasn’t been used in the state since 1997, but repealing the death penalty wasn’t an easy matter. Governor Pete Ricketts was a staunch supporter of the death penalty, and vetoed the repeal bill that came across his desk. He argued that Nebraska should keep capital punishment as a fitting repercussion for the most terrible crimes. Some legislators voted for the death penalty even though they themselves had moral reservations about the issue. They believed that their constituents would favor the death penalty and would want to keep it as an option, and so they voted against their conscience. However, the veto was overturned and the death penalty was abolished. The New York Times reportsthat Nebraska is the first conservative state to ban the death penalty since 1973. Six states have abolished the death penalty since 2007, but the other five states were not considered conservative states. In recent years, legal issues over obtaining the medication used for lethal injections have left some states looking for other answers. A few states have even given the green light to use firing squads as a means of execution. Nebraska, on the other hand, thinks life in prison is also a fitting punishment for heinous crimes.

Thanks to Crystal Hunt for showing me this on her facebook page!