Norka Dubrazka – One Of Venezuela’s Most Famous Singers

Norka Dubrazka is one of the more famous singers from around the world. She’s known for her positive energy that she projects in her music as well as her personality. Essentially, she has the ability to add a little bit of her great personality into any song which she is able to produce. Norka as a singer is one of the more popular ones in of Latin American Origin and her popularity is definitely not by accident. Her songs are some of the best and combine positive attitudes as well as influences from cultures around the world.

Milagro is one of Norka’s hit songs, which has been made famous through channels such as Youtube. This song features latin and caribbean beats combined with sounds from the middle east. Thus, it has become very popular because of it’s intercultural views as well as it’s ability to captivate audiences from around the world. Everything about the song makes viewers and people watching the music video smile because it’s one of the best songs there are. People can’t get enough of Norka when they are watching her music videos. This was one of her first hit songs and it has become very popular throughout the world.

In addition, another of her hit songs is a variety of dance hits. This happens to be one called “In Love” which is able to get people moving off of their feet. This is in addition to Lost in Your Eyes, which is also able to get people moving off their feet. It’s a fun song and one that is also able to inspire and captivate many audiences from around the world. They are also very positive in their nature and reflect Norka’s very positive attitude with regard to many aspects of her life.

Norka obtained her name from her mother and chose it as a way of being able to honor her. She was born in Caracas, but currently lives in Miami. She studied culinary arts and business in France before she moved to the United States in order to pursue her career. Since moving to Miami, she has access to some of the best mentors available including Emilio Estefan Jr. These mentorships have been crucial to Norka’s success in the music industry. This is because these individuals have been able to show her the ropes of the music business and assist her with learning how to perform well in the music business.

Sergio Cortes Re-Energizing Michael Jackson’s Legacy

Over the years, music has been one of the most integral part in the development of a whole human being. There are different types of music that people listen to get the desired message. Music is mostly used as a source of entertainment and leisure. Music can also be used to educate people on different issues in life. This educational type of music is commonly listened to by young generation. Through music, many people have understood and learnt how nature operates and have appreciated the nature of creation. As a result, many people have developed interest in the music industry. Musicians have emerged and are singing different genre of music. Music vary from native to modern music which brings different cultures together thus fostering unity. In recent years, many musicians have risen to the limelight to become leading musical personality in the global arena. Michael Jackson is one of the leading musicians who rose to the limelight and became celebrated globally. He started music when he was still a young person and by the time of his death, he had become a global icon who attracted respect from every quarter. Michael Jackson is referred to as the King of Pop because he championed the development of pop music which then took root to every part of the world. After his demise, many people were devastated but continued to listen and celebrate his music. His music inspired many people and some also opted to start singing. Sergio Cortes is a pop singer who has taken after the late Michael Jackson and he is following in his footsteps.

Sergio Cortes was born in Spain in 1971 and developed interest in the music sang by Michael Jackson. He has greatly impersonated Michael Jackson and is currently performing on major shows globally. His love for the Michael Jackson music earned him the chance of working with Michael Jackson through promoting his discs. Many fans have found the music of Sergio Cortes appealing just like the ones sang by Michael Jackson. This has earned him the name of Sergio Jackson on stage where people compare his performance and dancing styles with Michael Jackson. He has performed in Rome, Italy. Here, music fans were more attracted by the way he performed and is the exact resemblance of Michael Jackson. He is currently performing pop music in his home country in Madrid Spain. He has attracted quite a huge crowd in the home country with the overwhelming support from his native fans.

Instagram Tribute To Nicki Minaj

Fans are raving about this little girl’s Instagram account that is a full on tribute to Nicki Minaj. It is the most adorable thing they have ever seen. Nicki Minaj re-posted it on her Instagram which showed the world the cutest Instagram ever, @Million.Dollar.Bby. This little girl is not quite a baby but she might as well be because of how cute she is. People are saying that the little girl is not worth a million dollars because she is absolutely priceless. I bet she is loving all of the praise.

Nicki Minaj posted a video clip of Blake Dunham who is a little Nicki Minaj in the making. The little girl is singing, “All Things Go” in the video clip but unfortunately, we did not get to see all of the goodies because there is a lot more where that came from eMobile news suggests. There is two more videos just from the same song!

The best part, we all know that Nicki Minaj is a little theatrical so when she drops the F bomb, the little girl even censors it in the video. It does not get any better than that. Blake only started the account about a month ago and posted the first post on January 26th. It already has 35,000 followers! This little girl is amazing! There are tons more videos covering other music stars so make sure to check them out!

Kendrick Lamar Likes His Dance Moves

Kendrick Lamar created a video for the song entitled “I,” and the dance moves that he displayed in the video were epic. Many people who watched the video, tried to imitate the dance moves, and even asked how they could do the moves themselves. Kendrick’s Dancing. Some were even trying to get training on how to do the dance moves, so a tutorial was put out for those who were serious about learning the moves. Kendrick also let it be known that the moves were cultural, as well as something that he did in a freestyle. He said that the moves were not rehearsed at all, he just felt good at the time, and made something up as he went along. Whether the moves were rehearsed or not, they have become a signature to his name, and helped to propel his popularity as well.

Kendrick comes from LA, and he claims that many of the dance moves are rooted in the area that he comes from, as well as his culture. Sam Tabar can certainly see that. He has even talked about something similar on SamTabar. He also shares that he likes to dance like no one else is around, and he really doesn’t care what people think about his dancing.

T-Pain Ditches the Auto-Tune and Gains Happiness

Rapper T-Pain has made some of the most recognizable songs of this century. During the height of his career, you couldn’t turn on a Hip Hop radio station without hearing one of his tracks blare through the speakers. Although these songs may remind me of a few of the best moments of my life, the rapper himself is not a fan of the songs that propelled him into stardom. 

T-Pain joined Larry King to discuss his career and the release of his new album, Stoicville. During the interview, he expressed his disapproval of the songs that made him a household name. At a time when artist were more concerned with appeasing their fans, T-Pain traded in his authenticity for popularity, chart toppers, and luxury automobiles. His whole career was based on making music that people wanted to hear, but he was forced to sacrifice his own happiness.

Christian Broda states T-Pain is widely known for using a device called auto-tune to distort his voice, T-Pain has since re-recorded some of his most popular songs, and this time, he left the auto-tune on the cutting room floor.

Now, the artist is finally taking his happiness into his own hands. Even if his latest album doesn’t reach the Billboard top 100, T-Pain is content because he finally gets to show the world who he really is.