Breakthrough in Treating Multiple Sclerosis

Athlete’s Foot is an annoyance at best, but fortunately that is one condition that is readily treatable. Good hygiene habits help in prevention, and there are over-the-counter creams on the market that help. Igor Cornelsen would agree that those with this condition are much luckier than people who have multiple sclerosis. There is presently no cure for this condition, but scientists are continuing to search as its sufferers number over 2 million worldwide. Science has made a recent breakthrough, and surprisingly, it is related to athlete’s foot. More properly, it relates to the creams used to treat athlete’s foot. Researchers at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio have tried testing hundreds of drugs to see which, if any, might show some results against this disease. Incredibly, they found that the drug contained in athlete’s foot creams stimulates the body’s own stem cells to repair the damage caused by MS and in animal trials has actually reversed paralysis in mice.

This story serves as a reminder of how breakthroughs and cures can come from the unlikeliest of places. Who would have thought that moldy bread would lead to the discovery of penicillin, but thankfully it did and millions of people a year don’t die who would have previously. The next time athlete’s foot sufferers are applying cream to their feet, they can take heart in the knowledge that this same substance may be the key to curing people who are suffering from a dread disease with symptoms such as fatigue, numbness, vision loss and paralysis.