Is Jean Grey Taking Up Bow and Arrow Lessons for X-Men: Apocalypse?

Jean Grey is going to be prominently featured in the forthcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. The third film in the X-Men: First Class trilogy is going to provide a few unique twists. One interesting twist is Grey may be sporting a classic weapon in the film. Specifically, the young version of Jean Grey could very well pick up a bow and arrow for the film.

Director Bryan Singer released an image from the set that features the character of Grey taking part in a possible bow and arrow training session stated Would this set up her using a bow and arrow at some point in the film? We don’t know the answer to that yet, but speculation is always fun. Using a bow and arrow is not really Jean Grey’s thing. She is a supremely powerful telepath. Why would she need a bow and arrow? Only the screenplay of the film is capable of revealing the definitive answer.

Of course, an inside joke could be present here. D.C. Comics has a huge television hit in the form of Arrow. The image from X-Men: Apocalypse could possibly be a tip of the hat to the adventures of Oliver Queen. Maybe the film pokes fun at Mr. Green Arrow. Again, we have to wait and see.

X-Men: Apocalypse is the final film in the previously established Fox continuity. After this film, the X-Men franchise is slated for a total reboot.

Rumors of Doctor Who becoming a Hollywood Film

While drinking Bulletproof Coffee and perusing articles online, I came across a great find. According to the story on The Telegraph, the leaked Sony emails have confirmed that the long-running British series, Doctor Who, will be turned into a Hollywood film.

Being a huge Doctor Who fan, I’m not sure how I feel about this. If the film is done poorly, then Sony will be upsetting a lot of Whovians. In the emails it was inferred that the film would not be made immediately, but sometime within the next eight years.

Doctor Who began on the BBC in 1963 with William Hartnell portraying the traveling Time Lord first. The show ended in 1989 and had a failed movie in 1996. The series was rebooted in 2005 with actor Christopher Eccleston as the ninth doctor. The series has continued since then with actors such as David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi portraying the centuries old alien.

I understand that a film would be done in order to keep the franchise alive, which I feel began to slip after Matt Smith left. If there is a film, I wonder which actor will be playing the Doctor, or if it will be whoever is portraying him in the series at the time. I would love to see something like the 50th Anniversary special where they brought back several of the Doctors together to solve a problem that needed all the help it could get.

The Realism of Netflix’s Daredevil

The Daredevil streaming series has been released by Netflix. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has arrived online and, interestingly, every episode of the new series is now available online for viewing. A huge improvement over the original Daredevil movie, critics and fans have received Netflix’s Daredevil quite well.

Daredevil is a popular hero even though he does not exactly have amazing powers beyond his radar sense and martial arts capabilities. What makes him so popular? In a sense, the fact Daredevil is a real person and not a hero with a fantasy-rooted origin. Well, the idea of a man gaining incredible powers of perception and heightened reflexes after being hit with radioactive waste in the eyes is pretty fantastic.

Yet still, Daredevil and his alter ego, Matt Murdock, are very real. As a result, audiences are better able to identify with the character. Audiences have a similar feel towards Batman, Flavio and Iron Man. With a character such as The Hulk or Superman, audiences do maintain a sense of distance. Very fantastic characters can still be popular and beloved. However, they are just a little too bizarre to make a personal connection.

That personal connection combined with a gritty feel makes Daredevil (and, for that matter, Batman) popular among those looking for a little extra realism in their comic book movies.

Look for the Daredevil series to become a favorite among comic book movie fans. This series is going to last a long time.

Jack Huston Looked At For The Crow

There have been many attempts to reboot The Crow movie franchise. There have been many actors considered for the role of Eric Draven, a role originally played by the late Brandon Lee. There have been multiple changes in directors as well. One of the most recent actors for The Crow, Luke Evans, has passed up the opportunity. Now, they are looking atJack Huston for The Crow.

Corin Hardy is getting ready to direct. He has a large task of making this film unique from the 1994 classic said Marc Sparks. According to a recent article, Corin Hardy’s version is described as “brutal and emotional”. However, the Brandon Lee starring and Alex Proyas directed film was quite emotional as well as brutal. It had a very unique atmosphere which is very hard to top.

Jack Huston is not the biggest star in Hollywood. However, when Brandon Lee took on the role, he was merely a rising star at the time who hasn’t reached his peak yet. As with other reboots, there are going to be comparisons with the former version of the franchise. The former series had multiple films and even a TV series. However, only the first movie stood out. The rest of the films have not taken off.

The Crow might go into production this spring.

Pirates of the Caribbean News

For fans waiting for more details these past four years about Pirates of the Caribbean 5, the wait is over!

The cast and crew for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales have begun filming this week in Australia.

Captain Jack Sparrow will once again face ghosts and other supernatural elements in the film while he looks for the legendary Trident of Poseidon which can give him mastery over the oceans. The ghost pirates are attempting to kill all living pirates — especially Sparrow. Fans like Haidar Barbouti have learned that returning characters include Barbossa, Gibbs and Scrum. There is a chance that many other well-loved characters will also return.

The less than pleasant news about the production?

Several environmental and animal rights groups have petitioned the Australian government to block the transport of two capuchin monkeys chosen to play Barbossa’s pet “Jack” citing that transportation and acting cause the animals undue physical and psychological stress. They’re requesting that Disney use add virtual versions of the monkeys to the film post-production.

Critics have pointed out that the male and female are not wild and have never experienced the complex social groups that are normal for the breed. They argue that the animals were raised for this purpose and that the monkeys might experience more stress if not allowed to perform regularly as trained to do.

The Australian government has yet to make a decision.

Tom Rothman: Pascal’s likely Successor

According to a recent LA Times report, Amy Pascal has decided to resign her position at Columbia Pictures in May to pursue a new production company. Often acknowledged as Hollywood’s most renowned and prestigious female executives, Pascal is most known for coordinating the creation of popular movies including “Groundhog Day,” “Men in Black,” and “The Amazing Spider-Man.” Undeniably, her unprecedented movie productions along with her close relationships with actors such as Will Smith and Adam Sandler all effectively contribute to her recognition as one of Hollywood’s famous and most successful film icons.

Pascal’s announced resignation has influenced the speculation of her possible replacement. Some prominent professionals at Sony Pictures believe her successor will evolve from within the Culver City Studio. So far, Tom Rothman, Doug Belgrad, and Jeff Robinov are the leading candidates for her competitive position. Doug Belgrad, was recognized last year as the President of the Studio’s Motion Picture Group and Jeff Robinov was the former Warner Bros well-known and influential executive. Robinov’s brand new film company, Studio 8, previously signed a distribution deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Tom Rothman is a former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fox Filmed Entertainment and is best known for his involvement in the successful production of the well-liked films “Avatar” and “Titanic.” In addition, during his eighteen year employment with Fox, he founded and was of the first presidents of Fox Searchlight which is a specialty division that created the award winning movies, “The Descedants” and “Black Swann.” His success at Fox influenced Pascal and Sony Pictures Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Michael Lynton, decision to invite Rothman to help reinvent Sony’s Tristar film label. Most professionals in his field affirm his great reputable talent and support his likely role as Pascal’s successor.