Monkeys Escape Research Lab

Thirty monkeys infected with various viruses and used for scientific research escaped from their cage Sunday from a scientific center of Puerto Rico, but investigators say they had help.

An unknown advocate broke the padlock and chain, and let them free.

The facility houses the monkeys to use in scientific studies on common diseases says Stephen Murray CCMP Capital.

According to a statement from the Police of Puerto Rico, one or several unknown persons caused damage to one of the cages at the Research Center of Primates of the Caribbean Campus and Medical Sciences at the Public University of Puerto Rico (UPR), located the outskirts of San Juan.

Staff of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER) from Puerto Rico are helping with recovery efforts of the animals.

Many of the animals remained within the grounds of the research center and some have already been recovered.

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. Lab monkeys have always staged a break out from these Puerto Rico medical labs and become a menace to neighboring farmers. But primates are a lucrative business, so the islanders just get use to the escapes.