Cardinal’s Under Investigation

The biggest news of the week came out yesterday when it was announced that the FBI is investigating the St. Louis Cardinals for allegedly hacking into the Houston Astros’ computer system. The system holds all of the organizations secrets, ideas, and vital information to operations of the organization. The New York Times reported that the Astros’ computer system dubbed Ground Control, has been accessed from a home owned by a St. Louis Cardinal employee. Jeff Luhnow, a former Cardinal Executive, built the system for the organization. According to a report, subpoenas have been issued for all of the organizations electronic records.

The St. Louis Cardinals released a statement saying they were fully aware of the allegations and are fully cooperating with the FBI. It also stated that they are unaware of who is involved at this point and to what extent. It is unknown whether or not the system was accessed multiple times or not. Until the facts come out of what truly transpired, the St. Louis Cardinals will have to go into damage control mode because right now their reputation just went down the toilet. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred issued a statement that he is also aware of the allegations but is unable to offer anything else at this time because he does not have enough information at this time. The healthcare team behind the Amen Clinic say this is one story that will soon have legs once the initial findings are released.