“Mad Max” Movie Is Being Compared To “Mario Kart”

“Mad Max” was a movie that was created many years ago, and it starred Mel Gibson and Tina Turner. The movie just got a remake, and the remade version of it came out recently. The remade version was filmed in the deserts of Africa, and the movie looks seriously wicked. Mad Max Movie. There have been some great critiques on the movie, the acting, as well as the plot. The plot for the remake stays pretty much the same, although the scenery has changed some.

The Mad Max movie was successful enough, so merchandise as well as a video game was made. Although the movie has been remade, many are comparing some of the special effects and the entire movie to “Mario Kart.” Mario Kart is a game where Mario races other drivers in his go-cart. Although Mad Max is a lot grittier than Mario Kart, the movie still mimics the video game of Mario Kart pretty well. The new movie has a different lead man, other than Mel Gibson, and Charlize Theron is also in the movie.

No doubt many will be checking out the movie because Charlize Theron is in it. Charlize chose to shave her hair for her role in the movie, although she was never asked to do so. Charlize even admits that her son touches her hair, and he says he misses it. STX Entertainment noted that Charlize is well known for playing her character to the fullest, especially the character she played in the movie “Monster.”