EOS Becomes the Second Top Selling Lip Balm in the Nation

The lip balm superstar company EOS (https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) has become a powerhouse in the world of beauty products. The round spheres started off as a completely uniquely designed lip balm. It is now the second top selling lip balm product in the nation. The round spheres are now instantly recognizable as an EOS product. They achieved their success with a goal, a dream, and a plan.

EOS put a number of things into effect when they decided to set out on recreating a beauty product that has been mainly designed a certain way. They chose to make their beauty product experimentally different than other lip balm products. They started off with the appearance of their lip balm. They created a plethora of different packaging ideas. They picked out a unique round shaped design because it appealed to a variety of senses. The round design of the EOS lip balms are visually appealing and pleasing to the touch.

The company analyzed what beauty buyers are mainly focused on when they decide if they will buy a new beauty product. Their studies showed that beauty customers prefer to buy beauty products on Amazon and Well that contain environmentally friendly or naturally derived ingredient products. The selected jojoba oil, shea butter, and Vitamin E. They created a variety of different natural flavors for their lip balms. These ingredients help to keep your dried out lips smooth and fresh.

Last of all, the EOS company put a lot of effort into their marketing plans. This allowed for the company to reach out to millennials and other customers. They used beauty vloggers and millennial celebrities (https://www.facebook.com/eos/) to put plenty of energy into their marketing. This attention to where beauty product buyers focus their attention paid off for EOS. They are now the second top selling beauty lip balm company in the nation.


Evolution of Smooth Sheer Pink Shimmer Lip Balm Perfect Tint

Well, I finally found it shopping around Racked store today. I was looking for an effective and protective lip balm that offered pure moisture with a tinted base. Say hello to Evolution of Smooth’s Sheer Pink Shimmer lip balm, because this one is a true winner from the famous line.

There are days you don’t want to wear a full lipstick but still want to look polished and pretty and protected from the elements. There are tons of tinted lip balms out there, but I wanted one that also felt great and delivers soft, kissable lips.

EOS lip balm is a genius at packaging; I mean, let’s be honest. No other brand features this spherical balm placed in a colorful little pot. The balm is excellent, too and full of natural, anti-oxidant goodness like jojoba oil, shea butter, Vitamin E, coconut oil, beeswax and more wonderful soothing and hydrating ingredients.

As important, is the lovely tint that Evolution of Smooth has created. It’s such a pretty wash of pink that gives off a tiny shimmer. There is nothing juvenile about this tint; in fact, it’s so flattering on every skin tone. I’m going to buy three more to have on hand, and I’m wearing this tinted balm to the gym tomorrow to work-out.

When I head to my job, I tend to favor a strong smoky eye, so the Sheer Pink Shimmer lip balm is a perfect balance for my face. It is a sheer shade that seems to last pretty well, too, but I don’t mind re-applying, because with balms, that’s what you do anyway.

The formula also bears the signature Evolution of Smooth organic excellence with a nice hydrating base and a balm that is lightweight, non-greasy and glides along the lips. I highly recommend this purchase. http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm

To learn more about EOS and their history, visit fastcompany.com.