The secret behind Rona Borre’s success

                 Rona Borre is the CEO



Rona Borre is the CEO of Instant Alliance, a position she got out of her many skills and experience in the field. Before the appointment, she served the company as a leader at finance department. She also worked in other big organizations like the Sapphire Technologies and Team Alliance. She gathered a lot of knowledge that she uses to propel the company to great heights. Moreover, Rona Borre is lucky to have acquired her degree in business administration specializing in marketing from the University of Arizona. It shaped her to become a world class leader.  Source:


Media houses she has featured and awards


Rona Borre has set a pace for other females. It has led her to make an appearance in various stations like CNBC, USA Today, CNN and CBS 2 Chicago among many others. She has been awarded numerous awards like an enterprising woman of the year, and she also got named as Influential Woman in Business.  Check for this.


Services offered by Instant Alliance


Instant Alliance is an organization that offers the assistance concerning Business. The company focuses on ensuring that your business achieves fast growth. They have a determined workforce that is dedicated to providing assistance whenever needed by the businessmen. The team of professionals ensures that they eradicate any loopholes that may cause failure to your business. The team offers advice and human capital tailored to ensure you have vast knowledge in the sector. Instant Alliance believes that all businesses can succeed given the right knowledge.

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