Kenall Jenner Spotted Picking Justin Bieber Up from the Gym

Anyone who knows anything about Justin Bieber knows that in just a few short months Justin managed to go from being the guy everyone couldn’t stand, to being the loveable person that the world fell in love with when he first stepped on the scene. Justin has gone from attacking camera men, to putting on live acoustic performances in coffee houses and buying random strangers dinner. While Justin’s new nice guy demeanor may not win him back Selena Gomez, it does look like Kendall Jenner is noticing the changes and loving them all.

For weeks everyone has been wondering if Justin and Kendall are, together or just friends according to Bruce Levenson. After watching all of the cute clips and photos Kendall and Justin have been sharing lately anyone would assume that the two are already crazy in love, after all Kendall was even Justin’s special guest during his Comedy Central Roast just weeks ago. Now it seems like wherever you see Kendall you will spot Justin not far away.

Kendall was recently spotted going to pick up Justin from the gym, and of course these friendly trips 50 pick up Justin have managed to use. Needless to say the romance rumors flew like crazy. Right now there is no telling what might be up between Kendall and Justin, but the truth is the photos speak for themselves.