A Review Of Todd Lubar’s Career

Todd contends that the idea of founding TDL Ventures started after realizing that he needed to fulfill the dreams of other people. For over two decades, Todd was working in the lucrative equity and finance space. He sought to devise a way that would eliminate the barriers that prevent people from securing the much needed loans. To this end, he came up with innovative programs and products that would enable consumers to have relief. Visit Business profile to know more.


Todd starts his day by taking a cup of coffee with his kids. Thereafter, he scrolls through the latest news and checks his email. Soon after, he burns some calories by engaging in a quick workout. He then showers and heads to the office. Todd contends that in the financial industry, knowledge of the ongoing news enables one to put his or her day into perspective and prioritize different activities. Todd Lubar acknowledges that the morning workouts help in energizing him for the rest of the day.


Todd contends that when one is an entrepreneur, he or she can have all the ideas in the globe. However, without the will to implement such ideas, such a person will not be able to achieve his or her goals. He asserts that his willingness and extensive experience in the real estate industry enabled him to work in the competitive mortgage industry. Eventually, he was able to incorporate his own company, TDL Global Ventures.


The executive posits that technologies that focus on home remote functions excite him. He loves controlling his lights, fans and a/c from the touch of a button. In his house, he has set up a couple of security cameras. This way, he can check his home at any time using his phone.


About Todd Lubar


Todd Lubar started his career by working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. While rendering his services as a loan originator, he gained extensive knowledge on conservative mortgage banking. He spent most of his free time networking with financial planners, real estate agents, insurance agents and CPAs. Visit LinkedIn to know more.


Through Legacy Financial Group, Todd was able to enhance his lending capabilities. In 2002, he incorporated Legendary Properties, a revered real estate company. The entity has purchased, rehabilitated, sold and profited from over 200 transactions. He is also credited for founding Charter Funding.


Betsy DeVos and Her Selfless Philanthropic Contributions

Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick DeVos are renowned for their contributions towards political causes of United States’ Republican Party. However, this is not all for the billionaire family. They have also contributed millions of dollars to support causes they value through the DeVos Family Foundation. This is a charitable organization that Betsy and her husband started in 1989. The DeVos Family Foundation doled out over 10 million dollars to some organizations in 2015. They also pledged 3.2 million dollars in grants that will be paid out in future.

Betsy DeVos, through the family foundation released 400,000 dollars to fund the Loudspeaker Media Inc. this contribution helped CNN ex-anchor Campbell Brown to launch her educational site called The 74. Brown recently authored a piece in the site that sang praises for the DeVoses. The foundation also gave an extra 400,000 dollars to Campbell’s nonprofit organization; The Partnership for Educational Justice.

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Success Academy Charter Schools also received 150,000 dollars from Betsy and her family foundation. Founder of the New York City school; Eva Moskowitz expresses her enthrallment by the DeVoses work through a tweet. Their contributions have also been felt in institutions of higher learning. The University of Maryland College Park Foundation received 500,000 dollars. This establishment has an arts management institution named after the DeVoses. School of Missionary Aviation Technology, which specializes in undergraduate certificates in the maintenance of aircraft and flight received 150,000 dollars and got another 100,000 approved for future payment.

Other schools that received donations from Betsy DeVos Include Ferris State University. This Michigan-based public school received 113,500 dollars. Another private nonprofit school in Michigan known as Davenport University received 55,000 dollars and got another 100,000 dollars approved. Other contributions towards educational courses include Rollins College, (50,000 Dollars), University of Michigan’s Food Allergy Center (10,000 Dollars), and Wake Forest University (250 Dollars just to mention a few.

The DeVos family philanthropy is not only extensive, but it also has a solid history. The DeVoses are ranked alongside the Kochs as some of the most influential funders over the past decades. Their contributions are mainly focused in their area of Michigan. However, they have also made contributions towards national causes. Betsy DeVos has also contributed to a wide range of Christian educational groups. The Grand Rapids Christian School Association received 350, 000 dollars while the Ada Christian School Society received 50,000 dollars. For you to track down Betsy’s and her extensive family donation calls for detailed searching with all the federal and state campaign databases. This is because their contributions are quite many and spread over many organizations.

The Success of Diversification As Evidenced by This San Fransisco Lawyer

I have always been interested in reading about female entrepreneurs and business leaders in America. Ever since a stream of intelligent women left their kitchens and joined the workforce during World War II, American women have remained a strong force in the economy. Unfortunately, studies show that they are often paid less than their male peers and that they have to work harder to get recognition and promotions that they truly deserve which is an injustice that Helane Morrison and her colleagues are fighting to right at Hall Capital.

It is refreshing to read articles like this one that I found on bizjournals.com. The article highlighted Hall Capital, which is a San Francisco-based investment firm that was established in 1994. Currently, the firm manages at least $24 billion in client assets. Some of their stellar clients include the late founder of Hellman &Friedman as the CEO of Gap, John Fisher, says the article. Out of all the financial managing firms in the Bay Area, Hall Capital is considered the largest.

One of the main reasons discussed in the article for the firm’s success is its diversity, says CEO Kathryn Hall. Hall Capital prides itself in having a wide representation of race, gender, backgrounds and education. The firm is also unique because it has three female executives: Kathryn Hall (CEO), Sarah Stein (President) and former San Fransisco division SEC administrator Helane Morrison (managing director/general counsel/CCO), says the article. A Hall employee noted in the article that seeing several women in the firm’s leadership made her want to join the company. These are some of the benefits of Hall Capital’s diversification, says the article.

The article discussed how the three head executives at Hall Capital feel about their employees and individuality. I like the fact that they offer their employees an excellent benefit package that allows for family and personal time. According to Hall, employees are more productive if they are happy and fulfilled in their personal lives. Currently, the firm is concentrating on foundations and endowments and is expecting an increase in their management capital, says the article.

The newest of the executive trio is Morrison, who was hired by the firm in 2007. She attended Northwestern University, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in journalism. She received her law degree from the University of California at Berkley. Morrison worked in several capacities for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco until she left to join Hall Capital. Before that, she worked in a private law firm and focused on security and investment matters.

Check out Helane’s full resume by connecting with her on LinkedIn or check out her Crunchbase for the latest news about her work.

Some of the Biggest Brazilian Authors

Brazilian writing is endowed with a long and vibrant history, particular in the period since it acquired independence in 1822. The fifth largest country in the world, Brazil is a rich blend of races, cultures, and religious traditions. This multicultural makeup is manifested in a medley of influences and experiences that go into the country’s storytelling.

Here, the purpose is to highlight some of the greatest Brazilian writers that have shaped the Country’s literary world.

Through history, authors have remained one of the world’s most revered people. They have helped chronicle history and keep the masses entertained with one of the oldest forms of storytelling.

Whether they’re recognized for poetry, fiction, non-fiction, or even technical writing, the celebrated Brazilian authors highlighted here have kept that tradition alive by writing works that have earned praises across the globe.

The great Brazilian writers include the following:

Machado de Assis (1839-1908)

He is a founding figure of Brazilian Writings and famously known for the Novel Epitaph of a Small Winner (1881).

Euclides da Cunha (1866-1909)

A late 19th Century Journalist, Soldier and a politician who was best known for Backlands, the Canudos Campaign (1902)

Clarice Lispector (1920-1977)

Best-Known for her first work, Near to the Wild Heart (1943)

Jorge Amado (1912-2001)

Regarded as Brazil’s best-loved author and known for his works, Captains of the Sands (1937) among others.

Paulo Coelho (1947-)

This is the highest selling and most recognizable name in Brazilian literature. Some of his most popular writings include The Alchemist (1984) and By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept (1994).

Jaime Garcia Dias (1965- )

While most of these authors are not alive today, Jaime Garcia Dias is among the leading Brazilian writers today.

Born in May 1965, in Rio de Janeiro, Jaime Garcia Dias started writing at the age of 15 years. He credits his father who was also a writer with developing his passion for literature.

A pioneer in the field of Brazilian literature, Jaime has over 20 fictional books to his name. His works have earned him numerous awards, the latest being the ABC Award of Brazil Literature Prize. He is today the President of Carioca Literature Academy and one of the current frontrunners in Brazil’s literal world.

Brazilian use the Portuguese language in their works. The run up to 2014 World Cup saw a wave of English-language translations emerging and geared towards bringing the works of Brazilian writers to a wider audience.

While the above list is not exhaustive – it is just a sampling – the work of today’s rising number of authors offers insights into Brazil’s current tensions as well as its unfolding next steps.

Citadel LLC the Brain-Child of Kenneth C. Griffin

The name of the Chicago based Citadel LLC is indelibly linked with that of its founder, Ken Griffin. This investment firm has become one of the most successful companies in a relatively short period of time. It is to Griffin’s credit that his company has been recognized as a shining star in the field of hedge fund management.

Citadel LLC opened its doors in 1990 on a “shoestring” investment of less than $5 million. In just eight years Griffin has directed his company to phenomenal success. In 1998 the hedge fund management team could boast of more than a billion dollars in capital. The employee list had also expanded to include 100+ employees.

During the 25 years that Citadel LLC has been involved in the financial industry the company has become one of the dominant forces regarding prudent money management. Griffin has readily admitted that numerous government and banking regulations have increased the financial risks for many investors. He would like to see certain guidelines revisited and overhauled in order to reduce these risks and create additional investment opportunities.

At the age of 35 Mr. Griffin was listed on the Forbes 400. He was rated as being one of the top ten richest men (ages 40 and under). This was just the first of Griffin’s many appearances on both global and US lists of the world’s wealthiest individuals. Today the personal net worth of this hedge fund manager is believed to be more than 5 billion dollars.

The main objective of this hedge fund management team is to generate greater wealth for all clients. With a wide range of investment strategies at their disposal it is possible for Citadel representatives to choose the investing options best suited for each individual.

Griffin and his Citadel financial staff are prepared to address every possible avenue for those who are searching for the best ways to diversify their portfolios and distribute investment capital. From monthly pension investments to the restructuring of multi-million dollar inheritances the Citadel team is prepared to help clients achieve all of their financial goals.

The Citadel LLC organization was recently ranked as one of the 10 best workplaces for those specializing in banking and finance. The employees rated their company very highly. Kenneth Griffin was duly acknowledged as a primary reason for the open and collaborative-friendly work environment. Good pay, advancement opportunities and stock options are a few of the reasons that some employees place their company high above other hedge fund organizations. Among the benefits available to workers were financial bonuses, employee gifts, free lunches, gym memberships and even free admission to numerous cultural events.

Role of Investment Banking in the Society

James Dondero is one of the co-founders and the leader of the Highland Capital Management. Mr. James has acquired a 30 years of experience in the equity market and the credit, mainly paying attention to investment that has the highest yield. Before the establishment of the high capital in 1993, it has been the pioneer in the growth of the Collateralized Loan Obligation market and providing solutions to the credit-oriented business and individual investors across the globe. Mr. Dondero is the chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical and Nexbank, he as well acts as a board member of American Banknote. Mr. James is very generous in support of education programmes and community strategy.

Investment Banking is accurate banking scheme that permits the clients to invest their finances directly or indirectly. It as well assist firms, government and individual obtain funds by trading in bond sales, security selling, mergers and acquisitions. This service offers mutually the educated and the learners in the industry of investment the chance to capitalize on better dividends of their corporation and properties. There are various services of an investment bank that it offers to the investment industry.
Investment banking assists to improve the economy of the marketable sections of the community. They help creating more chances for those who have employment and those who are not to obtain finances and in making profits.

Investing your money

Investment banking assists you to save your money indirectly in a preferred market, even though it can be done directly, you are being sure of getting highest returns on your security.

Selling of company stocks

Another function of these services is to sell the firm’s shares and bond for them to raise funds and capital for businesses, government and people. This assists in supporting the company to come up with enough resource finances for the carrying out of projects and obtain extra assets for the corporation.

Purchase of securities

The investment banking assists the commercial bodies to purchase which are valuable and have a readily available potential buyer who will buy them at a higher price. They usually act like stock broker when they are selling and purchasing the shares. When the selling and buying of security are done ideally, it will assist the firm to acquire more capital.

Managing assets and investment portfolios

Investment banking also offers assistance in management of your properties. As a commercial body or business person, you want the services to help you in managing all your assets and finances. In a developing corporation where the funds are obtained from the bank or the public, there is a need to for these services. It is because they do good management of both property and finance.

Offering good financial advice

One of the duties of a proper investment banker is to provide excellent and beneficial fiscal information to its customers. This professional guidance needs a good research on the time to give shares to the open for it to acquire finances, the time not to give the public shares and as well when to obtain a merger.

Matt Landis named ACC lacrosse defensive player of the year

matt landis black tank top

The increasing number of players of lacrosse from across North America and the world are looking towards the latest generation of stars who are performing at college level for leadership and have a new star in the form of Matt Landis. The Notre Dame player has taken on a leadership role within the Notre Dame lacrosse team and particularly in the heart of the teams defense. As a whole the team has been stingy in defense over the 11 games played so far in the 2015 season giving up just 9.10 points per game as they finished the regular season with a 4-0 record in the Atlantic Coast Conference and a 9-2 record overall, PR Newswire reports.

Landis is currently studying at Notre Dame’s Mendoza School of Business and has taken on the ethos of the college in achieving as much as possible as a student athlete to give himself the best chance of success on and off the field. The defensive standout picked up 22 ground balls during the season as he led the team to the number two spot in the nation and a number one ranking in the ACC.

The recognition Landis has received has not been limited to the conference Notre Dame play in, but has also come at national level with his nomination for the annual Tewaaraton Award. This award is given each year to the top lacrosse player in the nation and has this season seen three player from The Fighting Irish men’s team. Landis has been ever present this year after becoming a regular starter for Notre Dame in his sophomore year at the college.

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Pregnant Woman in Germany Who is 65

A woman who has 13 children might be seen as someone who simply wants to procreate. As long as the woman can support those children, then there shouldn’t really be anything said. One woman in Germany claims that she is pregnant once again after already having 13 children. The odd thing is that she is 65 years old. While there might be some women who have children after they turn 40, there are not that many who have children after they turn 60.


Not only does the woman say she is pregnant, she says that she is pregnant with quadruplets. Science and medicine have come a long way, so it might be possible that she was implanted with eggs and conceived. Fersen Lambranho doesn’t know how it happened. The question that one should ask is why she would want to have children this late in life, especially four children at one time.

Does Tiger still have what it takes to win at the Masters?

Once again Tiger Woods will bring his ‘A’ game in hopes of landing yet another major to his already impressive list of accomplishments. Many have said that Tiger may have lost some of his edge over the past two years but there are those of us who have followed Tiger throughout his professional career that know he is still a competitive and driving force that must always be contended with. Fans like Igor Cornelsen (facebook.com) know that the Masters Tournament is the perfect opportunity to bring out the Tiger Woods that we know and love.

Several commentators have offered different explanations about Tigers recent troubles in either qualifying or finishing in the top twenty for several majors but it is the contention that the multiple changes to his swing has brought about a certain sense of confusion and in doing so thrown off Tigers timing. During some of the rounds this week several experts have stated that Tiger is more relaxed and seems to be enjoying himself on the links which has been illustrated by the traditional par three tournament where his son was his caddy.

All of us certainly hope that Tiger will in fact qualify for this week’s Masters Tournament and in doing so bring that ‘Tiger’ mystique and excitement back to Augusta.

Nicki Minaj Sure Knows How To Remix A Song

Nicki Minaj did something that only she can accomplish by taking Maroon 5’s “Sugar” song and remixing it into an amazing new song that everyone should hear.

Although Adam Levine and his band never let the fans down and made a song that reached the No. 3 spot on the billboard hot 100, Nicki still decided to add a verse of her own to the song that makes listening to the already great song that much better.

In order for Nicki’s verses to come out smooth as we like them, the beat of the song was sped up which made the song actually more harmonic.

Nicki’s lyrics were as usual very strong and explained how she likes to live her life. She has quite an ego when she sings but it seems like the rapper thing to do. Fans like Zeca Oliveira believe that Nicki is becoming one of the greatest rappers with her music topping charts and her latest album “The Pink Print” being one of her best. More on Oliveira can be found on his Facebook page. Not too many female musicians reach her level of fame without working with other artists to combine their skills in delivering hits that the fans have no choice but to love.

Imagine the fans of both artists listening to this one song and sending it through the charts, that strategy requires a connection between the duo that will work to make the song what it is when it is finally released.