Abstinence Gets a Boost in Texas

HIV is the virus responsible for AIDS, which over the past few decades has been linked to thousands of deaths in the United States. Through improved treatment and more accurate diagnoses, the HIV virus is no longer responsible for shortened life span in those who contract it according to the Center for Disease Control.
This might be one of the causes of Texas cutting millions of dollars out of its state budget allocated to HIV prevention. Instead, the state has decided to use that money for abstinence education. Currently in Texas, sex education is not even taught in the public school system.
The fact that Texas has very high teen pregnancy rates, one of the highest in the country, has pushed the government to make changes to the way they handle family planning, sexual transmitted disease, pregnancy funding and abstinence education. Ivan Ong agrees that By promoting abstinence, HIV rates, as well as STD rates, are expected to decline. If there is abstinence, these other outbreaks cannot occur. It may also save the state money on Medicaid for pregnant women.

Exposure to Parent’s Cigarette Smoke Increases Child’s Risk of Heart Disease

If one or both of your parents smoked when you were a child, you have an increased risk of plaque build up in your carotid artery. The buildup of arterial plaque is the cause of heart attacks, strokes and other types of heart disease.
When a child is exposed to second-hand smoke on a regular basis, like that of living in a home with a smoking parent or two, their risk doubles for developing carotid plaque over that of a child who did not have smoking parents.
The study regarding the health impact in adulthood to children who were raised by one or two smoking parents wasconducted by the American Heart Association. The study findings followed Finnish children from the early 1980s until the early 2000s to discern the effects parental cigarette smoking had on the children. Not all the study children came from homes where the parent(s) smoked, but the researchers could easily tell with a simple blood test. A person exposed to cigarette smoke has an increased level of cotinine in their blood.
Imaging Advantage healthy folks have learned that, after determining which adults grew up in a smoking household and which didn’t, further testing was done to determine the amount of plaque buildup in their carotid artery. Those who grew up with one or more smoking parents had the most plaque buildup and were at the greatest risk of developing heart disease due to the plaque buildup.

Blind Man Can See Thanks to Bionic Eye

A blind man from Minnesota has been able to see for the first time in ten years thanks to a bionic eye implant.

Zderad Allen , 68, was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease, which eventually left him blind. Now, with the aid of a prototype developed by the Mayo Clinic, he can recognize shapes and forms.

He will not be able to see the detail in faces or objects, but Zderad can distinguish human forms and contours of things like chairs, tables and door frames.

During the first test of the device, contained in a video that has shocked viewers, Zderad was able to recognize their reflection and was excited when he saw his wife, after so many years without seeing anything.

The researcher at the Mayo Clinic, and ophthalmologist, Raymond Iezzi, was investigating a retinal prosthesis system called Second Sight Argus II when he met Zderad and decided he would be a good candidate to test the implant.

Paul Mathieson has learned that the prosthesis is composed of 60 electrodes placed on the patient’s right eye interacting with a camera, located in glasses, and a small laptop that serves to signal light waves to the optic nerve, bypassing the damaged retina.

Ophthalmologist, Lezzi emphasizes the importance of being able to effectively implement this bionic eye in a patient is the result of years of work.

Breathing Better for Better Health

There are a lot of theories on how the brain works and how different techniques can be used to help reduce stress as well as other things that can go wrong with the brain. You may be wondering what these are and how you can use them. The good news is anyone can learn to help themselves with just a few simple breathing and life changing things.

According to Dr. Daniel Amen, breathing can trigger calming influences as well as help you stay calm when you think things are getting out of hand. He suggests taking a deep five second breath in, holding two seconds and slowly letting it out. He suggests doing this ten times to see results right then and there.

He also suggests doing Yoga with your breathing exercises. Dr. Amen says that your brain changes after doing these things for years everyday. When you are able to do them, you can change your mind as well as your life because it changes the way you think.

Dr. Daniel Amen seems to know things everyone should be listening to. If you could reduce your stress by even a little with just some simple movements everyday and a change in the way you breathe, why wouldn’t you? Take the time to really try what he’s talking about so you can know if this yoga and breathing changes will work for you. You might just feel better in the end.


Dr. Daniel Amen is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. Click here to read more.