How Well Does Wen Conditioner Work?

Wen is known for improving the look and overall health of hair with natural plant extracts and essential oils. A number of celebrities have even endorsed the Amazon available brand and say that the shampoos and conditioners work wonders. If you’re still not completely convinced that Wen will work for you, this review by YouTube blogger Emily McClure may prove helpful.

After using Wen‘s Fig conditioner just one time, McClure said that her hair felt softer and a little thicker. She continued using the conditioner for the next two days and was satisfied with the way her hair looked and felt. She was in a rush and didn’t have time to wash her hair on the morning of the fourth day. However, her hair was still shiny and healthy. It was so well-moisturized, in fact, that she added curls for volume but they fell fairly quickly.

Near the end of her experiment, Emily was out with friends, and they noticed how shiny and healthy her hair looked. Overall, McClure says she’s pretty happy with the way that Wen worked on her coif. She says that the product is best for women who have thin hair and need more volume. Emily also says the conditioner is great for women who style their hair each morning.

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