Spinal Surgery: How North American Spine is Turning Things Upside Down

Facebook members have been talking about having chronic back and neck pain is a common problem that many seek professional assistance. Having open back surgery comes with a plethora of risks that cannot be ignored. At North American Spine, they have taken the need for open back surgery and have a process that is offering many hope and help. The procedure is called the Accurascope. Many are saying it has changed their lives, and they can once again live and work as a normal human being, free of pain. What makes North American Spine so differently than others surgical centers out there? Well, for starters they don’t believe in unnecessary surgical procedures. Dr. Darren Schumacher focuses on helping patients using minimally invasive procedures. The results are astounding, and people have nothing but wonderful things to say about this company.

The Accurascope enters the body through the spines natural opening. The benefits to this are that the doctor can look deep into the spinal column and see where the inflammation is located. By targeting the area that is a problem, it allows the doctor to go directly to the source of the pain and treat it. The natural opening is at the base of the sacrum. A 3 mm incision is made and because such a small cut is needed, recovery time is less than with traditional surgical methods.

Dr. Schumacher inserts a catheter that is guidable into the spinal column. Other instruments, like a microscopic camera, can also be inserted into this area. Jennifer Portman, his physical assistant, talks about the amazing outcomes that she has seen with this device. More patients have favorable results utilizing this method, and they can return to work much sooner pain-free. This machine can help with scar tissues, and this is something that traditional back surgery processes cannot help. In fact, the surgical procedure itself can cause a lot of scar tissues, unlike the Accurascope.

The Accurascope is revolutionary because there really is no other method to work on disks or nerve injuries. Real time monitoring lets the doctor detect nerve injuries that the patient may not even know that they have. It is not uncommon to see the nerve issue recovering as the doctor is working. This miraculous site is one of the things that keep Dr. Schumacher going. What issues are best serviced by this state-of-the-art technology? Well, it has shown favorable results in treating herniated disks, sciatica, stenosis, degenerative disks and much more.

The team at North American Spine will assess the situation and see if a person is a viable candidate. Not everyone will benefit from the use of this machine, but more often than not, it provides wonders that leave a person restored and able to function properly. Dr. Schumacher can do amazing things with this machine and the lives that he has touched have not gone unnoticed. His message boards are full of success stories and those who say without him and this procedure, they wouldn’t have been able to go on another day.