Applying Foundation To The Face

Foundation is one of the cosmetic items that I wear almost on a daily basis. When I wear foundation, I usually don’t have to wear other kinds of makeup. The right kind of foundation, especially the products I have found by shopping from Lime Crime, can make my skin appear smooth and unblemished. This is important because I work in an office and want to appear as professional as possible. One of the benefits that I have seen from wearing the foundation that I have is that it can help seal the pores on my face before I do apply other types of makeup, such as blush. There are various shades of foundation as well as products that are for oily or sensitive skin.

I have a few steps that I use when I apply foundation to my face to ensure that I get the proper coverage and so that I get the maximum benefit from the product. First, I have to use the right product. If I use a foundation that has a lot of chemicals in it, then it often leaves my face oily, and it can sometimes be hard to remove. I like using foundation that is for oily skin because it has a lighter weight. The color is also important. I have used foundations that are too light and make me look pale. One of the ways that I have found to solve this problem is to get a shade that is darker than I think it needs to be, and this will often give me the right shade for my complexion. Another thing that I tend to do is rub a small amount of foundation on my arm to see what it will look like. There are two kinds of foundation that I have purchased. One is a powder. I sometimes apply this if I don’t have a lot of time to spend doing my makeup. Liquid foundations provide a better coverage, and they look better on the face.

Before I apply any kind of foundation to my face,I make sure it’s clean. I wash my face with warm water and a mild soap. An exfoliator is also something I have used on occasion if I see that the pores are large or if I notice my skin doesn’t feel as smooth as I want. The face has to be completely dry before applying foundation. If it’s not, then the foundation will usually clump in areas or be different shades on the face. I put a small amount of foundation on the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. Then, I smooth it out with a makeup sponge until the face is covered.

Lime Crime on has a few different shades of foundation and other makeup products to choose from as a base on the skin. Other products that I enjoy are the eye glitter and lip gloss. This is a company that has safe makeup products and that cares about the customers instead of offering items that could be harmful.

Cell Phones Could Provide Early Warning System for Earthquakes

It seems that technology is finding ways to solve problems in new ways every day. Such is the case in a new study used to determine whether consumer grade GPS devices, like cell phones, could be used to coordinate an early warning system for earthquakes.

The premise is that GPS devices can be used to detect tremors by measuring the displacement of the ground below the device. Scientists have used highly sensitive GPS instruments to detect earthquakes before. A new study has been conducted to determine whether GPS devices found in cell phones would be sensitive enough to provide reliable information.

Researchers used a Nexus 5 in a simulated magnitude 9 earthquake for the initial testing. Surprisingly, the GPS device in the cell phone was able to detect earthquakes that rated 7 or higher. Accurate data could be compiled with just a few thousand cell phones running an app in a major city to help power an early alert system that could save lives.

Sam Tabar sees that a detection grid could be put together using more than just cell phones. Buildings, vehicles, routers and other devices could be used to harness the power of GPS as well. Scientists plan to conduct further testing in order to fine tune their crowd-sourced early detection network.