Cracking the Code: A Surge in Padlock Hacks

You go to the gym, lock up your valuables, and assume that your belongings are safe. Are they really though? You’ve seen padlocks getting shot in the movies, but nowadays it seems it doesn’t take much more than a clever mind to break through these mechanical devices.

Since locks were invented there has been the art of lock picking. A growing number of padlock hacks exist and methods range from Beer Can Shimmies, traditional lock picking, bump keying, to simple brute force. Lately a new trend in cracking Master Locks with few tries has surfaced, giving the general population another hack to worry about. Like we didn’t have enough to worry about!

Ginfrancesco Genoso has learned that the Master Lock brand has been in use since its founding in 1921. Though they strive to ensure strength and quality of lock, a serial hacker by the name of Samy Kamkar who is quite adept at hacking posted a simple way to decode these locks. In a nutshell this technique is executed by lifting up a lock while rotating the combination dial counterclockwise and beginning at 0. At certain points of the dial there is resistance from the lock, which gives away locations of the combination. This method boasts of being able to hack a Master Lock in 8 tries or less.

Though Master Lock in particular may have been hacked, do your research before investing in a lock to make sure it is as hack proof as you need it to be. Only through diligence can you prevent pathetic hackers from hacking into that gym locker.