What Does the Loss Say About Dustin Johnson?

Jordan Spieth is getting all of the press now as the winner of the U.S. Open, but Dustin Johnson is the one many fans feel should have won. He was given a golden situation, with a longer putt that could have won him the trophy and then a shorter one to create a playoff situation. It took some of the pressure off of him because he knew he could miss the long putt, remain alive, and sink the shorter one. Instead, he missed both in a row, and victory was snatched from his hands.

So, what does this tell fans about Dustin Johnson? In the long run, Boraie Development says that it probably doesn’t mean that much. He still played incredibly in one of the biggest tournaments in the world. He put himself in a position to win. He just couldn’t quite close the deal. While that is a big issue in a sport like golf, the reality is that a second-place finish at the U.S. Open is nothing to be too crushed about. That’s still better than most of the golfers on the planet, and it still means that he is an elite talent. Most people would be thrilled to finish in that spot.

The one issue that could arise is if the loss goes to his head. It could shake his confidence and cause him to play worse later on. He must shake it off and move forward.

Does Tiger still have what it takes to win at the Masters?

Once again Tiger Woods will bring his ‘A’ game in hopes of landing yet another major to his already impressive list of accomplishments. Many have said that Tiger may have lost some of his edge over the past two years but there are those of us who have followed Tiger throughout his professional career that know he is still a competitive and driving force that must always be contended with. Fans like Igor Cornelsen (facebook.com) know that the Masters Tournament is the perfect opportunity to bring out the Tiger Woods that we know and love.

Several commentators have offered different explanations about Tigers recent troubles in either qualifying or finishing in the top twenty for several majors but it is the contention that the multiple changes to his swing has brought about a certain sense of confusion and in doing so thrown off Tigers timing. During some of the rounds this week several experts have stated that Tiger is more relaxed and seems to be enjoying himself on the links which has been illustrated by the traditional par three tournament where his son was his caddy.

All of us certainly hope that Tiger will in fact qualify for this week’s Masters Tournament and in doing so bring that ‘Tiger’ mystique and excitement back to Augusta.

Golf Needs Tiger Woods

Golf is quickly fading into oblivion and no one cares. Without Tiger Woods, golf has slip back into a position of being a back page story sport. Golf Needs Tiger Woods Back Many people in the past two generations remember two distinct periods in golf. The pre Tiger Woods era and the Tiger Woods era. During the Tiger Woods era patrons saw someone make an activity into a real sport and caused even non golfers to watch weekend golf. The world of golf has never seen anyone who actually tried to win “every” tournament that they played in and succeed at it. During the course of his 20 year career in the sport of golf, Tiger has won at least 20 percent of his matches. Dan Newlin suggested this meant that Tiger won one out of every five tournaments. This number is unheard of in a sport where winning one out of every fifty tournaments was considered successful.

The Tiger era also saw the cash purses in all tournaments almost triple and the drag effect even brought viewers to the ladies golf tour, which many never knew even existed during the pre Tiger era.

The pre Tiger era is almost not worth mentioning as know one remembers it or even cares. Tiger was and remains the benchmark for the sport and the networks know it as they see their ratings drop each week Tiger does not play.