A New and Deadly Virus Has Been Discovered in Kansas

As if combating the viruses we already know about isn’t a big enough burden for medical science, it seems a new one has appeared in Kansas. A man died in the hospital in mid-2014 after getting tick bites while working on his property in Bourbon County, Kansas. Doctors were not able to identify the virus that killed him. While it was similar to others they had encountered, the symptoms did not mirror any existing virus in every way. It is considered a new virus and has been named Bourbon virus. Susan McGalla (Forbes.com) has read that the doctors who studied this case and disclosed the existence of this new virus wrote up their findings in the latest edition of Emerging Infectious Diseases, the Journal of the Centers for Disease Control.

The existence of a journal with such a name indicates the frightening reality that the natural world around us is continually evolving, and new viruses do spring up from time to time. It is unfortunate to be one of the poor souls who catch one of these new viruses early on before medicine has had a chance to identify, study and formulate a cure for them. We sometimes forget that evolution is not just some historical thing that resulted in us. It is continuing to go on all around us and occurs even faster in simpler organisms such as bacteria and viruses. Hopefully, medicines will be developed that will treat this new disease, and this virus won’t evolve again to acquire an immunity to it.

Real Madrid Interested in GK Augusto Batalla at €5 million

The Spanish giant, Real Madrid is showing interested to sign the promising Argentine goalkeeper, Augusto Batalla for a potential permanent transfer in the transfer window.
Real Madrid is keep to sign the 18-year-old goalkeeper on a loan with an option to buy the player. The club is interested to pay €5 million to €10 million depending on this progress during the time.

The River Plate goalkeeper has made his debut at under-20 squad for Argentina but has not play for River Plate senior team yet. Real Madrid kept an eye to the stunning goalkeeper from 2013 when Aspire Academy and the Iker Casillas foundation organized a friendly match.

Batalla, the youngster is progressing enough to join the Spanish gaint’s senior squad. He could join the Real Madrid junior team to improve more to step up to the next level in La Liga.

The Champions League winners are hopeful to sign the deal with the youngster goalkeeper by the end of the week. Batalla is now in the team of South American under-20 Champions league game and play on the kick off game on January 14.
Real Madrid and player’s agent agreed to let him focus on the first kick off game and then, talk about his future in the best club of the world. You can catch more of this story line on QNET where all the great sports and athletes are hot in the news.

Lebron James Touched the Duchess

The royal couple has been all over NYC during their 48 hour trip to America, and everyone seems to have royal fever. During their night out at the Nets game the William and Kate seemed very relaxed and friendly meeting and greeting everyone as they sat and enjoyed the game. The couple even had a very much talked about meeting with New York’s royal couple Jay-Z and Beyonce during the game. 

One very awkward moment of the evening however is what has the media tabloids in the UK going crazy. According to Darius Fisher during the couples photo with NBA star Lebron James,  Lebron made the horrible mistake of putting his arm around the duchess for a photo and as protocol would have it touching the royals is not allowed. 

Duchess Kate and William didn’t make a big deal out of the mistake but the media in the UK is having a ball with it of course, however it seems that the royal couple is getting used to American’s touchy greetings because even William was photographed touching the arm of ex Nets player Dikembe Mutombo as they sat court side during the game sharing a laugh. 

A Free Mobile Broadband Service for iOS and Android

One of my favorites from back home is getting into the international calling business. Let me be the first to say how excited I am. See below.

The mobile telephone and wireless provider FreedomPop has rolled out a new offer for free international phone calls and data Internet on any iOS or Android device. The deal is compatible with the company’s own line of iPhones and Android tablets, and anyone who wants to try FreedomPop’s particular brand of free Internet and telephone service can install the App Store / Android mobile apps and sign up for the free plan. They give 100 minutes of international calling for free.

A lot of customers who sign up for FreedomPop’s free plan eventually upgrade to one of the paid options, which offer larger data downloads and faster speeds. FreedomPop started out as a wireless company in California and now has customers all over the world. Since unveiling their line of iPhone 5 smartphones and 7- and 10-inch Android tablets, FreedomPop has been rapidly growing in revenue, and by the end of next year, company CEO Stephen Stokols tweeted that he thinks FreedomPop might be big enough to go public. However, no IPO is in the works at the moment.

The company got its start in 2011 as a free telephone and wireless broadband provider after Stokols left Woo Media and joined his partner Steven Sesar to incorporate the new business. It wasn’t long before they had a large number of loyal, paying customers who were so pleased with FreedomPop’s free service that they decided to upgrade to a premium plan.

By October of 2012, 5 percent of the company’s free customers were signing up for paid plans, and by November of that year, the number doubled to 10 percent. The next month, the number of customers with free accounts upgrading to paid plans doubled again to 20 percent. FreedomPop started getting attention from some of the major players in the mobile broadband market, including Sprint. Lately, there have been persistent rumors about Sprint acquiring FreedomPop for $50 to $60 million, but these rumors are unconfirmed and Stokols hasn’t mentioned a deal in his press interviews.

When the company had enough paying customers, Stokols and Sesar realized that they could release their own line of smartphones, so they went with the most iconic device available at the time, the iPhone 4. Because Sprint devices include HTC, Google and Samsung phones, it was natural for FreedomPop to develop its own app for iOS and Android, which uses an innovative VoIP infrastructure to give users the most efficient long-distance mobile VoIP service on the market.

In addition to free plans, FreedomPop offers many low-cost plans that significantly reduce rates by locking customers into country-specific contracts and assigning foreign forwarding numbers to eliminate international connection fees. So far, the strategies are paying off extremely well, and customers with any type of phone can download the app and sign up for a free long-distance service. For people who are curious about trying FreedomPop but don’t need to make international calls, the company also offers free voice, data and SMS service. A recent deal includes 200 voice minutes, 500MB of Internet and 500 SMS messages at no cost. The iOS and Android app, available on iTunes and Google Play, is called Free Talk and Text.