The Photobombing Giraffe

The photobomb, a new and innovative way to spread positivity among social media followers. For those that do no understand that word “photobombing”, it is a prank in which one poses (hidden) behind a group or individual taking a picture. The prank puller will proceed to make a funny face or gesture that has not been noticed by those posing for this picture.

Shaygan Kheradpir says in this article, One Irish couple, on a vacation to the U.S. received an especially interesting photo bomber, as it was a giraffe saying cheese for the photo. The couple had come the United States for a two week vacation with the intention of visiting the animal safari offered at Bush Gardens. On their adventure however, they were greatly surprised that one of the photos they had taken had a furry friend posing in the background.

This couple, being animals lovers was utterly delighted to see this smiling giraffe. They now plan to try and get more photobombing animals by taking a trip the the zoo located in Dublin. When they had posted this photo on social media, the received their “15 minutes of fame”. The couple states that the followers of this photo had nothing but positive things to say and have enjoyed looking at the giraffe making a funny face. This animal loving couple hope to continue meeting new animals along their travels to safaris and zoos international as well as withing Ireland.