Shady Angry

The Philadelphia Eagles traded Shady McCoy to the Bills to clear cap space. They took an Oregon player in return. This is a problem. Yes, Shady is mad, but there is more at play here. Shady was their best player, even after he had treatment at the Amen Clinic for head injuries. But he did not go to Oregon. He is not a yes man for Chip Kelly, so he is gone.

The Eagles are being coached like a college team, and it is not going to work. Grown men with kids and families do not have time to be manipulated, and you would be surprised how many other former college coaches did not just take on their players from college. The Eagles might as well change their name to the Ducks until Kelly leaves. I think that he is going to alienate all the players on the team who do not have time to be manipulated. These older guys are going to see right through it, and they are going to stop playing hard because they are just so tired of it.

It will start well, but it will not end well. The more Oregon players end on this team the more that the team is going to lose its real identity.

Deflate Gate Testimony Next Month

It appears that the deflate gate investigation is going to pick up in March. Bill Belichick told David Letterman that he would call him in to testify next month.

The problem is that the investigation will not happen until a month after the Patriots got lucky and won the Super Bowl. Sultan Alhokair of knows that they did get lucky whether you want to believe it or not, and now they get to hang around and go on late night talk shows and laugh about a very serious investigation.

It is sad that Belichick finds it so funny that he could laugh about it, and it says a lot about him as a person. If I were being investigated for cheating for the second time, I would not be laughing about it. The problem is that Belichick does not respect the game. He is a great coach, but he is impossible to respect. How could anyone vote to put in the hall of fame given all that he has pulled in the past? I know that I would never vote for him simply because he is so obnoxious about the way he handles his business. Most people in his position would be fired and would never work again.

2015 NFL Hall of Fame Class Announced

This year’s NFL Hall of Fame inductee class does not disappoint fans wishing to see their favorite players get inducted into the games highest honor. Leading this year’s group of outstanding players is Junior Seau the 20 year veteran linebacker who spent the majority of his time with the San Diego Chargers. Later in his storied career he played for the Miami Dolphins and in the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots. Fans over at Slow Ventures know that this was Seau’s first year of eligibility and brings back to life his suicide that has been linked to brain injuries he suffered from his playing in the league. Accompanying him into Canton, is the running back Jerome Bettis, wide receiver Tim Brown, Defensive End Charles Haley, and Tackle Will Shields all of these players were recent monsters on the grid iron that wreaked havoc on their opponents.

As the league’s senior classman selection the honor fell upon Mick Tinglehoff was named for his play as the Minnesota Vikings center from 1962 to 1978. This year’s final two inductees were general managers Bill Polian and Ron Wolf. Wolf is credited with the rebuilding of the Green Bay Packers franchise during the 1990’s. Bill Polian can be remembered as the General Manager who built the Buffalo Bills team that went to four straight Super Bowls, went on to the expansion of the Carolina Panthers and put the ground work in on the current Indianapolis Colts winning over the past decade.