Equity First Holdings Expansion to Quality Services

Equity First Holdings made an announcement to the public that it has completed its transaction between the company and the Chief Executive Officer of ANGLES plc Andrew. The financial company returned 1.35 million shares that it had borrowed to use as collateral for a business dealing.

The financing facility that went for two years originated from October 27, 2014. The transaction was among the first dealings that Equity First Holdings transacted in the United Kingdom after Equity First Holdings acquired Meridian Equity Partners Limited in the summer of 2014 and the company was renamed as Equity First (London) Limited. The company has completed its registration and authorization by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom under the registration number 605556. Equity First Holding’s Founder and the Chief Executive Officer Al Christy mentioned that the company has returned to its business of offering collateral to its customers. Equity First Holdings together with its subsidiaries have recorded more than 700 dealings, and they have built their reputation because they pay the guarantee upon maturity.

Equity First Holdings was established in 2002 with a primary purpose of providing their clients with a different financial solution for both private and corporate investors. Equity First Holdings provides customers capital that is traded against stock that helps their customers to meet their individual and proficient goals.

Since Equity First Holdings was established, it has been experiencing tremendous growth estimated to be about 30% annually. In the recent years, the financial institution has also expanded its professional team to enable them to offer liquidity openings with a combination of the highest quality their customers services as well as products. The organization has its Headquarters in Indianapolis, India. It has recorded more than 700 complete transactions for its clients who range from international companies to extreme and influential individuals. It has also expanded its networks and services to other countries as well as continents globally including Europe, Asia, Australia, and the United States was not left behind. Other offices that have been opened for providing their clients with their services worldwide include London, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Sydney, Singapore, and Perth.

Equity’s First Holdings long-term plan is to offer quality products to the top banking institution in the world, and top law firms internationally as well as the local jurisdiction.

Philosophy Influences Success with QNet

I hold the belief that one’s philosophy can determine one’s success in any field. QNet has two philosophies that help it become one very successful direct selling company. The business of QNet is more or less based on philanthropy. The two philosophies of QNet are Raise Yourself to Help Mankind, or RYTHM and selfless service as provided by InService. I can relate to QNet and can identify with their ways of being selfless. One thing that motivates me is being able to provide selflessly to others. QNet encourages that. Another thing that QNet encourages is being an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur allows more freedom when it comes to work. I myself as an entrepreneur get to experience the freedom that is associated with being an entrepreneur.

One thing that makes QNet one of the best places for an entrepreneur to work is that it focuses on direct selling. The company sells plenty of products that is geared towards life improvement. Among the products it sells is education, electronics, health , beauty and plenty of other products that will help people bring forth a better life. They leave the opportunity open to entrepreneurs to pursue their business goals.

QNet has teamed up with Hyderabad to continue with some of the more humanitarian and philanthropic efforts in order to help make the world a better place through service. QNet is teaming with these companies in order to make sure certain schools and cultures have well maintained water. They understand how important clean water is to the health of humanity. So they work towards providing the water to the school that needs it with the help of charitable groups like Lions Club. QNet is a company that is headquartered in Hong Kong with the purpose of helping people not only improve their lives, but the lives of others.
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George Soros Reveals Why The FED Interest Hike Was Wrong

George Soros is a Democrat die hard. When he dismissed Trump as a war monger, people took note. George Soros has gone ahead and accused Trump of promoting the activities of ISIS by giving them fodder. The current drive by Trump to ban Muslims from the US is both illegal and counterproductive. It is only going to radicalise more youths.

When George Soros speaks of global issues, you better listen despite your political stance. He was, after all, a refugee for 15 years and is a Holocaust survivor. Soros says the current political rhetoric by Trump and Ted Cruz is wrong and should stop. The time of America hiding behind its insecurities of race and privilege should take a back seat.

George Soros is of the opinion that Angela Merkel can and will save Europe. He was happy she recently opened Germany to more than 1 million refugees and expects them to adjust to the new reality well. It was a divisive move but Germany is today a regional power in Europe and needs to act that role.

The Eurozone is currently faced with more than six issues that need attention. The Ukrainian issue according to Soros should be addressed 1st.The country is still under a civil war and has seen tens of thousands die and millions displaced. Its economy has come to a standstill and people are clamouring for change.

George Soros has said the migrant crisis can be solved by a unified approach to the crisis. European countries need to come together and have a plan on how to handle the refugees. Assuming they won’t come is naïve as the Syrian crisis shows no signs of abating. It is a war that was started by the West and they need to take responsibility.


According to Soros, Eurozone should have one asylum processing centre if it wants to survive the current crisis. It must abolish the 28 patchwork of centres as it is very easy for outsiders to take advantage. The Paris attack as a result of laxity in handling refugees. They have felt unwanted and have resorted to other ways to announce their presence.

George is of the opinion that Brexit is not a good idea. He has criticised the European leaders calling fro Britain to leave terming them as misleading. According to Soros, Britain depends on the Eurozone for exports and is better off politically and economically in Britain.

George started his forays into the stock market in the 50s straight from London. He founded Soros Fund Management in 1969.It has become known as the best performing hedge fund of all time with a 30.30 ratio. He is today retired and runs his charity work.