Contributions of Equities First Holdings to the Field of business

Equities first holdings have achieved a lot since its establishment, and through his great products and services, it has led to a revolution in the financial sector. The firm has helped to solve the financial problems of most individuals by providing them with loans, which they can repay later with stocks being the security of the agreement. The company’s innovative skills have seen it attract a large number of customers who have helped to raise the profits of the firm. Besides, the company highly focuses on providing its clients with the best services to ensure that they are fully satisfied.

In addition to that, Equities First Holdings has a great team of employees who work towards the accomplishment of the firm’s goals. The employees offer their help to investors in their transaction processes and with their vast knowledge they always ensure that the operations are straightforward and accounted. Besides, the firm has gained a lot of customers and trust over the past years due to its immense years of existence and seeks to attend to more customers with the moving period. The huge profits that firm makes have enabled it to establish a large number of enterprises in many other countries including the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, among others.

The firm has also established itself due to the unique strategies that it uses when conducting its business. The use of credit based loans is one of the major achievements of the firm, whose approach has seen many people keep surviving even in times of economic crisis. Besides, the unique operation strategies of the business have also seen it stand strong, especially in times when the economy is facing financial issues. The low-interest rates of Equity First Holdings have seen it gain a competitive advantage in the market and as a result, it has attracted a large number of customers. for more.

Expert Vincent Parascandola, the Trusted Financial Expert

Vincent Parascandola works as the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors in New York with over 25 years of experience. He is responsible for managing development, productivity, retention, recruiting, training new financial professionals and managing sales in the company. He graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science from Pace University. You can visit his Vimeo account to see more.


Parascandola’s career journey started with him becoming an agent at Prudential in 1987 where he was branded the National Rookie of the year. In 1990 he joined MONY Life Insurance where he managed a vast array of field positions in both local and regional levels and joined AXA. He served as a chief sales officer and president of the Continental Division and president of the Northern Division of AXA Equitable. He assumed his current role in 2014. He also worked as a system analyst at Irving Trust Company. Check out Rocket Reach to know more.


Vincent Parascandola worked as a president of the Advantage Group, a subsidiary of AXA whose primary role was attracting financial professionals. He was a co-manager of the Company in its New York Metro branch with 400 financial professionals. Vincent has won many awards because of his leadership, for example, he won at the GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards. Moreover, he is a motivational speaker and has made a speech in many well-known events such as LIMRA’s conferences and GAMA’s national meetings.


In 2004 is when he joined AXA Advisors, a dealer and retail distribution channel for AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. AXA advisors work with about 6,000 financial professionals. The dealer company provides products and ways for financial protection to the clients. Also, the company advises on investments, retirement, estate planning, business ideas and asset allocation helping their customers utilize finances appropriately. AXA Equitable Company works to provide financial protection strategies and wealth managements for their clients through their dealers such as AXA Advisors.


Vincent Parascandola is in charge of the advisors driving success at the AXA group. With his leadership skills, the company has experienced positive results. He is passionate about guiding clients on planning their finances for their future success.

The Benefits Of Doing Business With Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings specializes in financing solutions for alternative shareholders. Considered to be a global leader they are experiencing more traction in both stock-based and margin loans. Many banks and institutions have tightened their criteria for offering loans because of the current trends in the economic climate. For individuals unable to raise the capital they need or who do not qualify for a conventional loan Equities First is becoming quite popular.

Although there are some options available for these borrowers, a lot of banks have made cuts to their options for lending and interest rates have become higher. Al Christy Jr. is the CEO and Founder of Equities First. He believes stocks are an alternative for collateral on a loan. He says although there will be fluctuation in the market during the course of a three-year loan stocks allow the individual to lower their personal risk when the market is down.

In order to receive a margin loan the borrower has to first be pre-qualified. The money must also be used for a specific reason. Interest rates vary but the borrower will pay a ratio between ten and fifty percent. In the case of a margin call the firm lending the money may liquidate the collateral of the borrower.

Stock-based loans generally have a rate of interest between three to four percent. The ratio will be fifty to seventy-five per cent. This type of loan does not have restrictions. A borrower has the ability to simply walk away even if stocks value has dropped.

According to Christy most forms of financial transactions do contain some kind of risk. He feels the stock-based loans have been mostly ignored throughout history. This is because unscrupulous lenders have just dumped the collateral of a borrower right on the open market. The borrowers stocks have not been returned after the transaction reached its maturity.

Christy has built Equities First on integrity and he uses legal as well as trading and regulatory institutions when he needs counsel. This is what allows the company give their clients the maximum benefit and the least possible amount of risk. He wants his clients to succeed in achieving their financial goals.

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Equity First Holdings Expansion to Quality Services

Equity First Holdings made an announcement to the public that it has completed its transaction between the company and the Chief Executive Officer of ANGLES plc Andrew. The financial company returned 1.35 million shares that it had borrowed to use as collateral for a business dealing.

The financing facility that went for two years originated from October 27, 2014. The transaction was among the first dealings that Equity First Holdings transacted in the United Kingdom after Equity First Holdings acquired Meridian Equity Partners Limited in the summer of 2014 and the company was renamed as Equity First (London) Limited. The company has completed its registration and authorization by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom under the registration number 605556. Equity First Holding’s Founder and the Chief Executive Officer Al Christy mentioned that the company has returned to its business of offering collateral to its customers. Equity First Holdings together with its subsidiaries have recorded more than 700 dealings, and they have built their reputation because they pay the guarantee upon maturity.

Equity First Holdings was established in 2002 with a primary purpose of providing their clients with a different financial solution for both private and corporate investors. Equity First Holdings provides customers capital that is traded against stock that helps their customers to meet their individual and proficient goals.

Since Equity First Holdings was established, it has been experiencing tremendous growth estimated to be about 30% annually. In the recent years, the financial institution has also expanded its professional team to enable them to offer liquidity openings with a combination of the highest quality their customers services as well as products. The organization has its Headquarters in Indianapolis, India. It has recorded more than 700 complete transactions for its clients who range from international companies to extreme and influential individuals. It has also expanded its networks and services to other countries as well as continents globally including Europe, Asia, Australia, and the United States was not left behind. Other offices that have been opened for providing their clients with their services worldwide include London, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Sydney, Singapore, and Perth.

Equity’s First Holdings long-term plan is to offer quality products to the top banking institution in the world, and top law firms internationally as well as the local jurisdiction.