New Finds in Healthy Foods Leads to Uptick to Premium Dog Food Sales

The quality of a Thanksgiving meal is no longer regulated to only certain members of the family anymore. According to The Daily Herald, the finest ingredients and recipes are now offered on the regular for our four-pawed members of the family as well.
No more preservatives to extend shelf life. Our dogs deserve fresh, quality ingredients that provide full and amazing flavor as well. If you won’t eat it, would you feed it to your dog? Now you no longer need to consider it.

We’ve come to know salmon and lamb as protein for our pets, and now it is time to give them what they truly need. Freshness and organic fare. The movement of dog owners is clear as the premium dog food market thrives.

Just like your diet, the best diet for your dog is specially tailored for their needs. Beneful creates premium dog food specialized for age, size, and health needs. From natural, grain-free options for your grain allergic best friend to protein and vegetable rich meal plans for your soon-to-be gentle giant.

Another popular premium diet is paleo. The paleo diet is based on the belief that we no longer eat as we should, and the most natural diets were kept by ancestors before food became processed. For dogs, their meals are based on ancestral wolves who caught their food in the wild. Ingredients include vegetables from kale to spinach and raw meats from chicken to beef.

Beneful’s Wet and dry foods are both able to provide healthy options if chosen correctly. As dogs age, they need fats from coconut oil that is easy to metabolize and keep their minds sharp. Research which plan is right for your dog with Beneful’s advanced search tool, which allows you to discover new options by needs.

During your next veterinarian appointment, ask what diet plan is best for your dog. The goal is to make a life plan that will aid them in their growth and into adulthood at every stage. If you are looking for a more casual approach, keeping a healthy and balanced diet full of fresh nutrients is always a good plan or choose Beneful.

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