Launching Ideas with Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is the kind of entrepreneur many aspire to be. With an unmatched enthusiasm for transforming ideas into businesses, Mark Sparks has built, sold, and lost more endeavors than a whole bevy of other entrepreneurs. Since his graduation from high school, Marc has launched and invested in dozens of ideas and startups. Despite having zero formal training, Marc Sparks has met with plenty of success, much of it due to enthusiasm and stellar instinct. Learn more:


Marc’s determination and passion are clearly evident in his vast array of work. His “private” private equity firm, Timber Creek Capital, LP, boasts an array of different companies. He continues to work personally to develop solid business models with company cultures aimed at short and long term growth. Combined with his trademark sense of urgency, ‘Sparks Speed’, he lives by a standard other entrepreneurs aim to emulate. Learn more:


Marc Sparks continues to inspire the entrepreneur in everyone with his book, They Can’t Eat Marc Sparks. After being convinced by his colleagues to pen something describing his experiences and techniques, Marc produced a book aimed at helping fledgling and seasoned entrepreneurs give business their best. This tell-all tome shares everything about Marc’s great successes and his great failures. He has said he hopes to be a blessing to others by providing learning opportunities from his diverse undertakings in the business world.


Even with all his success, Marc Sparks has remembered to give back to his community. Through a homeless shelter in Texas known as The Samaritan Inn, Marc offers the less fortunate in the community a hand up instead of a handout. Instead of merely offering shelter, The Samaritan Inn offers counseling, financial education, health, and job placement services. This combination gives the Inn’s residents a much higher rate of success at integrating back into productive, working lives.


Marc Sparks’ zest for business and for life continue to serve as motivation for entrepreneurs everywhere. He ensures work-life balance by a regime of travel, fitness, and outdoor adventures. Ever the entrepreneur, Marc takes inspiration from his leisure pursuits and pours it back into his businesses. Marc’s determination, passion, and faith have proven to be the ultimate method to launch new ideas into productive businesses.

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