Eva Moskowitz Altering the Educational Prosperity Odds for Low-Income Scholars

Eva Moskowitz is the founder of Success Academy Charter School based in Harlem. She pioneered the Charter School to enhance the educational opportunities for children in New York City. Eva had experienced the first-hand deficiency in public education when younger. As a result, her parents had to ensure they home schooled her so that she could learn how to read as the public school was not keen on ensuring the progress of each child. Eva Moskowitz managed to get the best education and is a Ph.D. holder in American History attained from the Johns Hopkins University. She became determined to do something for her community to change the odds for less privileged kids.


Because of her earlier experiences with the poor education system in New York, Eva became a City Council member solely to repair and reform the public school system of the state. For this reason, she established the first Success Charter School in 2006 and has since promoted change by offering quality education through advocating for parental participation, employing highly qualified educators, and focusing on academics.


Since the founding of the Success Academy Charter School, Eva Moskowitz has managed to offer the best education to the children in New York and has consistently managed to get higher test scores as compared to the surrounding schools. The charter schools are based on less privileged societies to ensure that children from low-income families also can access quality education. Other than achieving academic excellence, Eva Moskowitz also incorporates other extracurricular activities such as sports, chess, and debates to ensure an all rounded student.


Because of her impeccable track record, in 2016, Moskowitz was awarded the Savas Award for Public Private Partnerships by the Reason Foundation. Moreover, Eva Moskowitz was among the prospective candidates to become the Cabinet Secretary for Education in President Trump’s Management.