Tap Water, Putting a Price Tag on Your Health

Our bodies are made up primarily of water. The need for water fuels our organs in our daily activities. You know you drink plenty of water, but could you be getting it from the wrong source? Studies suggest that drinking from the tap may be doing more harm than good.

Before you march over to your neighborhood friendly grocer, let’s get some facts. In 1974, the Safe Drinking Water Act(SDWA) law was created to maintain quality of our drinking water in the states. This law has been edited several times since its inception and makes sure that sources of our drinking water like lakes, rivers, and water wells be protected. But what kind of quality of water are we getting from the tap?

Tap water can go through a certain treatment process by municipal water systems, but their filtration methods can be both outdated and ineffective against certain types of contaminants. However, the water systems themselves may be adding harmful chemicals to ‘purify’ our drinking water, making it just as bad for us. Chlorine is an additive that is used to kill certain contaminants, but this chemical is poisonous and can cause bladder cancer, rectal cancer, and even asthma.

So what can you do to battle this threat? There are plenty of options available, ranging from a small budget to a rather large one. The easier route is to purchase a filter jug or bottle. These are relatively cheap and have an easy installation process. Ray Lane recommends a distiller for best use practices. While this system is more accurate at removing contaminants, they can be extremely expensive.

Water safety is an ongoing issue. Make sure before you turn on that faucet you know what’s coming out. While there are a number of solutions to healthy drinking water, only you can put a price tag on your health.