The Beneful Line for a Healthy and Happy Dog

Choosing a line of dog food for a canine friend can often be difficult. Every dog parent just wants to find food that is perfect for their dogs. And what can seem like quite an easy decision can be a little tricky, especially as a dog owner takes into consideration their dog’s health and life stage.

But dog owners around the country can relax, because the Beneful line of dog food is here to fulfill a dog’s every need. From dog treats and wet food to dry food specially formulated for a dog’s nutritional needs at every stage in life, Beneful is the leader in providing animals — and their owners — with the peace of mind that they have full bellies and happy hearts.

Beneful offers a range of dry food, the base of every dog’s diet, for different life stages and needs. For young pups — puppies between birth and eight months — there is a need for extra calcium and DHA to help them grow up healthy, strong, and mentally alert. These needs can be found in the Beneful Healthy Puppy dry food, made with real chicken. As part of the AAFCO standards, 100% of a pup’s nutritional needs are met with the standard serving of this dry dog food.

For those dogs who are a little bit on the heavy side, Beneful has also created the Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food, also made with real chicken. This special formula delivers nutrients for an adult dog while cutting out some of the extra calories that can lead to unhealthy weight gain. It’s a win-win for both owners and dogs!

Beneful is proud to present a range of wet dog foods under the Chopped Blends brand that offers dogs morsels of real food, like beef, carrots, barley, and peas. Along with the whole foods that are present in the food, Beneful ensures that each blend comes packed with the vitamins and nutrients needed for active, healthy dogs.

And because many pet owners worry about their dog’s dental health, Beneful has brought onto the market the highly rated Healthy Smile Dental Ridges. These dog treats are created with meaty insides and a hint of parsley to ensure a dog continues to chew it, helping to create overall good dental health and reducing tartar buildup.

For many dog owners, finding a range of dog food from the same brand that their dogs will love is the perfect way to take care of their pets. Now, with the full line of Beneful dry and wet foods and treats available nationwide, dog owners can rest assured their dog’s needs are taken care of.