Uro surgeon “Dr David Samadi” press release

Dr.DavidSamadi is a well-known urology surgeon currently serving as chairman of the urology department and the chief of robotic surgery at the Lenox Hill hospital. Dr. Samadi was born and raised in Iran in the Persian Jewish community. In 1979 he left Iran with his younger brother after the Iranian revolution. He continued his education in Belgium and London. Later Samadhi moved to London where he completed his high school in Roslyn, New York in 1994. He then completed his postgraduate training in urology at Monte Fore medical center and proctology in Albert Einstein College of medicine. Then in 2001, he completed an oncology fellowship from Sloan Kettering cancer center. After that in the year 2002, he completed the radial prostatectomy fellowship under the mentorship of professor Claude in Henry Mondor hospital.

He started his career by joining the Columbia Presbyterian hospital and later in 2007 he joined the faculty at the Mt Sinai school of medicine where he got promoted to vice chairman in the department of urology and chief of robotics. Then in 2003 he moved to Lexon hospital and became the chairman of urology and chief robotic surgery and then appointed as professor of urology by Hofstra north shore.

Dr. Samadi has been awarded several awards for his deep contribution to health and medicine. The awards listed best doctors 2009-2015, most compassionate doctor 2010-2013. America’s top doctors for cancer, castle Connolly top doctors, patient choice award and much more.

At present Dr. Samadi’sWeekly, the Sunday Housecall live streaming is creating fame where he sat down with Dr. Cynara Comer, the chief of breast surgery and also the director at north well health state university hospital at comprehensive breast center for an interview.

In the interview, Dr. Samadi explained the October being a breast cancer month and he felt glad for an interview being taken by Dr. CynaraCoomer as she is one of the foremost experts in breast cancer as well as one of the most esteemed colleague of him from the Lexon Hill hospital. Dr. Samadi’s missions were discussed in the interview that is to educate the people of America about the important conditions such as breast health and others.

Dr. David Samadi’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/DrDavidSamadi/

Hiring Dr. Walden for a Cosmetic Procedure

If a person is looking to get everything that they need out of cosmetic surgery, the best thing they can do it is find the help of a surgeon that is excellent. Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews is one of the most excellent cosmetic surgeons — not only in Austin, but Texas as a whole. If a person is looking for any kind of cosmetic procedure, they need to reach out to her in order to receive an appointment and learn all about the surgical procedure the desire.

To get this service and some of the best results around, people need to get everything that they need out of the tips below, so that they can become one of Dr. Walden’s next patients.

Who exactly is Dr. Walden?

She is an excellent cosmetic surgeon professional who graduated from the University of Texas. She started her career in New York City on a fellowship, and then moved back to Austin in order to continue her career. She began her career focusing on ear, nose and throat medicine and then decided to get into cosmetic surgery.

Some of the surgeries that she provides include liposuction, rhinoplasty and facelift. She also handles minimally invasive surgeries, such as Botox. She will be glad to provide people with any kind of service that they need, so that they are able to receive a beautiful outcome. Click here to know more.

How can a patient hire Dr. Walden?

The first thing a person needs to do is make sure that they learn the ins and outs of the cosmetic procedure that they are seeking. Even though the doctor is incredibly professional, it is the patient’s responsibility to conduct thorough research going into it. From there, a patient needs to be sure that they reach out to their medical insurance provider. The medical insurance will help offset the costs of the surgery. Because these surgeries can cost as much as $2000, it is important to have this medical insurance in place in order to cover the procedure.

Consider these guidelines and do not hesitate for a second to get in touch with Dr. Walden.

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