Even Lights Were Not Permitted, so you…

Imagine having to endure the trauma of starving, seeing executions and all sorts of harrowing conditions, but the worst part is that you are merely thirteen. So you escape the country with your mother, only to walk right into other revulsion. This girl has written and released a book on Amazon about her life from victim to victor. It is called “In Order to Live,” by Yeonmi Park: North Korean defector.
First off, Yeonmi, a refugee of the Kim Jong II regime, was controlled by the heartless dictator, as were 25 million others. The young Park describes how it was to live in fear of harsh punishments, diseases and starvation. Many other tortures flourish, such as eating bugs to stay alive, and simple things such as knowing only what Kim wanted you to know. There were never any advertisements on televisions, no newspapers or any other way anyone could learn more about the world outside. Even lights were not permitted, so you were literally kept in the dark.

What is more, you escaped in March, so there was still snow and cold weather to brave. The man who took you and mom to China is a human trafficker who tried to rape you, but your mom pushed herself on him to keep him from raping you. Later, he sells you both and you end up raped by him after all since agreeing to be his mistress. This is the only choice you had really, because otherwise you would be back in North Korea and in prison for leaving to begin with.

The book is a winner, and so is the writer. What ambition, courage and strength it had to have taken, to endure what this lady has. Original article from Reason.com