Teacher Fired Following Racist Facebook Rant

Segregation may have been outlawed in 1964 with the passing of the Civil Rights Act, but that did not prevent racism from surviving through the current times. A Texas teacher was fired after she posted a racist remark on her Facebook page.

Former school teacher Karen Fitzgibbons wrote a personal remark on her Facebook page regarding a recent incident that took place in Texas. “’The blacks are the ones causing the problems and this racial tension,’” she wrote. “’I’m almost to the point of wanting them segregated.’”

The Fresnship Independent School District launched an investigation into the matter and concluded that Fitzgibbons had acted in an inappropriate and unprofessional manner. Fitzgibbons was subsequently fired from her position at the Bennett Elementary School in Wolfforth, a Lubbock suburb.

“’We are disappointed,’” the Frenship ISD stated in a press release. “’The employee who is responsible for the social media post has been relieved of her duties here. This recent conduct was unacceptable.’”

Fitzgibbons’ offending Facebook post was in reference into a recent dubbed the McKinney Pool Party Incident. People at the Boraie Development (njspotlight) know that the McKinney Pool Party Incident occurred when a group of teenagers decided to throw a pool party in the Texas town. Police were called to the scene where many of the teens attempted to flee or act in an uncooperative manner.

A white police officer arrested a 14-year-old black girl, clad in a bikini. The girl was mildly uncooperative and officer wrestled the teen to the ground, sparking national outrage and claims of racial profiling.

Police Officers Rescue Dog

There are times when police officers go above and beyond the call of duty to help make the world a better place. In the midst of all of the negativity surrounding police officers and the job that they do, there are some who take the time to do what is right. The quick thinking and caring hearts of one group of police officers made for the rescue of a dog who was floating down the river.

Stuck in a river, this dog wouldn’t have made it if not for the help of a group of police officers helping out according to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. These officers did more than just pull the dog from the river, they took the time to do mouth-to-mouth breathing with the dog in order to save its life. Not many would take the time to do all of this for an animal, but these officers knew what they needed to do and they did it without a second thought.

Chinese Billionaire Takes 6,400 Employees to Paris

57-year-old Li Jinyuan is listed as a billionaire on Forbes rich list, and founded the Tiens Group company in 1995. Surprisingly, he took over half of his 12,000 employees on an all-expenses paid trip to Paris.
To do this, he booked up 4,760 rooms in 79 hotels and arranged for 147 buses to get everyone around Paris. Paris is now approximately 33 million Euros richer because of the trip that Li Jinyuan and his staff took.
The crowd of employees ended their four day trip with a bang, by creating a record-breaking human chain in the Cote D’Azur. Guinness World Record officials were even present to validate the record.
France is the world’s most visited country, receiving an increase of tourists from China. Mark Ahn (forbes.com) has learned that nearly 85 million foreigners in total visit France every year, which keeps the tourist industry going. The tourist industry of France delivers 7% of the country’s GDP.

Is The Walking Dead’s Negan Going To Be A Woman?

Now, here is a pretty interesting idea being bandied about for the future seasons of The Walking Dead. A recent poll put up by the creators asked if casting a woman in the role of the villain Negan would be a welcome idea. Fans responded in the negative. Only 2% went for the idea. The staff of FreedomPop are much more neutral on this gender issue.

For fans who read the comic books, Negan is basically a different version of The Governor. Both are psychotic, but the cynical self-hatred of The Governor is not present in Negan. Negan is a bit like The Joker in the sense he is a psychopath with a sense of humor about his mayhem. Oddly, Negan can even be reasonable and forgiving at times even though he is more than willing to kill at the drop of a hat.

The trouble with Negan is he comes off a bit too much like a second version of The Governor. Returning to the Batman comparison, he is like The Riddler. Sure, The Riddler is popular but he will never be as big of a villain as The Joker.

Bringing in an actress to play a major villain in The Walking Dead could be a very good idea. Far too many of the villains on the series come off as being cut from the same mold. The Walking Dead has featured villainous female characters before, but never really any supremely evil ones. Perhaps borrowing elements from Negan and creating a female villain could be a good idea.

How the Moon formed theory given study backing

The mystery of the Moon has long cast a shadow over how the Earth, Moon and solar system formed in space, Space reports. In the 1970s, the prevailing theory of how the moon was formed was created and included a collision between the newly formed Earth and a giant protoplanet, known as Theia. This theory is popular, but has faced criticism over the fact the Moon has a chemical makeup similar to that of Earth, which many believe is incorrect if the giant collision theory is to be believed.

Scientists have long believed that the Moon would have a makeup closer to that of Theia than the Earth is the two had collided and the Moon formed from the debris created by the impact. A new study now reveals the Moon could have been formed in its current state by the impact between the planetary objects after a computer simulation was used to determine how the Moon would have formed following a series of impacts with different bodies. This is something Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG will be paying attention to as more information comes out. The simulation shows the collision between Theia and Earth could have created the Moon after it was also struck by a series of meteorites after it began to form.

HTC Will Replace Your One M9 If It Gets Damaged

HTC wants you to keep your One M9 for life. The company has announced a new plan that allows you to trade in the Android phone if it breaks, or even if you decide you’d rather use the phone on another carrier that your current device doesn’t support. The program is called “Uh oh Advantage” and works similar to phone insurance you might buy with another phone, expect in the case of the HTC M9 the insurance is free.

With the Uh Oh Protection you can score one replacement handset for free, no matter what you did to it that made it need to be replaced. For instance, an accidental dunk in the toilet would be covered under the plan. If you decide to stay on the same carrier and don’t have any mishaps, then you can trade your insurance in after a year for $100 off the next HTC One phone. Folks at Anastasia Date (Sitejabber.com) understand that the hope behind the idea is that customers will enjoy their smartphone so much that they’ll use if for a year and be excited to get the upgrade when it comes out, especially if they’re scoring a $100 upgrade. It’s a smart move for HTC, who is struggling to hold on to the same market share as other Android smartphone makers like Samsung and LG.

Blind Man Can See Thanks to Bionic Eye

A blind man from Minnesota has been able to see for the first time in ten years thanks to a bionic eye implant.

Zderad Allen , 68, was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease, which eventually left him blind. Now, with the aid of a prototype developed by the Mayo Clinic, he can recognize shapes and forms.

He will not be able to see the detail in faces or objects, but Zderad can distinguish human forms and contours of things like chairs, tables and door frames.

During the first test of the device, contained in a video that has shocked viewers, Zderad was able to recognize their reflection and was excited when he saw his wife, after so many years without seeing anything.

The researcher at the Mayo Clinic, and ophthalmologist, Raymond Iezzi, was investigating a retinal prosthesis system called Second Sight Argus II when he met Zderad and decided he would be a good candidate to test the implant.

Paul Mathieson has learned that the prosthesis is composed of 60 electrodes placed on the patient’s right eye interacting with a camera, located in glasses, and a small laptop that serves to signal light waves to the optic nerve, bypassing the damaged retina.

Ophthalmologist, Lezzi emphasizes the importance of being able to effectively implement this bionic eye in a patient is the result of years of work.

Ryan Reynolds Gives Deadpool Fans Good News

You really do have to give Ryan Reynolds a lot of credit. His experience on Green Lantern gave the actor insight into what comic book fans want from an iconic character. Reynolds has moved on from the poorly received Green Lantern film to a new hero: Marvel’s Deadpool. Reynolds has, essentially, gone on the record to state the presentation of Deadpool on screen is going to seriously appeal to long-time and hardcore comic book fanatics.

Susan McGalla thinks that the film really does have to deliver for comic book purists. Deadpool is a relatively low-budget entry (The production is being shot in Vancouver to save money) and is slated for a February release. February is not exactly a month when movies earn $150 million at the box office during the weekend.

Deadpool is going to be a rough and tumble, somewhat brutal action-superhero film geared towards young persons. The character is a mentally deranged mercenary with a wise-cracking demeanor. Based on that description, the film is not one hoping to draw in little kids or families. So, in order to be successful, the niche Deadpool intends to target must be thoroughly pleased with the eventual results of the film.

You could say, with 11 months or so to go before the Deadpool film hits theaters, Reynolds is trying to assume comic book fans they are going to get what they expect. They better! Disappointing the fans would not bode well for the film’s eventual release.

Wonderful New Post-Surgery Health Apps Arrive

Anyone who thinks the sole purpose of innovative apps is to provide leisure time diversions is sorely mistaken. Just look at some of the new health apps that have been developed. One new health app is intended to help patients recovering from surgery to be more in control of the healing process.

This is more than just a “feel good empowerment app”. The surgeon’s app does try to greatly improve the ability for someone to overcome the stress of recovery and make a full recuperation.

One such app is specifically designed to help those dealing with the troubling recovery period following knee surgery. There is a lot involved when you undergo a knee operation. Not only do you have to wait until the ligaments physically heal, you have to work hard to strengthen them during a rehab phase. And yes, there can be a lot of pain and discomfort that lingers for weeks.

Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG has heard that, probably, the most annoyingly difficult aspect of recovering from knee issues is not knowing what to expect after the initial surgery. The brilliant new app made available to such patients helps guide them during the post-surgery stage. At the very least, the app provides a bit of peace of mind. Likely, the app also aid the recovery process somewhat.

Even a little bit of help is going to be appreciated. Hopefully, in the future, more excellent apps of this nature are going to be released.

Bringing in the Money

Since Colorado made marijuana legal and has started collecting taxes on the drug, the state has received over $2 million for school systems. The amount that was collected this year in one month is about 10 times more than in the same month last year. This is yet one more reason why people are in favor of legalizing marijuana. States can makemoney on something that doesn’t pose that much of a danger to the people who use it, even if they use it on a daily basis. there are people who smoke marijuana to relieve pain, to help with anxiety or to help increase the appetitie after certain treatments for diseases. Brad Reifler agrees that if a state can bring in this much money in a month, then the amount for the country would be astronomical. Even if half of the amount is used by the federal government, the states would still benefit greatly, and programs that are being cut federally might stand a chance at being saved.