iFunding: Join the Real Estate Revolution and Take Charge of Your Investments

iFunding.co offers an new way for real estate investors to invest in property and provides a secure connection between accredited real estate investors and real estate operators seeking financial help. This innovative process is somewhat similar to crowdfunding but with a twist. Investors are given the opportunity to invest in commercial properties through a secure web platform and detailed reports.

Investors can take charge of their investments by a personalized dashboard that reflects investment updates and distributions. Real Estate operators in turn are given the opportunity to raise needed funds for their commercial projects through sponsorships.

The revolutionary concept of accredited crowdfunding was coined by William Skelley, an alternative investment professional who founded iFunding in 2012. His premise is that accredited crowdfunding gives individual investors opportunities to pool small amounts of capital together to invest in large scale opportunities such as an industrial center. From Twitter it’s clear Skelley believes that individual investors need the opportunities available to corporate investors to level the playing field.

With only a $5,000 investment, individual investors are now given the opportunity to invest in large scale projects without undue risk. The flexible financing and extensive information on real estate investments is what makes iFunding unique from other real estate crowdfunding platforms.

Investor Opportunities
With iFunding.co, investors get a clear picture of their real estate investments. They have the ability to scan the deals, understand the financing and profit margin and make intelligent decisions regarding their investments.

iFunding.co has a wide range of commercial listings available for investment. They also have multifamily, industrial, retail and land opportunities. iFunding.co handles the creation process of the Single Purpose Vehicle LLP which invests your funds and distributes them according to a strict schedule. Investors can track the progress of their investments and follow timelines in the project.

Real Estate Operators Financing
Real estate operators are now given the opportunity to post their projects and gain funding through accredited investors with ease. iFunding.co offers three types of financing opportunities that allow operators to gain profit from the real estate and relieve debt. These are Preferred Equity, Senior Debt and Mezzanine Debt financing.

iFunding.co provides the master LLC and creates sub-LLCs for each project. iFunding.co works with developers and sponsors to seamlessly promote real estate deals and attract investors. The ease of the online investment process makes getting real estate projects up and running quick and easy.