L’Oreal Make-up Company to Print Human Skin

NexPointAdvisors.com suggests that animal rights activists have been pushing for the use of regenerated human skin to be used instead of animals for cosmetic product testing for a long time. The animal testing that usually is done to ensure that beauty products are safe, can cause irreparable damage and even death to the animals that it is done on.

The company had been getting samples of skin from cosmetic plastic surgery done on humans where in the skin removed was sold to them. Now, they have found a way to get human skin more easily and cheaper. Using human skin cells injected in to a 3-D printing machine, they can print their own skin samples in about a week.

Many are hopeful that this type of printing might be used for human organs for those who are in desperate need of organ transplants. Because L’Oreal will be retaining all rights to their skin generation production, other medical companies interested in learning how they can use the technology towards printing organs would have to try to buy those rights from the cosmetic company.