Cosby Deposition Proves Girls Were Being Drugged

Bill Cosby supporters have long cried that the aging comedian should be left along as these accusations of rape are nothing more than money hungry vultures picking at his wealth. Celebrities have supported the comedian as if he were a religious icon, claiming they all know Bill Cosby and he is incapable of such lewd acts. Things are about to change this week as deposition papers reveal Bill Cosby admitted to drugging women for the purpose of having sex with them.

Depositions from 2005 revealed by the Associated Press tell a much different story than the one the celebrity support for Mr. Cosby have been saying. The papers were being held under lock and key for years, as Cosby lawyers fought to have them sealed because they could embarrass the comedian. The papers were released, and now it is clear why the lawyers fought so hard to have them sealed. Ricardo Tosto (leisenegocios) has learned that celebrity support for Bill Cosby appears to be running in the different direction now that word has leaked about Bill Cosby’s admission about sex and drugs with women he liked.

The papers tell a story of Bill Cosby admitting to a lawyer that he did purchase qualudes with the intend to drug, then have sex with several women that he was interested in. This aligns with several dozen accusations that have surface in recent months that women were drugged, then woke up sore after Cosby had sex with their lifeless bodies. These women all have pending lawsuits against the aging comedian, and it appears they now have more ammunition to finally get people to believe their sides of the story.