Charles Koch Continues His Support Of George Mason University

Since its founding in 1972 George Mason University has been known for providing an education based in conservative and libertarian values, which are now being shown through the continued support of the educational institution by donors including Charles Koch. The Republican leaning donor has been providing tens of millions of dollars for the university for decades that makes the college the top educational institution donated to by Koch; other educational institutions have recently been given donation not exceeding $1 million by Charles Koch.

Charles Koch has become a major player in the world of politics and philanthropy in recent years; alongside his brother David the elder Koch brother has pushed their Koch Industries business to new levels of success around the world. Despite their success the need to give something back to the community has always been high on the list of requirements for Charles Koch. The political giving of Koch has risen to high levels, but generally comes second to his need to provide support for philanthropic causes that are largely based in educational programs.

The level of giving to George Mason University has reach staggering levels with 2014 reported to show gifts totaling over $16 million from Charles Koch to the college. Despite his continued support that recently saw Charles Koch provide a $10 million donation to the law school at George Mason the well known conservative states the gifts are provided without any stipulations on use or direction from the head of Koch Industries. One of the main reasons Koch has become such an avid supporter of the work of George Mason University is the shared libertarian and conservative beliefs between donor and institution, which has resulted in the growth of a respected free market think tank based at George Mason University.

Hudson and her Empire of Fabletics

Taking full advantage of her position as a fashion icon, Kate Hudson has come up with her very own line of athletic clothes to make up for the various inappropriate gym wear that reveals too much for your liking. According to the review at, the company was established in the October of 2013 and by the mid of 2014 had already breached the borders of Europe. By the September of the same year, Canada had been added to the list, and by early 2015, Fabletics reached Australia. At the end of 2015, America became one of the countries housing the outlets of Fabletics . The phenomenal growth of the company speaks for the excellence and the popularity of its products, and of course, the extremely customer-friendly deals it has to offer.
Elle magazine recently caught up with Hudson to talk to her about what inspired her to create a line that is extremely different from the rest of the gym wear for ladies. Hudson has had a pretty active life, what with a family that has all been doing athletics of some sort, and always had a trainer to help her with her fitness. However, for most of the people, training is not a daily routine and to top it up, gym wear of a good quality costs more than the bank accounts would be comfortable with, breeding a certain lack of motivation. Hudson aspired to create a product that would suit both those who have been training for years and those who are just on the brink of a new beginning, and would not, at the same time, squash your wallet out of breath. When asked about her preferred products, she commented with delight on the bras with a cross-back style and leggings that do not let the buttocks sag. Hudson’s fitness and moves have earned her a position of fame at the worldwide appreciated TV series, Glee.
At Fabletics, Hudson narrows down the choices for the customers by introducing her very own personal preference. Every month the website announces an array of items that have been handpicked by Hudson herself with a variety of colours available with every item. In addition to this, Hudson goes bold on the prints, taking a fresh break from the monotony of the dull gym clothes, combined with great discounts.

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Brian Torchin and Healthcare Staffing Success

Healthcare Staffing Solutions From Brian Torchin
Brian Torchin is the president and the owner of HRC Staffing Solutions. This is an online resource. This is the place that qualified medical professionals can find solid and gainful employment opportunities. This is also the environment that will provide any healthcare facility with superior staffing solutions. HCRC is the company that can provide a win-win situation for everyone involved in the healthcare facility. This also includes your patients. HRC is well aware of the fact that finding medical staff for any practice can prove to be challenging and time consuming. Mr. Torchin and his team are always ready to find the right staff members to work in any health care setting.

Brian Torchin Provides Experience and Excellence
Brian Torchin will offer your healthcare facility his experience and excellence in locating top medical talent. Mr. Torchin knows that every medical facility has unique and special needs. Brian and his team have a customized approach that will ensure that the right staff member will lead to a successful in your healthcare environment. This is a team of individuals who have the experience that lead to excellence in health care staffing. Your patients can fully rely on Brian and the team at HCRC. This company has recruitment counselors who can offer your facility the best staffing solutions. HCRC had been founded with a clear mission that fully incorporates years of healthcare staffing experience. This is a company that is considered to be staffing experts who provide exceptional staffing solutions.

Professional and Qualified Medical Staff
When you contact Brian Torchin and his team, you can count on receiving highly professional medical staff who are more than qualified. This is a team who will ensure that your medical facility has all staff in place when needed. This team will find the right staff to fill any medical position. DigitalJournal told that these include:
*medical office positions
*physician assistants
*chiropractic medical staff
*any other medical staff position

Prompt and Qualified Staff for Any Medical Facility
When your facility is in need of qualified medical staff, you can count on Brian Torchin and his team at HCRC to be prompt with finding qualified staff to fill any position. Expect a superior experience with Mr. Torchin. Your healthcare facility and your patients deserve the best staff. You can fully trust that you will have your healthcare staffing needs met quickly.

A S’well Startup


Sarah Kauss is ten million dollars closer to replacing the plastic bottle, says CNN article. In 2010, Kauss set up her start up for S’well, a line of insulated, reusable stainless steel bottles that can keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. The business that sells the S’well has sold up to four million bottles, according to their Wikipedia. That’s four million consumers who no longer have to throw away tons and tons of plastic bottles. Although the metal bottle is an excellent idea, it was not something that many people wanted to carry around in their day-to-day lives. Fortunately, however, Kauss came up with several fun designs that made them more desirable for people to want to carry around. 

Today, the S’well comes in over fifty colors and three different sizes between $25 and $35. As you can see, this is a product that aims to get rid of the plastic bottle by bringing forth a new stylish, and eco-friendly bottle. This avoids tons and tons of plastic waste every year and can really and truly help the planet. Kauss maintains that helping the environment is her main goal and she is certainly doing so with her product.