The Clear Thinking And Business Sense Of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla founded P3 Executive Consulting and they are experts on marketing, managing talent, branding and operational efficiencies. Susan has talked about her view on getting ahead as a woman in business to numerous audiences. Susan believes women want to be seen as business professionals with an authentic perspective. She says there has been a lot of evolution in this area and she is encouraged.


Susan’s father coached football and she grew up with two brothers. She was not treated any differently because she was a girl. Her parents gave her confidence in herself and her abilities. She was taught her gender would not help her but it would not hinder her either. This resulted in her being confident with both men and women and became critical to her ultimate success.


Susan McGalla began by receiving her BA when she attended Mount Union College. Susan Mcgalla found American Eagle Outfitters in 1994 and says it became her foothold. The company had no women in any executive positions or on their board. With hard work she achieved success in her chosen career. Susan worked in different positions in management and finally became the chief of merchandising as well as the president. She established four brands, increased revenue and was responsible for an e-commerce website.   Be sure to click this important link.


Susan is in control of her career. This took many years of working hard, being flexible and pursuing her passions. Susan believes her gender did not affect her career in any way. She did not have the proverbial chip on her shoulder or any sense of entitlement. She has hopes that women will take the same approach she has in business. She wants them to have successful and fulfilling careers.