Seattle Genetics Developing Leading Antibody Based Therapies

Seattle genetics has dominated the world of antibody therapies by providing cutting edge antibody drug conjugates (ADCs). This technology is one of the latest inventions by the company in the attempt to manage Immune system disorders– diseases that attack the antibodies. Seattle genetics’ Antibody-drug Conjugates work in an amazing way. They selectively attack monoclonal antibodies by injecting enzymes that kill the cancerous cells. They are quickly replacing the contemporary methods of chemotherapy with their ability to inhibit various forms of tumor growth. Since its inception in 1998, Seattle Genetics has invested in technology and research that are geared towards countering the ever-evolving field of antibody therapy.

The company made its debut in the cancer-battling arena by launching their flagship product, Adcetris, which received approval in 2011. This company has had success with the help of the great people at the core of its leadership. One of such individuals is Clay B. Siegall who is currently the CEO and president of the company. As the chairman of the board, Mr. Siegall has spearheaded some of the breathtaking inventions of Seattle Genetics. Clay Siegall holds a vast experience in the cancer research field having been in practice for the past two decades. Not only has he worked at Seattle genetics but also got involved with other medical facilities focusing on cancer research and related diseases.

Clay Siegall has achieved several milestones in his career ever since he graduated from George Washington University with a PhD in genetics. Some of these include being awarded the Pierce Award to appreciate his much felt effort in the targeted toxins field. He has authored over 67 scientific papers based on facts he unearthed through intensive research. Mr. Siegall has bagged nine patents in his career so far. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in zoology, which he got from the University of Maryland. Besides his medical career, he is also a successful entrepreneur in the category of healthcare.

As the head at Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall has helped the company amass up to $675 million from both private and public finance avenues. The Seattle Genetics main product, Adcetris, has gained much ground and has been used in the treating of more than 15000 lymphoma patients. Other attributes of the Adcetris program are underway to cure other antibody related diseases globally.