Rocketship Education Understands the Importance of Parents in the Role of Education

Preston Smith, the CEO of Rocketship Education, recently published an article on the 74 million website. The article titled “Smith: 10 Lessons from Rocketship Education’s First Decade as a Pioneer of K-5 Personalized Learning”, details the top ten lessons Smith has discovered over the course of his experience.

The first school opened in San Jose, California nearly ten years ago. They have learned a lot about personalized learning for K-5, so much so that parents often encourage them to create a K-12 system.

Smith believes that personalized learning through a blended learning system is an important aspect of improving student learning and increasing student agency. However, he also demonstrates that personalized learning goes beyond technology. Instead, it is about understanding the learning dynamics of the child as well as the family dynamics. They have home visits to ensure the parents develop a strong relationship with the teachers so they can support each other.

Smith also indicates that if the K-12 system is going to change, the communities across the country need to create more demand. Though they have been tempted to go into the K-12 world, they worry that it might take away from their ability to have such an in-depth relationship with their students and their families.

Rocketship Education understands that parents can have an incredible influence on their child’s education and desire to learn. By engaging them in the process, Rocketship Education helps their parents to create change in the community as well as the education system. They provide leadership programs to help families understand their power in the political arena.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit organization geared towards helping students in low-income communities succeed. In these communities, access to advanced schools is limited. They understand that each student has different needs in order to learn, that’s why they use technology to create personalized learning to ensure student success.

They also focus on creating an environment that helps teachers and leaders feel empowered within the community. They understand that teachers need to be creative as well as dedicated to provide the best lessons to their students. That’s why they create an environment where teachers also have access to dedicated coaching, leadership programs, and professional development. As they continue to improve, the teachers feel more empowered and appreciated.