Only Sergio Cortes Can Truly Imitate Michael Jackson

There are too many stars who have died over the years to count them all, but certain stars leave such an impression on their fans that people start imitating them before or even after their death. Michael Jackson is one such star that has had countless impersonators from all over the world, but not everyone hits the mark when it comes to impersonating Michael Jackson. Michael had too many talents for any one person to imitate them perfectly, or did he? There’s no question that Michael was the best at everything he did, but someone imitating him would also have to learn a lot to be just like the star.

Sergio Cortes is a Michael Jackson imitator that does it so well that one would think that he went to a University to learn how to be Michael Jackson. Many imitators who try to imitate Michael Jackson may simply put on a wig, dab on some makeup, put on a unique outfit, and do a few dance moves. Sergio takes being a Michael Jackson impersonator to the limit, and he has done every and anything possible to embody Michael Jackson completely. Sergio doesn’t just want to look like Michael Jackson; he wants others to really believe they are seeing Michael Jackson in the flesh.

A true impersonator will study the person they are impersonating and learn everything about them, and that’s what Sergio Cortes has done. Impersonators who simply feel they can go out and throw on clothes and look like the person they are trying to imitate will not make it very far, and this person is likely to be made fun of as well. Sergio is such a great imitator that many have confused him with Michael Jackson in the past, and his uncanny resemblance to the late pop star is absolutely unbelievable.

Many say that every person has a twin on the other side of the world, so it’s possible that Sergio Cortes was Michael Jackson’s twin. Although Michael had many different looks over the years, Michael changed himself enough to where Sergio realized that he looked just like him. After Sergio had started seeing the similarity between Michael and himself, he began imitating Michael, especially since he was a big Michael Jackson fan. Sergio met Michael in person, and Sergio has been imitating Michael for years. Anyone looking for a Michael Jackson imitator can’t find a better one than Sergio Cortes.

MJ Impersonators Have To Bow To Sergio Cortes

Sometimes there will be a person that is so good at what he does that others have to bow down to their greatness. In basketball, Michael Jordan proved to be the great one that others had to yield to. In entertainment Michael Jackson become the one that others had to look up to for inspiration. In the passing of Michael Jackson, Sergio has become the impersonator that other imitators have to look up to. This is evident from the strong fan base that is continuing to grow for Sergio.

He is a star in his own right even though he is simply impersonating someone else. He has been able to make a living do this so his ability to performance are good. He has become the performer that others look at and consider how they can improve their game. This is one of the things that Sergio has been able to do because he has practiced the hits. He knows “Smooth Criminal” as well as Michael Jackson may have known it. He has studied “Billie Jean” enough to make people think that Jackson had returned from the dead. Sergio Cortes has created some strong ties and allowed himself to become someone that others would have to bow down to. It cannot be denied that he looks a lot like Michael Jackson. It cannot be denied that he has the desire to perform in huge shows the way that Jackson performed. He has what it takes to convince the rest of the world that this is where he needs to be in life. That is why he has been able to make a living doing this.

Jackson had a lot of fans, and Sergio has been able to give these fans a stage show that brings them back to “Remember the Time” and “Thriller” days. The music of today has changed a whole lot, but when people see Sergio on the stage they are transported right back to the time where Jackson was making hits. They are able to relive the highlights of Michael’s career by way of the tribute shows that are taking place. This has made Sergio Cortes a performer that will be in demand for years to come.

He just continues to get better as more people discover who he is. Sergio is always working towards perfection. This was the same goal that Jackson had during this career.

Return Of Iconic Stars Marks The Next Great Challenge In Entertainment

The return of Michael Jackson to the stage during the Billboard Music Awards heralded the arrival of the next big thing in live entertainment. The return to the stage of a hologram based Michael Jackson was used as a surprise piece of the Billboard Awards, which was used as the announcement of the arrival of the Pulse Evolution group on the scene for the entire world to see. Many months of hard work had gone into the creation of the Michael Jackson hologram, which saw friends and colleagues of the Thriller singer consult with the creators of the images in their bid to build a lifelike representation of the singer.

The Billboard Music Awards creation of Michael Jackson was also the return to the Hollywood entertainment industry for former Digital Domain President John Textor. The background of the leader of Pulse Evolution is firmly based in finance, but with a focus on his interests in communications and entertainment. After arriving at Digital Domain Textor switched the attention of the company to the creation of visual effects, which resulted in the creation of a fully digital character for the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Textor then moved on to Pulse Evolution, where he feels the hologram based technology can lead to new opportunities for the estates of some of the largest stars the world has ever seen.

LinkedIn asked the question facing the estates of the deceased stars being recreated by Pulse Evolution is how to use these figures. Textor believes the return of major stars will see a number of iconic figures return to the stage as combined legends tours or to continue the trend for duets being produced between living and deceased stars. Accurate recreations have featured at the Coachella Valley Music Festival in 2012 where the technology of Pulse Evolution was used to allow Tupac Shakur to be a surprise guest at the show and create large levels of excitement amongst those watching the performance.

Take Another Walk on the Wild Side with Magic Mike XXL

Magic Mike XXL is one of the most highly anticipated sequels of the summer, and fans of the original have been breaking their necks to get to theaters. It has been a 3 year wait, but the Magic Mike sequel is finally taking over in a huge way. Anyone familiar with the first Magic Mike can instantly pick up where they left off in the story line, but this is a great watch for new viewers as well. Just about everyone is hooked on the magic and Channing Tatum’s flawless choreography has audiences dancing in their seats.

This time around we take an epic road trip with Mike and the boys, as they reunite one last time to give their dancing careers the finale they deserve, at an epic stripper competition in Myrtle Beach. Of course there is still some tension remaining from the drama we witnessed during their last time together, but it all gets worked out as they make their way to the competition. As the guys head to Myrtle Beach, they make stops in Jacksonville and Savannah, where we get a taste of what life is like for strippers outside of Magic Mike’s world.

As if we all needed another reason to catch this sexy flick, the promise of some fresh meat in the cast definitely sweetens the deal. Jada Pinkett stars as Rome, one of Mike’s old running buddies and an old flame, while Donald Glover takes on the role of Andre, Rome’s little brother and a smooth rapper at his sister’s mansion turned night club, Domina. Rome and Mike’s past could easily be juicy enough for an amazing prequel, but for right now their sizzling chemistry is enough to keep fans satisfied.

Crystal Hunt best known for her career in daytime television, is yet another newbie to the Magic Mike story. Hunt plays the role of Lauren in the film, and her dedicated daytime fans are following her tracks to the big screen. This summer Magic Mike XXL pulled a whopping $65 Million in ticket sales, and lots of new fans of the movie admit that they went to cheer Crystal on. Magic Mike may be a long way from Crystal’s roles on One Life to Live and Guiding Light, but she insists that her run on daytime has more than prepared her for this project.

Overall Magic Mike is a nonstop thrill ride, that woman and men can both enjoy, and leave feeling satisfied and inspired. whether you are looking for a fun girl’s night movie, or you are going on a first date, Magic Mike has something for everyone with plenty of leftovers. With Channing Tatum’s sexy moves and an endless story line capability Magic Mike could go on forever, and women everywhere would continue to devour it.

Visual Effects: Completing the Action


There are some cases when visual effects are needed in order to complete the action. This could be when you have to give the illusion of people running from a gigantic beast, or someone waking on an alien being. There has been many methods of completing the action of visual effects. Some of the results were outstanding. Others turned out to be rather underwhelming. Among the most common effects for completing the action include morphing. To crate the illusion of one character changing forms, the movie needs visual effects.

One of the companies that have mastered this method is Pulse Evolution Corporation, ran by CEO John Textor. WPTV also had a story about how John Textor has received his Bachelor of Arts in his study on business. He became CEO of Digital Domain, a well known visual effects company. He has also worked as producer in movies like Ender’s Game. It was after Digital Domain that he went on to become CEO for Pulse Evolution Corporation.

There are many films that are known to use special effects in order to complete the action. The more notable examples are Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Spider-Man, Avengers, The Incredible Hulk, and many more. These films have used visual effects in order to complete the action that they couldn’t have managed in principal photography. They have displayed some of the best special effects. However, not every shot was good. There are instances when films display some awkward looking shots or painfully obvious CGI. Something in the motion gives it a cartoon-y look as opposed to a realistic look.