Take Another Walk on the Wild Side with Magic Mike XXL

Magic Mike XXL is one of the most highly anticipated sequels of the summer, and fans of the original have been breaking their necks to get to theaters. It has been a 3 year wait, but the Magic Mike sequel is finally taking over in a huge way. Anyone familiar with the first Magic Mike can instantly pick up where they left off in the story line, but this is a great watch for new viewers as well. Just about everyone is hooked on the magic and Channing Tatum’s flawless choreography has audiences dancing in their seats.

This time around we take an epic road trip with Mike and the boys, as they reunite one last time to give their dancing careers the finale they deserve, at an epic stripper competition in Myrtle Beach. Of course there is still some tension remaining from the drama we witnessed during their last time together, but it all gets worked out as they make their way to the competition. As the guys head to Myrtle Beach, they make stops in Jacksonville and Savannah, where we get a taste of what life is like for strippers outside of Magic Mike’s world.

As if we all needed another reason to catch this sexy flick, the promise of some fresh meat in the cast definitely sweetens the deal. Jada Pinkett stars as Rome, one of Mike’s old running buddies and an old flame, while Donald Glover takes on the role of Andre, Rome’s little brother and a smooth rapper at his sister’s mansion turned night club, Domina. Rome and Mike’s past could easily be juicy enough for an amazing prequel, but for right now their sizzling chemistry is enough to keep fans satisfied.

Crystal Hunt best known for her career in daytime television, is yet another newbie to the Magic Mike story. Hunt plays the role of Lauren in the film, and her dedicated daytime fans are following her tracks to the big screen. This summer Magic Mike XXL pulled a whopping $65 Million in ticket sales, and lots of new fans of the movie admit that they went to cheer Crystal on. Magic Mike may be a long way from Crystal’s roles on One Life to Live and Guiding Light, but she insists that her run on daytime has more than prepared her for this project.

Overall Magic Mike is a nonstop thrill ride, that woman and men can both enjoy, and leave feeling satisfied and inspired. whether you are looking for a fun girl’s night movie, or you are going on a first date, Magic Mike has something for everyone with plenty of leftovers. With Channing Tatum’s sexy moves and an endless story line capability Magic Mike could go on forever, and women everywhere would continue to devour it.

Cosby Deposition Proves Girls Were Being Drugged

Bill Cosby supporters have long cried that the aging comedian should be left along as these accusations of rape are nothing more than money hungry vultures picking at his wealth. Celebrities have supported the comedian as if he were a religious icon, claiming they all know Bill Cosby and he is incapable of such lewd acts. Things are about to change this week as deposition papers reveal Bill Cosby admitted to drugging women for the purpose of having sex with them.

Depositions from 2005 revealed by the Associated Press tell a much different story than the one the celebrity support for Mr. Cosby have been saying. The papers were being held under lock and key for years, as Cosby lawyers fought to have them sealed because they could embarrass the comedian. The papers were released, and now it is clear why the lawyers fought so hard to have them sealed. Ricardo Tosto (leisenegocios) has learned that celebrity support for Bill Cosby appears to be running in the different direction now that word has leaked about Bill Cosby’s admission about sex and drugs with women he liked.

The papers tell a story of Bill Cosby admitting to a lawyer that he did purchase qualudes with the intend to drug, then have sex with several women that he was interested in. This aligns with several dozen accusations that have surface in recent months that women were drugged, then woke up sore after Cosby had sex with their lifeless bodies. These women all have pending lawsuits against the aging comedian, and it appears they now have more ammunition to finally get people to believe their sides of the story.