Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Announces New Partnership To Get Cancer Information Into The Hands Of More People

WebMD has become the go-to source for many people to look up their symptoms or learn about various diseases. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has now teamed up with this website in order to inform readers about the different forms of cancer. The information that CTCA put on the WebMD website is designed to help people with cancer, along with their loved ones, learn about everything they should know cancer. They describe what happens when you’re diagnosed with cancer and what the typical treatment options for each type of cancer. They also help readers with survivorship and this partnership lends support to those who are acting as caregivers for someone with this disease.

Cancer Treatment Center of America uses the latest cutting-edge technology to treat their cancer patients. They also use the latest advances in the healthcare industry including immunotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. They know that there are many side effects of cancer therapy which is why they also have specialized staff that helps people manage these issues. This includes supportive therapies that help side effects such as pain, nausea, and fatigue which are based on evidence-based research.

The goal at CTCA is to help their patients maintain as much of their quality of life as is possible. They want their patients to maintain their strength and stamina throughout the process of being treated. All of this takes place under one roof for the maximum amount of efficiency and quality care.

The WebMD website has many graphics supplied by CTCA. These graphics explain how many people are diagnosed with each type of cancer every year as well as other stats and figures. They cover what the risks factors are for each type of cancer. For example, they explain that lung cancer is overwhelmingly caused by smoking cigarettes. Other risk factors they point to are secondhand smoke, family history, and some dietary supplements.

After explaining stats and risk factors, the CTCA graphics goes into the treatment options for the specific form of cancer that the reader wants to learn about. Additionally, the explain the different forms of each cancer. For example, there are two forms of lung cancer according to the CTCA graphic. These are small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. Each of these is treated differently by cancer doctors at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. These differences are spelled out in the graphic in language that lay people can understand.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s Vision for Cancer Patients

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have a vision for their important cancer patients. This revered and respected cancer care treatment organization is planning more service expansions in the near future. Their ultimate goal is to have better, faster and more effective cancer treatment options. They also want to end cancer’s grip on those it has struck. CTCA has long represented the finest cancer care available to many individuals. Those suffering with cancer are often weak, anxious, fatigued and suffer eating difficulty due to the aggressive cancer drugs and treatments. CTCA hopes to lower the side effects caused by cancer therapy and related treatments.

Cancer patients, their concerned families, other healthcare providers and anyone interested in updating their cancer knowledge can view very detailed and up-to-date cancer news, treatments and other related information. CTCA has also tag teamed with the popular WebMD online website. Those wanting to learn about cancer can access this site to find many cancer articles that are written so people not in the healthcare field can easily understand. This exciting online partnership between two highly respected healthcare giants is getting cancer information into the hands of people that didn’t have another expert source to turn to.

The field of oncology is changing every day. New drugs, treatment options, research findings, side effect remedies and more cancer news is now extremely easy to access. Anyone with a computer hooked to the Internet can log onto these trusted and reputable online cancer education sites. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is constantly changing how they practice cancer care on a regular basis. These healthcare specialists are determined to leave no stone un-turned in their zealous quest for better cancer care choices. They hope that cancer will not be so deadly in a short period of time.

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How Computers Help Cancer Treatment Centers of America Plan Treatments

Just the wide variety of various cancer treatment methods available is staggering to even consider. Doctors that need to sort through this avalanche of information are grateful that the new computer platform is available to help them plan specific patient treatment plans. This excessive amount of cancer criteria, various diagnoses, drug options, drug interaction considerations, radiation treatments, chemotherapy choices and more cancer related data are all logged into this comprehensive but amazingly unbiased collection that is aptly an online medical library. Those that want a simplified way to make sense out of confusing piles of intriguing cancer care info are reveling in this new technological discovery.

This computer helps everyone working at Cancer Treatment Centers of America make decisions on which protocols to follow. Cancer care is becoming even more precise. The more that researchers find out regarding cancer only confirms this speculation. Genetic testing is one way in which Cancer Treatment Centers of America is standing apart from the competition. They are determining which drugs will best fight certain cancer cells that each patient has residing in their body. If a computer can aid in solving many of cancer care’s riddles, then Cancer Treatment Centers of America is willing to give the system a try.

A computer does not get emotional when evaluating the figures, facts and statistics of all similar case studies. It gives a swift recommendation on the highest ranked best treatment options. It will list any drugs that would typically help fight a particular cancer type. This is mind boggling to say the least. With the new technological wonders, doctors now have more ways to choose an effective course of cancer care treatments. With all bad side effects, drug incompatibilities and more data, these computers are bringing Cancer Treatment Centers of America into the future.

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The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Heads Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a long history of being involved in some of the most impressive public awareness campaigns in the recent history of the U.S. and is continuing this tradition across Prostate Awareness Month 2017. Partnering with the National Football League Alumni group and LabCorp, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America believes the issue of prostate cancer needs to be raised with men over 40 who are the most at risk of becoming one of the more than 160,000 cases of prostate cancer expected to be diagnosed in 2017.

Within the range of activities planned for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month which includes some activities involving many of the best-known former head coaches in the history of the NFL. Public service announcements will air on TV stations across the U.S. featuring legendary coaches including Bill Cowher who will urge men over the age of 40 to complete regular Prostate Specific Antigen screenings which are seen as a positive way of diagnosing the most common form of cancer found in males. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America wishes to ensure the most at-risk groups are taking part in screening programs including African-American males who are 70 percent more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than white males.

Across the U.S. the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been opening new facilities on a regular basis to take the number of locations to five within the nation; the first international office opened for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Mexico City to act as the first contact for potential patients hoping to be treated in the U.S.

Although the majority of forms of cancer are treated by the organization a number of locations have been awarded three-year accreditation for the successful breast cancer programs created within local communities.

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