Omar Boraie Is One Of New Brunswick, New Jersey’s Favorite Sons

New Brunswick, New Jersey became a pharmaceutical town in 1885. That’s when the two Johnson brothers started doing business in the city. Johnson and Johnson established a home office in downtown New Brunswick in 1886, and the world’s largest healthcare product manufacturer never left the city. The population of the inner-city grew, thanks to the immigrants that settled in the Middlesex County town. The industrial revolution grew along the East Coast, and New Brunswick diverse spirit of community was born.

Today, the largest medical school in the country is located in New Brunswick. Two teaching hospitals and the Rutgers University Cancer Institute are also part of the community. The Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital is considered one of the leading teaching, if not the leading teaching hospital, in New Jersey. The Rutgers University Cancer Institute is considered the leading precision medicine and genomic science center in the country.

The Rutgers Cancer Institute recently established the Omar Boraie Chair in genomic science, according to an article published by Boraie is one of New Brunswick’s favorite sons. He is credited with helping downtown New Brunswick transform into the “Healthcare City” it is today. Boraie’s company built several high-rise office and residential buildings downtown. His dedication to urban renewal got the attention of city officials and the governor back in the 1970s. The first Boraie office building, Albany Plaza One was completed in 1983. Plaza Two opened in 2003, and Plaza Three is on the drawing board.

Omar Boraie has always been interested in science. He is a chemist, as well as, a real estate developer. When the opportunity to sponsor an endowment chair at the Rutgers Cancer Institute presented itself, he didn’t waste any time pledging the $1.5 million to secure the chair. His pledge was matched by an anonymous donor. The Rutgers ’18 Endowment Chair Challenge campaign is raising $54 million for research. The research is focused on treating cancer at the genetic level. Individual treatments for different subpopulations of cancer is the future of cancer treatments, and according to the Rutgers Cancer Institute is on the cutting edge of this medical breakthrough.

Boraie is known for his philanthropic endeavors. Omar has made several contributions to organizations that help the community. But he is especially proud of his connection with the Rutgers Cancer Institute. At this stage of his life, helping to find a treatment for everyone suffering from cancer is one of his priorities.


New Personalized Cancer Treatments Show Promise

Tailor made cancer treatments, it might sound like something out of science fiction – but, in reality its’ here today in the United States. The exciting treatment is in it’s earliest stages of clinic trials. The treatment is designed around programming the users own white blood cells to seek out and attack cancer agents. The treatment is delivered in the form of a vaccine and has positive results with the few patients it has been tested on.

Dr. Beatriz Carreno, according to the BBC, states the findings represent a significant step towards treating patients with personalized immunology-therapies.

While the excitement of the new treatment options has everyone at Bulletproof Coffee excited, there are still several hurdles for the treatment to pass. The first is carefully controlled clinical trials which must show that boosting the immune system through personalized vaccines makes a positive and noticeable difference towards treating tumors.

The second step is producing working methods that are both cost and time effective. Since each vaccine must be produced from the patient’s own cancer cells the cost to do so is enormous and may delay the treatment process.

Hypothesis shows that highly mutated cancers such as stage 4 breast cancers and lung cancers will benefit from a treatment similar to this.