Things To Know About George Soros Philanthropy

George Soros’ place of birth is in Hungary. He left his country and enrolled to London School of Economics. He sustained his stay at school by working as a luggage carrier at the railway station and a part time nightclub waiter. Soros has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and masters in Philosophy.

George Soros has become one of the top most philanthropists in the world. Soros has given out a vast amount billions of money to help fund Open Society Foundations. Soros is the founder of University in Budapest known as Central European. He also funds the institute. The University majors in social sciences. In his reign, the Open Society Foundations is known to give individuals and organizational support worldwide. It helps them fifth for their freedom, an accountable government and justice and equality amongst them. The foundation also offers school fee to students who get discriminated due to their race or their place of residence.

Soros moved to the United States in 1956.He ventured into finance and investment and emerged as one of the most successful businessman in United States. Soros amassed enough money and launched the Open Society Foundations. It is a network that has built foundations, partnership, and lucrative plans in more than a hundred countries. Soros adopted Karl Popper’s ideology that society can only flourish when a democratic government exists. Its existence assures respect,and freedom of expression for people’s rights. The approach has taken root in the Open Society Foundation.

Soros charitable acts began in 1979.He gave the scholarship to South African Students who were under the apartheid rule. Soros promoted the interaction of ideas in Communist Hungary. He did this by paying for academic travels to the west. His act of philanthropy is beyond what his foundations earn. His support to even independent organizations cannot be left unnoticed. In his old age, Soros still has an interest in Open Society Foundations works. He travels to ensure their is positive policy changes among private and public leaders. Soros legacy remains to be committed to solved the most untraceable problems.

Soros philanthropy does not leave out the politicians. Soros is known for his support to the American progressive. He is also philanthropist supporters of American Liberal politics. Soros has dedicated much of his fortune to funding politicians such as Hillary Clinton. The dispensing of his fortune to Democrats has made him emerge the biggest donor. Soros invests heavily in Soros Fund Management. It is a family office that brags $26 billion in assets.

Soros breakthrough in the American stock markets has given him huge independence. He can move around a world that is open, just and that which offers equality to all.

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Dr. Shafik Sachedina: A Dental Surgery Specialist In The United Kingdom

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a current United Kingdom resident. He hasn’t always resided in the Western European island nation, however. His fruitful existence started all the way in Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam back in 1950. Dar es Salaam is the Eastern African country’s biggest city.

Dr. Sachedina arrived in the United Kingdom and did a lot of studying and working hard. He earned a well-rounded and in-depth education in the dental field. He earned his dental surgeon qualifications in 1975 when he was in his mid-twenties as well. The University of London’s admired Guy Hospital Medical and Dental School provided him with these qualifications. Dr. Sachedina has been in practice in the United Kingdom for several decades now. He’s a professional who cares deeply about giving all of his patients the most attentive and thorough care possible. He’s also a professional who has a zeal for entrepreneurship. He’s especially interested in entrepreneurship that involves the large medical care universe.

Dr. Sachedina has collaborated with both the Jamati and the Aga Khan institutions. He volunteers for these groups with full enthusiasm. He does this out of the desire to follow their passions for in-depth voluntary work day in and day out.

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This detail-oriented doctor is in fast-paced London, England at the moment. He’s been located in the vibrant metropolis for a long while now, too. He, as a result, is extremely familiar with the London lifestyle. He has treated patients in the vast city for many rewarding and valuable years. Dr. Sachedina has a position with a company that’s known as Sussex Health Care. He works as the Joint Chairman of the British firm. This company, true to its naming, is in Sussex. Sussex Health Care is a business that has a straightforward and tangible aim. The objective of this business is to offer helpful support services to people who are in South England. It accommodates the requirements of elderly individuals in the region. It accommodates the needs of people who have physical disabilities in the region as well. These people do not necessarily have to be on the elderly side.

Dr. Sachedina knows a lot about dental surgery. He knows how to prepare patients for dental surgery procedures of all kinds. He can talk to them about what to expect. He can talk to them about recovery times as well. People who want dental expertise often speak with this aficionado.


Sheldon Lavin: a Real Driver of Success

In 1970, Mr. Otto and his sons needed funding to move their company into a broader market, and Sheldon Lavin was on hand to help. He became the company Financial Consultant. In 1975, Mr. Otto retired, and Sheldon collaborated with the sons to build Otto & Sons into the global conglomerate it is today. Today, as OSI Group LLC, the company runs more than 50 facilities in 17 locations. It has grown from a local meat and food-processing outfit to an international industry leader. In 2016, the company was number 58 on the Forbes of Largest Private Companies at $6.1 Billion, which is no small fete. Most of the company’s success is attributed to Sheldon’s leadership and entrepreneurial abilities. OSI supplies meat to some of the most prominent western fast food chains like Subway and Pizza Hut.

Sheldon Lavin’s Legacy

Mr. Lavin is over 80 years old and shows no signs of slowing down. Sheldon still enjoys his work, and that is his main reason for not retiring just yet. He holds a degree in Finance and Accounting. He started his career in finance and banking and even had his own firm. Sheldon was passionate about the food industry. Otto & Sons was his big break. The company registered a success after only the first year. Sheldon Lavin believes in the importance of delegation. In his opinion, delegating tasks enables one to consider multiple facets with minimal research. He is on a quest to inspire the next generation of corporate leaders to build successful and environmentally conscious companies. Click here to know more.

Tied to a Commitment to Changing Lives

Sheldon is big on philanthropy and tries to give back as much as he can. He donates large sums to Ronald McDonald House Charities. This is an initiative to provide housing and amenities to families dealing with serious illness. He also gives to the Jewish United Fund, Evans Scholarship Fund, United Negro College Fund, Inner City Foundation and National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Sheldon as a Role Model

OSI has received numerous environmental and sustainability awards under the stewardship of Sheldon Lavin. In 2016, Sheldon received the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy. Young entrepreneurs look up to Mr. Lavin for his insights and shrewd business. He is an avid supporter of technology and continually seeks new ways to incorporate it into OSI operations.

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Why Waiakea Hawaiin Volcanic Water Customers are Supporting Environmental Protection and Charity

The young entrepreneur Ryan Emmons, 27, is the innovative entrepreneur behind Waiakea’s business model. He is the founder and the CEO of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, a company he established in 2012 to provide premium bottled water to Americans. Emmons, being a millennial, is health and socially conscious. And so he established business with a model that speaks to the health concerns of consumers as well as social issues such as water crisis and environmental concerns.
The company’s business model has seen Waiakea grow exponentially. Just two years after it was started, Waiakea began growing rapidly. And as 2016 ended, the cumulative growth for the three years stood at a whopping 1059%. Naturally, this significant growth attracted a lot of attention in the bottled water market. Also, the Inc. Magazine which annually ranks the fastest growing companies in America through their Inc. 500 Inc. 5000 lists ranked Waiakea in its prestigious Inc. 500 list. A conference & gala typically follow the ranking. This year’s event is two weeks away, and it will be held in California. Waiakea will be one of the guests at the event.
Apart from the Inc. Magazine’s ranking, Waiakea has received various awards. Some of the awards the company has received include Food and Beverage Innovation Award, Best Biz Awards, and Dujour Awards. Also, the company has been recognized as the second leading water brand globally. Waiakea prides itself on being the first American bottled water company to receive carbon neutral certification.
When a customer purchases Waiakea’s products, he/she is contributing to environmental conservation efforts undertaken by the firm. Waiakea is popular for spearheading reforestation in the Mauna Loa region, a source of Waiakea’s distinctive, delicious, and naturally alkaline water. The company’s hazardous emissions and other forms of environmental degradation that occur as a result of its activities a set to plummet as the company is working with leading emission experts to streamline its process. The company will soon adopt the use of fully biodegradable water bottles.
Thousands of Malawians are beneficiaries of Waiakea’s social responsibility. The company in partnership with Pump Aid are supplying thousands of water pumps to villages in Malawi. The pumps have enabled the locals to access clean water.

Sawyer Howitt On The Potential Of Wireless Charging

Sawyer Howitt is a young entrepreneur who studies at University of California, Berkeley while also working as a project manager at Meriwether Group. At Berkeley he is studying consumer Economics and he intends to graduate in 2021. After finishing high school Sawyer worked on various jobs among numerous industries.

He had 3 month stint as a customer service representative at KURE Juice Bar. He then worked at RFID Checkout as a Business Strategy Analyst before moving to his current role at Meriwether Group. Sawyer has a blog on where he gives budding entrepreneurs advice on what it takes to run a successful business. His blog also explores new technologies and the opportunities that they offer to entrepreneurs. Howitt writes on everything from the things an entrepreneur must know when starting a business to wireless phone charging and using RFID technology in the retail industry.

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The subject of mobile computing interests Sawyer Howitt immensely. Sawyer Howitt is impressed by how the technology has evolved to its current point. Any modern consumer uses their smartphone for everything. From communication to sharing with friends and family to making payments at shops. The fact that the majority of communication on mobile is wireless allows people to carry mobile technology anywhere they wish. The only true hindrance to mobility is that of power. A significant majority of devices can only be powered by power cords. Once people can charge their devices wirelessly, Howitt believes humanity will have reached a truly mobile world.

The issue of wireless charging has been alluring to entrepreneurs ever since mobile phones were invented. Wireless charging would eliminate the problem of dead batteries. Such technology would eliminate the need for one to leave their device stationery for several hours when charging their phone. Devices would also be more compact as there would be no need for the big batteries found in most devices. When Howitt thinks of mobile charging, he does not envision the charging pads used by some modern devices. He envisions technology where a device is powered regardless of its location. There are various startups working on the technology but there are some regulatory and technological hurdles that will need to be overcome for the technology to be successful.

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Louis R. Chênevert and the United Technologies Corporation

Former United Technologies Corporation CEO, Louis Chênevert, has seen tremendous success in his years as a leading businessman. With the words “tremendous success” perhaps being an understatement, it is no surprise his expertise has earned him nearly 200 million dollars of wealth. What he has accomplished throughout his career, specifically at his time as CEO of United Technologies Corporation, has left the rest of the world wondering how we can make the world a better place, just like he helped in doing.

Wondering why investing in the future has not begun yet, also, figuring out how to invest in the future now, is the task that Louis Chênevert has left the rest of us to try to accomplish. To expand more on how that goal can be accomplished, we will take a closer look at the work and life of Louis Chênevert, as well as the company United Technologies Corporation, whose goal is to achieve a better future.

The Early Life & Career of Louis R. Chênevert
Growing up in Quebec, it was clear that Louis had a passion for business. Without spending too much time on his academic career, knowing that it prepared him well for his professional career, he would go on to earn a bachelor of commerce degree in production management from HEC Montréal. With this academic knowledge, Louis later earned numerous awards professionally including 2060 FDNY Fire Commissioner’s Humanitarian Award, the 2010 Pace Award for Leadership in Business Ethics, and an Honor Award in 2009.

Other achievements include being elected president of Pratt & Whitney in 1999, becoming United Technologies Corporation’s President and Chief Operating Officer in March of 2006, and of course, his time dedicated to UTC, where he would have his most profound success.

Why Investing in the Future Should Begins Now 
We can go on for a long time discussing what great things Louis has done at UTC, but instead, let’s go over what he meant for UTC with the legacy he left there. In the article on UTC, current UTC CEO Gregory Hayes states that as a CEO, the goal is to invest and innovate in the people of the company and those working along side it. In addition to that, as the leader of a company as great as UTC, another is to ignore keeping an eye on short term success but instead, always do so with an eye toward the long term success. Simply put, invest in the future now to be rewarded later, and that has always been the goal at UTC.

This is what Louis established while he was CEO. Louis established a mindset of helping the future leaders that will eventually lead the United States. As CEO, Louis’s job was to leave the company better than they found it. What better way to do that than to help those now, that will help you later. If numbers are needed to prove a point that future investment is the goal over at UTC, how about the fact that they have invested in over $1 billion dollars into employees that have earned over 39,000 degrees since 1996. With success like this, there is no telling how far UTC can go, thanks to the help of business genuis Louis R. Chênevert.

Jason Halpern Understands the Real Estate World


Jason Halpern: Property Developer

Jason Halpern is an industrious and committed professional who is part of the vast real estate realm. He’s a highly regarded real estate developer who works as the Principal of a well-known company that’s called JMH Development. JMH Development, in short, is a real estate development firm that focuses on high-end commercial and residential properties alike. It concentrates on properties that are based in locations all around the United States. JMH Development is a powerhouse in the establishment of coveted properties in areas such as Miami Beach, Florida, Brooklyn, New York and Manhattan, New York.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern is certainly no stranger to the competitive, dynamic and fast-paced real estate community. Real estate is actually something that runs in his family. JMH Development was founded by his family members. He became the head of the firm in 2010.This real estate expert is the dictionary definition of busy. He regularly works on numerous projects at the same time. These projects often involve traveling to distant cities as well. He’s often dealing with Miami property projects. He’s frequently dealing with Big Apple property efforts, too. There’s no arguing that Halpern spends a significant amount of time on airplanes.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

When Halpern isn’t busy working on his many real estate missions, he looks after Max, his young son. He truly enjoys spending quality time with the teenage boy. They attend sporting events together on a regular basis. They’re particularly big fans of the New York Giants. Halpern and Max also are big scuba diving enthusiasts. They sometimes head to other nations to enjoy days of scuba diving as well. Examples are both Mexico and Costa Rica.Halpern adores traveling to other countries. He doesn’t, however, adore lengthy New York City commutes in the morning. He doesn’t have to worry about them, either. He lives inside of a penthouse apartment that happens to be in the same exact building as his office. That makes getting to and from his job daily a total piece of cake. Halpern is a massive force in the real estate universe these days. He only plans on getting stronger, too.

Keith Mann Leads Dynamic Search Partners In Giving Back To the Community

Keith Mann is an expert in hedge fund compensation, hiring, and alternative investment. He is the co-founder and director of Dynamic Search Partners. The New York-based company serves major equity firms by providing them with staffing and executive search services. The company has been operational since 2001. During this period it has helped over 2,000 clients through filling their mandates. His career began with Dynamic Associates as a manager of Alternative Investments. Mann managed to rise to be the Vice President of the company by working hard.


Keith’s contributions

Keith Mann is a renowned philanthropist who has supported several humanitarian activities. In 2013, he led the launch of a partnership between Dynamic Search Partners and Uncommon Schools. It aimed at providing students with skills that will enable them to succeed beyond college life. The organization also targeted students from low-income families. It offered them with a unique platform that allowed them to join colleges of their choice and pursue the courses they want. Through this partnership, Charter High School was founded in 2009.


Early this year, Keith Mann announced a professional scholarship that is targeting next generation’s business leaders. Keely and Keith Mann will offer this opportunity to top students to attend a four-year course in college. Keith has established a close relationship with the police force. His response to violence and protest against police force has been impressive. He condemns every act of violence targeting police force. In 2015 Keith sent the 54th Street precinct lunch as a sign of his moral support. Keith has a personal relationship with the New York Police Department. His uncle serves as a detective, which explains why Keith holds the police force close to his heart.


Keith is a member of He has served the movement diligently and has made sacrifices in animal liberation. His act to free six hundred mice that were to be used to test a Botox drug was impressive. Mann condemned the act as slavery and violation of human rights. In May 2016 he also freed 40 animals that were trapped in Fort McMurray.

A Review of Team Leaders Credited for DIVERSANT’s Success

Diversant LLC is a global provider of IT solutions and staffing in the United States. The company focuses in meeting the needs of the Fortune 500 companies and SMEs. Clients are provided with high quality services and products aimed at effectively satisfying their needs.

Gene Waddy, the Firm’s CEO

In an effort to promote profitability and efficiency, Diversant has employed competent individuals to manage several key departments. For instance, Gene Waddy serves as the Company’s CEO. His unrivalled expertise and drive are a reflection of the firm’s current state. While at the helm, the company has tremendously grown and dominated the industry. Waddy is credited for his commitment in developing an excellent reputation among clients.

Jim Yoshimura, Chief Operations Officer

Yoshimura is a highly talented and skilled executive in the consultancy department. His 30 year experience in the industry is vital in safeguarding the financial strength of the company. Prior to working for DIVERSANT, Yoshimura held influential posts in various firms. He is credited for generating $ 500 million while working as senior vice president for Experis. Companies such as Cooper, EDS and Lybrand can attest to the proficiency of Yoshimura. He possesses invaluable knowledge pertaining to talent acquisition and staffing.

Senior executives serve as members of an Advisory Board of the firm. Such executives are mostly business experts and influential leaders with experience in various disciplines. They provide advice on strategic planning and commercial development. The Board regularly meets to evaluate company performance and market conditions.

An In-Depth Profile of John Goullet

John Goullet serves as the Principal of DIVERSANT, LLC. He initially worked as an IT consultant before shifting to IT staffing in 1994. Having gained enough knowledge, Goullet founded Info Technologies to provide IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. His efforts gained widespread recognition when his firm earned $ 30 million. His crowning achievement was when his company was ranked 8th in the 500 fastest growing firms in the United States.

Goullet focused on comprehending the staffing needs of his customers. Afterwards, he incorporated such knowledge with the work style and personality of his clients. He advises entrepreneurs to hire skilled workers to realize objectives and goals of the company. Info Technologies has won numerous accolades courtesy of Goullet’s expertise and commitment.

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Brian Torchin Offers Healthcare Staffing Solutions

Brian Torchin is a practicing chiropractor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and a managing partner of Healthcare Recruitment Services LLC. Originating in Philadelphia, with a client base all over the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, and Asia, HCRC ‘s mission is to utilize years of industry experience to match qualified medical professionals seeking employment with organizations in need of their services.

Brian Torchin formed the organization because he was committed to creating a service that helped other medical professionals locate opportunities across the globe. Being a chiropractor with a background in sports medicine, Brian Torchin understands the nontraditional hours that clients in the healthcare industry commonly work. For that reason, HCRC extended their hours to include nights and weekends and Mr. Torchin hopes to remain available at all times to answer any questions clients may have.

Even with an increasingly busy schedule, Brian Torchin continues to regularly contribute to the private firm’s blog. He addresses concerns and gives insight on subjects like simplifying marketing strategies, hiring a physician assistant or nurse practitioner, important interview questions, and how to hire proficient employees.

In one such blog post Torchin wrote about the staffing solution firm:
“As hospitals work to integrate their services, shrink their total cost of care, raise patient satisfaction and drop their readmission, employing or aligning with physicians of all specialties are in hospitals’ sights.

Staying knowledgeable on competitive compensation trends is important for health systems to be able to attract the talent and services they need to grow and improve while ensuring compensation is appropriate to maximize financial resources.”

With a global client base and collaborations with private practices, urgent care centers, and various other healthcare groups Brian Torchin and HCRC is playing a gigantic role in the future of healthcare recruitment services.