Talos Energy: *A Closer look at Talos Energy:

Talos is an Oil and Gas Company that is current based out of Dallas Texas. The company is continually expanding as well as exploring new territory for off shore drilling while employing oil discovery techniques as well as solutions. Talos completed a lucrative drilling program based in Toronto which was referred to as the “Toronto Two” drilling exploration project.

The company employs the use of seismic technology in an attempt to expand their operations to a wider geographic area. Using seismic technology produces a high rate of accuracy and efficiency.

Talos Energy has a strong corporate culture and the organization has received numerous awards over the past decade. Timothy Duncan is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy. Mr. Duncan has extensive experience within the area of business negotiations and sales management. In addition, Mr. Duncan was previously an Engineer for Ghrypon Exploration Company. During his tenure with Ghrypon Exploration, Duncan handled a variety of Management as well as Internal Evaluation functions.

Timothy Duncan graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Engineering. In addition,, Duncan received his MBA after enrolling in the Bauer Executive Program. The Bauer Executive Program is affiliated with the University of Houston. The Bauer program is quite challenging and the University is very selective when it comes to admission requirements.

Talos Energy was honored by the HC Media Group as one of the “Best Places to Work in 2013”. The Houston Chronicle listed Talos as one of the top rated organizations for three consecutive years.

Talos Energy has a strong commitment when it comes to meeting the need for both gas and energy. The organization strives to meet the growing demands and needs of the public.

The company feels that it has a responsibility to meet the needs of the local community. Talos is currently involved with a number of organizations that help those in need.

The company organizes Blood drives as well as Food banks each and every year. Thus far, these projects have been a phenomenal success. Talos Energy is geared community involvement as well as providing food as well as access to medical care for those who are experiencing financial hardships. The Houston Food Bank was made possible through Talos Energy.

Talos Energy is an amazing organization which is doing some amazing things. Please visit the company web site at www.talosenergyllc.com. The company also posts latest news as well as information concerning up and coming projects on their web site.

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Equities First Holdings as They Would Appear on Wikipedia

Equities First Holdings was founded by Al Christy, Jr. in 2002. The equities-based lending services that EFH offers are favored because such loans have a higher loan to value ratio than traditional loans. They also provide a hedge since such loans also substantially lower any risk. In addition, EFH is much, much less strict than traditional lenders, allowing the person lent to to walk away from the deal at any time even if the item lent has depreciated in value. But they probably won’t walk away since unlike traditional loans, EFH loans allow the person lent to to use the funds for whatever they want once the funds have been approved. This kind of loan usually has a fixed three and four percent interest rate. Al Christy has stated that all financial dealings have some risk, but stock-based loans have the most minimal and are therefore the best option.

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Freedom Life Insurance Company Simplifies Insurance Choices

Everyone needs life insurance, but are reluctant to get it because they do not understand the various types of insurance, nor the many companies that claim to be the best. To ensure that insurance company provides understandable explanations of what they offer, and how best they can service your needs, customers need a company that they can trust. Freedom Life Insurance company will take the time to explain all of the necessary factors in choosing a life insurance policy. Life insurance beneficiary amounts and premiums are based on the age of the policy holder. There are basically two types of life insurance, term life, and whole life.

Younger people usually benefit more from term life insurance, because it is based on a specific need. If there are young children in the family, and the policy holder wants to ensure that there will be money for them to attend college, then they get a term life policy. These policies will terminate after a period of time with a cash benefit, if the policy holder out lives the term, that can be used for any reason. Term life insurance can be transformed into a whole life policy after it terminates, without a health examine, but the whole life premiums will be much higher. The experts at Freedom Life Insurance company will gladly give you all of the information needed to make that transition.

Choosing a whole life insurance policy is the option that is available for older people, as well as younger people. This policy lasts for years, and builds up cash value. People can borrow against the policy, and repay it so that the entire policy amount is there when it is needed. Unlike the term life policy, whole life does build equity to be considered as a cash savings. With most whole life policies, the amount of coverage does not decrease, nor will the premiums increase as the person gets older. For any questions regarding life insurance need, the friendly, qualified agents at Freedom Life Insurance company can ensure that you will be able to make a sound decision about your life insurance needs. Check more: https://www.ushealthgroup.com/sbc.aspx

Elysium Health Prioritizes Long Term Health

Elysium Health, a biotechnology company that could revolutionize the market, attempts to disrupt the pill market with its food supplement-type drugs that can reduce the aging effects. Interestingly, the drug developed by the firm has shown excellent results in worms and mice and extended their lifespan significantly. Due to the long lifespan of humans, it is found that the new drug may take decades to prove the results in humans to supply it as an approved drug. Due to that, the founders of Elysium Health went for an unconventional root and introduced the drug as nutraceuticals. Interestingly, those drugs do not need any approvals or clinical trials from FDA.

Finally, Elysium Health came up with its over the counter pill named Basis that has the power to keep people young. It has a chemical initiator to NAD or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. NAD is a compound the human cells use to execute metabolic reactions including energy release from glucose. It can cause similar effects to the diets of people that have a significant shortage of calories – the factor that helped a mouse live for a longer period. Interestingly, the drug that comes with strict production standards is available from its official website at $60 for a 30-day plan. However, if people choose a continued subscription plan, they can get the drug at $50 per month.https://www.technologyreview.com/s/534636/the-anti-aging-pill/

Compared to high-end prescription medicines available in the market, the drug from Elysium Health is highly cheap. Interestingly, the company has some high-level endorsements, and five Nobel laureate winners are providing guidance and assistance to the firm. Interestingly, the scientists could prove that the lifespan of mice could be extended considerably by feeding the drug using the technique called “caloric restriction.” It is identified that the level of NAD decreases by age in every animal, including humans. By supplying the drug, it increases the NAD molecule content in the human cells. Many prominent researchers agreed that NAD replacement is the most revolutionary thing that can happen in long term wellness. This approves the working mechanism of Elysium Health’s pill.

Elysium Health was founded in the year 2014 to develop effective medication for one of the most challenging aspects of health – the aging. The firm collaborates with leading physicians and medical researchers around the world to come up with solutions that can provide results at the cellular level. Elysium Health was founded by Eric Marcotulli, a former Sequoia partner; Dan Alminana, former JPMorgan vice president; and Leonard Guarente, an MIT professor. The company follows a business approach of food supplements and tries to help the people to get the multivitamin needs of day to day life through bottles. Interestingly, all its solutions are aimed to improve the cell health, and that converts to the overall health of the human beings.


A Brief Look at Sheldon Lavin’s Impressive Profile

Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group four decades ago with extensive experience as a banking executive and investor. Mr. Lavin brought a drive to succeed, propelling OSI Group to prominence. Mr. Lavin was instrumental in pushing OSI Group to global growth and success in the 1970s. In fact, he became the company’s third partner with equal leverage in the early 1970s. Later on, he became a half partner after one of the co-owners sold his interest. After the retirement of the second brother, Mr. Lavin gained full voting control of the company.

Mr. Lavin has always planned all his acquisitions and joint ventures strategically. As a firm believer on the importance of purpose, Mr. Lavin places a great deal of importance on green innovation. Currently, OSI Group has over 200,000 employees around the world. Mr. Lavin feels happy that the company’s culture is cohesive and uniform despite language, geographical, and political barriers that separate the facilities. At the age of 85, Mr. Lavin has no plans of quitting OSI Group. Instead, he commits to promoting a sustainable supply chain, reducing environmental impact, and making a socially responsible contribution to workers and the surrounding community. As a philanthropist, Sheldon Lavin generously donates to charitable initiatives involving Jewish organizations, sick children, chronic diseases, and college funds.

As OSI Group’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Lavin has an impressive profile in food and meat processing industry. In recognition of his incredible accomplishment of scaling OSI Group globally, India’s Vision World Academy honored Mr. Lavin with a Global Visionary Award on February 20, 2016. Mr. Lavin felt humbled and honored to win such a prestigious award and boasts of his accomplishments at OSI Group. Mr. Lavin devoted much of his time to the overall welfare of OSI Group and its employees.

Besides scaling OSI Group globally, Mr. Lavin has helped the company to earn a long list of sustainability and environmental awards. Mr. Lavin believes that the next generation of leaders will continue to invest in sustainable and eco-friendly innovations. He looks forward to inspiring the next crop of leaders and to encourage them to grow their businesses responsibly. While Lavin inspires future generations, he doesn’t plan to business quit anytime soon. Beside his role at OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin supports several charitable causes such as Ronald McDonald House Charities. Of all his international recognitions and accomplishments, Lavin is proudest of helping his wife raise their kids morally.

Why Waiakea Hawaiin Volcanic Water Customers are Supporting Environmental Protection and Charity

The young entrepreneur Ryan Emmons, 27, is the innovative entrepreneur behind Waiakea’s business model. He is the founder and the CEO of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, a company he established in 2012 to provide premium bottled water to Americans. Emmons, being a millennial, is health and socially conscious. And so he established business with a model that speaks to the health concerns of consumers as well as social issues such as water crisis and environmental concerns.
The company’s business model has seen Waiakea grow exponentially. Just two years after it was started, Waiakea began growing rapidly. And as 2016 ended, the cumulative growth for the three years stood at a whopping 1059%. Naturally, this significant growth attracted a lot of attention in the bottled water market. Also, the Inc. Magazine which annually ranks the fastest growing companies in America through their Inc. 500 Inc. 5000 lists ranked Waiakea in its prestigious Inc. 500 list. A conference & gala typically follow the ranking. This year’s event is two weeks away, and it will be held in California. Waiakea will be one of the guests at the event.
Apart from the Inc. Magazine’s ranking, Waiakea has received various awards. Some of the awards the company has received include Food and Beverage Innovation Award, Best Biz Awards, and Dujour Awards. Also, the company has been recognized as the second leading water brand globally. Waiakea prides itself on being the first American bottled water company to receive carbon neutral certification.
When a customer purchases Waiakea’s products, he/she is contributing to environmental conservation efforts undertaken by the firm. Waiakea is popular for spearheading reforestation in the Mauna Loa region, a source of Waiakea’s distinctive, delicious, and naturally alkaline water. The company’s hazardous emissions and other forms of environmental degradation that occur as a result of its activities a set to plummet as the company is working with leading emission experts to streamline its process. The company will soon adopt the use of fully biodegradable water bottles.
Thousands of Malawians are beneficiaries of Waiakea’s social responsibility. The company in partnership with Pump Aid are supplying thousands of water pumps to villages in Malawi. The pumps have enabled the locals to access clean water.

Louis R. Chênevert and the United Technologies Corporation

Former United Technologies Corporation CEO, Louis Chênevert, has seen tremendous success in his years as a leading businessman. With the words “tremendous success” perhaps being an understatement, it is no surprise his expertise has earned him nearly 200 million dollars of wealth. What he has accomplished throughout his career, specifically at his time as CEO of United Technologies Corporation, has left the rest of the world wondering how we can make the world a better place, just like he helped in doing.

Wondering why investing in the future has not begun yet, also, figuring out how to invest in the future now, is the task that Louis Chênevert has left the rest of us to try to accomplish. To expand more on how that goal can be accomplished, we will take a closer look at the work and life of Louis Chênevert, as well as the company United Technologies Corporation, whose goal is to achieve a better future.

The Early Life & Career of Louis R. Chênevert
Growing up in Quebec, it was clear that Louis had a passion for business. Without spending too much time on his academic career, knowing that it prepared him well for his professional career, he would go on to earn a bachelor of commerce degree in production management from HEC Montréal. With this academic knowledge, Louis later earned numerous awards professionally including 2060 FDNY Fire Commissioner’s Humanitarian Award, the 2010 Pace Award for Leadership in Business Ethics, and an Honor Award in 2009.

Other achievements include being elected president of Pratt & Whitney in 1999, becoming United Technologies Corporation’s President and Chief Operating Officer in March of 2006, and of course, his time dedicated to UTC, where he would have his most profound success.

Why Investing in the Future Should Begins Now 
We can go on for a long time discussing what great things Louis has done at UTC, but instead, let’s go over what he meant for UTC with the legacy he left there. In the article on UTC, current UTC CEO Gregory Hayes states that as a CEO, the goal is to invest and innovate in the people of the company and those working along side it. In addition to that, as the leader of a company as great as UTC, another is to ignore keeping an eye on short term success but instead, always do so with an eye toward the long term success. Simply put, invest in the future now to be rewarded later, and that has always been the goal at UTC.

This is what Louis established while he was CEO. Louis established a mindset of helping the future leaders that will eventually lead the United States. As CEO, Louis’s job was to leave the company better than they found it. What better way to do that than to help those now, that will help you later. If numbers are needed to prove a point that future investment is the goal over at UTC, how about the fact that they have invested in over $1 billion dollars into employees that have earned over 39,000 degrees since 1996. With success like this, there is no telling how far UTC can go, thanks to the help of business genuis Louis R. Chênevert.

The Benefits Of Doing Business With Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings specializes in financing solutions for alternative shareholders. Considered to be a global leader they are experiencing more traction in both stock-based and margin loans. Many banks and institutions have tightened their criteria for offering loans because of the current trends in the economic climate. For individuals unable to raise the capital they need or who do not qualify for a conventional loan Equities First is becoming quite popular.

Although there are some options available for these borrowers, a lot of banks have made cuts to their options for lending and interest rates have become higher. Al Christy Jr. is the CEO and Founder of Equities First. He believes stocks are an alternative for collateral on a loan. He says although there will be fluctuation in the market during the course of a three-year loan stocks allow the individual to lower their personal risk when the market is down.

In order to receive a margin loan the borrower has to first be pre-qualified. The money must also be used for a specific reason. Interest rates vary but the borrower will pay a ratio between ten and fifty percent. In the case of a margin call the firm lending the money may liquidate the collateral of the borrower.

Stock-based loans generally have a rate of interest between three to four percent. The ratio will be fifty to seventy-five per cent. This type of loan does not have restrictions. A borrower has the ability to simply walk away even if stocks value has dropped.

According to Christy most forms of financial transactions do contain some kind of risk. He feels the stock-based loans have been mostly ignored throughout history. This is because unscrupulous lenders have just dumped the collateral of a borrower right on the open market. The borrowers stocks have not been returned after the transaction reached its maturity.

Christy has built Equities First on integrity and he uses legal as well as trading and regulatory institutions when he needs counsel. This is what allows the company give their clients the maximum benefit and the least possible amount of risk. He wants his clients to succeed in achieving their financial goals.

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David Osio Has Been On A Long Mission To Help People Around The World

David Osio has become one of the biggest and most respected real estate investors out of South America today, becoming hugely successful and wealthy over his career, steadily building up his business and still expanding today. Thankfully, David is the kind of man that gives back and shares his knowledge with others, and over the course of his career he has often made donations and contributions to charities and other non profit organizations all around the world in an effort to make the world a place for people as a whole. He also stresses for others to do the same, to help the world improve and help more people achieve success of their own. David teaches that the most important thing for becoming successful, especially in investing to any degree, is to look towards the future. The better one can predict what’s coming, the better they will do on their investments.


As the CEO and executive director for Davos Financial, David has long been using the safe and conservative approach to real estate and investments. This minimizes risks and allows for steady and slow building over time. Many times, up and coming entrepreneurs want wealth right away, and they commit too much to their investments. This can pay off and they may hit it big, but often times it doesn’t and they end up losing big. Knowing when to takes risks requires a seasoned mind and the ability to see what’s coming in the market. David, along with his company, actively help their clients with real estate and investment strategies in order to help them achieve or maintain their success and businesses.


David has used his methods for success for a long time, which is why many people try to come to him for advice and ideas. His portfolio is considerable and he has very few mishaps on his record. What’s better is he is a huge philanthropist, and he has actively been increasing the amount that he contributes to projects likes these both through his company and his own time. He inspires, along with his business advice, others to contribute as well, no matter how big or small, to contribute to the community at large.

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Talk Fusion is Storming 2016

Talk Fusion received an award: the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation. It was the second award it received from the media company this year. The award points out products that are exceptional in their field and offer voice, data, and video that were greatly improved over the past year.

Talk Fusion lets you talk with anyone face to face with its video chat feature, using WebRTC technology. You can use a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. You can download the app on the Google Play Store and iTunes. The full version went live in March of 2016, but this award validates the hard work and attention to detail the team at Talk Fusion put into their product.

Ryan Page is the CTO, and he said that this award is a symbol of a bigger picture that they are striving for. TMC recognized them twice, but there are other reasons to love Talk Fusion. They have free trials now, in which you can try out the technology for 30 days. The company also has other features available, such as email, livechat, conferencing, and more.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina. Reina is a former police officer from Florida, so he was serving the public in that capacity long before switching to technology. However, the origin story of the groundbreaking technology is interesting. He went to send a small video clip to a buddy of his but was unable due to AOL’s policies. He decided to innovate. Getting together with his friend and IT expert, they created Talk Fusion.

Now, Talk Fusion is at or near the top of the app stores in many countries, including Japan, Switzerland, Indonesia, and more. The company makes a statement about giving back to charities for people, animals, and community services like orphanages in Asia. In addition, they have reps in over 140 countries who all get paid instantly when they make a sale, which lets them support their dreams and families. Bob Reina, the visionary leader, says he wants to continue to change the world through video communication.