Duda Melzer, Brazil Entrepreneur

Duda Melzer has built a successful career after graduating in Business Administration from the Pontificial Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. Melzer also holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School as well. Adding to his accolades, he also is the director of the Mercosul Biennial, an international contemporary art show taking place in Porto Alegre.

In an article on Estadao, before Duda Melzer began his career in North America he joined Sirotsky in 2004 as Director General for the RBS Group’s National Market. Duda was Senior Financial Analyst at Delphi Corporation in 2002 and Director General of nontraditional media company, Box Top Media, the same year he joined the Family Communications Network. In 2012 he became Chairman of the RBS Group and in 2015 served as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the same company. Last year the entrepreneur was chosen to create the list of leaders for the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. Every year the group selects 25 members from the new generation of entrepreneurial families from across the globe and who are considered examples for society.

Duda Melzer credits American John Davis for his inspiration in creating such a memorable business legacy. John Davis is a professor at Harvard and a family business specialist. He is also a highly sought out consultant in his field. Their relationship started in 1999 when the Sirotsky Company was its first customer in Brazil. Melzer also credits Jim Collins and Ram Charan in becoming an influential business man. He claims to consult with these two to this day. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

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