Dr. Avi Weisfogel Uses Dentistry to Craft Custom Solutions for Sleep Apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has carved out a niche career in dentistry by using innovative techniques to successfully treat patients suffering from sleep disorders. With a cursory glance, the combination of dentistry and sleep apnea might seem to be an unlikely combination. However, Dr. Weisfogel has been at the forefront of developing customized dental devices which can amazingly improve sleep apnea symptoms and its host of complications.
The characteristic pauses that accompany sleep apnea can wreak havoc on individuals who suffer from this disorder. They are often robbed of the restorative effects of sleep and their health can be impacted in several different ways. One’s appearance is often affected with a tired look and drooping, puffy eyes appearing prominently. A lack of vitality that can affect one’s performance at work will often result from this chronic condition as well.
Dr. Avi Weisfogel became intrigued with the idea of using dentistry to help his patients suffering from sleep disorders early in his career. He has researched sleep disorders for over two decades now and is in the vanguard of practitioners who have helped patients successfully.
Reaching out to the medical community is another way that Dr. Avi Weisfogel helps advance the science of treating sleep apnea. His pioneering use of dental devices to help patients alleviate the condition happens to be the most minimally invasive way. His organization Healthy Heart Sleep is a way for dentists and physicians to collaborate together and allows both disciplines to participate in treating the disorder.
The dental devices that Dr. Weisfogel uses help patients to maintain an open airway during sleep, which helps eliminate snoring and the pauses that go along with sleep apnea. This allows patients to more fully realize the rejuvenation that deep sleep brings and can provide a new lease on life for many.
Dental Sleep Masters is another way that Dr. Weisfogel reaches out to other dentists who wish to grow their practices by offering more services like the treatment of sleep apnea. This program is a business model for this type of option and is also a coaching system that helps with its implementation. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is helping to write the book on using dentistry to treat sleep apnea.

David McDonald Great Contributions to OSI Industries

David McDonald was born and raised in northeast Lowa on a farm. He attended Lowa University and earned a degree in animal science. David currently serves as the chairman of North American Meat Institute. David has been serving as an Independent Director at Marfig Global Foods S.A. since 2008. David McDonald believes in product development having a significant impact on business besides production capacity.

McDonald serves as the President of OSI Group.OSI Industries is a leading food processing company that supplies highly valued protein food products such as pizza, beef patties, sandwiches, and sausages globally to food services. With its headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Industries today has more than 50 branches in 17 different countries. The firm expanded its services to China, and today it operates eight factories in China and two new facilities that will award OSI Group the largest poultry producer are under construction. The company celebrated 20 years in China on September 12, 2012.

The Group’s first food processing operation was opened when it began the primary supplier to McDonald’s. In 2008, at the Beijing Olympic Games, it provided 113 tons of beef, chicken, pork, dehydrated onion pork and eggs. The act was appreciated by McDonald’s and the Olympic Committee as there were no issues raised by customers. Since the games, OSI Group became the main supplier to high-end brands such as Subway Starbucks, Papa John’s, Yum, McDonald’s, and Burger.

Recently, OSI Industries received food from Baho Food that operates in Germany and Netherlands. McDonald approved of receiving Baho Food because it will give the company a notable broader presence in Europe. David McDonald also serves as the Project Manager of OSI Group. Moreover, he also acts as a member of the board of directors of OSI Group. At OSI International Foods Pty Limited located in Australia, David serves as a director.

McDonald always ensures that the management staff members in all regional offices know the cultures and tastes of local consumers in every particular branch. David is passionate about making OSI Group have significant improvements in its processing and production departments. He is focused on satisfying all their global clients with the best food products.

Respecting David McDonald : www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137

Louis R. Chênevert and the United Technologies Corporation

Former United Technologies Corporation CEO, Louis Chênevert, has seen tremendous success in his years as a leading businessman. With the words “tremendous success” perhaps being an understatement, it is no surprise his expertise has earned him nearly 200 million dollars of wealth. What he has accomplished throughout his career, specifically at his time as CEO of United Technologies Corporation, has left the rest of the world wondering how we can make the world a better place, just like he helped in doing.

Wondering why investing in the future has not begun yet, also, figuring out how to invest in the future now, is the task that Louis Chênevert has left the rest of us to try to accomplish. To expand more on how that goal can be accomplished, we will take a closer look at the work and life of Louis Chênevert, as well as the company United Technologies Corporation, whose goal is to achieve a better future.

The Early Life & Career of Louis R. Chênevert
Growing up in Quebec, it was clear that Louis had a passion for business. Without spending too much time on his academic career, knowing that it prepared him well for his professional career, he would go on to earn a bachelor of commerce degree in production management from HEC Montréal. With this academic knowledge, Louis later earned numerous awards professionally including 2060 FDNY Fire Commissioner’s Humanitarian Award, the 2010 Pace Award for Leadership in Business Ethics, and an Honor Award in 2009.

Other achievements include being elected president of Pratt & Whitney in 1999, becoming United Technologies Corporation’s President and Chief Operating Officer in March of 2006, and of course, his time dedicated to UTC, where he would have his most profound success.

Why Investing in the Future Should Begins Now 
We can go on for a long time discussing what great things Louis has done at UTC, but instead, let’s go over what he meant for UTC with the legacy he left there. In the article on UTC, current UTC CEO Gregory Hayes states that as a CEO, the goal is to invest and innovate in the people of the company and those working along side it. In addition to that, as the leader of a company as great as UTC, another is to ignore keeping an eye on short term success but instead, always do so with an eye toward the long term success. Simply put, invest in the future now to be rewarded later, and that has always been the goal at UTC.

This is what Louis established while he was CEO. Louis established a mindset of helping the future leaders that will eventually lead the United States. As CEO, Louis’s job was to leave the company better than they found it. What better way to do that than to help those now, that will help you later. If numbers are needed to prove a point that future investment is the goal over at UTC, how about the fact that they have invested in over $1 billion dollars into employees that have earned over 39,000 degrees since 1996. With success like this, there is no telling how far UTC can go, thanks to the help of business genuis Louis R. Chênevert.

Don Ressler Will Make You Look Trendy And Fashionable

JustFab is headed by two dynamic and vibrant individuals. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler not only know how to create leading brands they have an immeasurable passion for it. JustFab is a company that is built with elegance and fun in mind. The fashion industry is a tad too serious, but the company adds a new twist to its business model.

Adam’s journey into entrepreneurship dates back to the time he was a teenager. At 15 years, he created his company which he called Gamers Alliance at https://pando.com/2014/08/28/breaking-justfab-raises-85m-at-what-sources-say-is-a-1b-valuation/. He later sold the company to Intermix Media in the year 1999. What he put is high school education on hold to join Intermix as its Vice President of the Department of Strategic Planning. As early as 20 years of age, Adam was promoted to the COO, setting the record as one of the youngest of a public company. It is at the company that he met an individual who would become one of his best friend and business partners; the man was Don Ressler. Don Ressler’s business ventures had endeared him as an industry’s genius with over $1 billion in sales and over $100 million in funding for various technology companies he has an interest in growing.

Don Ressler is a longtime friend to Adam Goldenberg. In the year 2006, the duo founded together an e-commerce startup incubator that they called Intelligent Beauty. Their experience as friends and creating products that leverage technology made them come up with a revolutionary idea on apparelnews.net. They decided to build an online shopping solution that would provide a new kind of experience to its users. The wanted to use the power of the internet to deliver excellent fashion products at a low price.

The two ended up with JustFab. JustFab is more than a fashion and trends company; it is a brand which has evolved into a community of its own. The enterprise on Zimbio.com gives members a wide selection of creative fashion merchandise, ranging from shoes, clothes, handbags, traveling bags, and accessories at a monthly rate of $39.95.

Don Ressler knows that theirs is not a typical business that deals with fashion items JustFab is a lifestyle brand. The company goes an extra mile to provide users with style boards. They show how various items are worn. The business is a market leader in showcasing trends and styles.

Don Ressler is determined to make JustFab a brand that will inspire women and their wardrobe.

The Modern Housing Projects that Have Been Developed by Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern : A Young Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is one of the leading real estate developers in New York. He has been involved in the business for a couple of years since his family owned a successful construction company that has been active for over 50 years. Halpern is the owner of JMH Development, which is a firm that he has been in the business since the 1990s. Before starting his company, he worked at Halpern Enterprises, which was owned by his father. The real estate developer has been serving the sector since he was a teenager and is currently 45 years old.

Jaons’s Team

Halpern has been acting as the managing partner of JMH Development. The firm has participated in construction projects that are valued at more than $500 million. Most of the buildings that the company has established are located in New York, Westchester County, Miami, and Manhattan. His business has majored in the construction of commercial and residential buildings. According to Jason, his firm is a boutique real estate developer. It has been teaming up with various real estate giants to complete many projects across the country.

Jason in Aloft Property

The professionals who serve JMH Development are highly skilled and experienced in various construction undertakings. They have majored in due diligence, planning, designing the sigh, and building. They have excellent knowledge of how to develop top-notch residential, commercial, and mixed-use property. The company and its employees have been striving to develop modern houses by joining their expertise in real estate, unparalleled market information, and excellent site skills. They also have outstanding expertise in the transformation of old buildings into state-of-the-art properties.


Family life of Jason

Jason Halpern’s company has completed several top notch houses in New York. It established a high-class apartment that has 340 units by rebuilding an old warehouse that was located at 184 Kent Street. The company also changed Brooklyn-based Townhouses of Cobble Hill by reconstructing them to form nine townhouses that are highly luxurious. JMH Development also created modern condos by transforming the Williamsburg-based Wild Turkey bourbon store. Jason joined efforts with Rockpoint Group and Kushner Companies, which assisted him in constructing the buildings. The companies completed the project in 2010, and it is made up of more than 338 rental units. One the latest real estate projects that JMH Development has completed is the construction of lavish condos by transforming Brooklyn Heights Cinema. The firm collaborated with Madison Estates to complete the construction.


Halpern has also completed several projects in Miami. His firm established Aloft South Beach that is a 200-room hotel. JMH constructed the project by working with Madden Real Estate Ventures. It was one of the pioneer firms to venture in the refurbishing of old buildings into top notch properties that suit various markets.

Experiencing Innovation with Eric Pulier

Aspiring to be something significant in life is the self-appointed purpose of many people. They want to leave a lasting impression on the people around them. They want life to have meaning. These people want to find success, and that is their purpose. Eric Pulier is one of those people that aspired to be wildly successful and succeeded. He is a well-known philanthropist, author, and entrepreneur. He has brought light to serious issues, uses his money to enable people to have better lives, and creates innovative technology to help children in need.

The Building of Eric Pulier

Eric’s career did not start off insanely successful. He had to put hard work into getting where he is today. Even from those humble beginnings, Eric focused on his philanthropic values by starting a company named “People Doing Things.” People Doing Things used technology to solve issues in healthcare and education. A few years later, he created another company called “Digital Evolution.” On top of all that, he also helped children with chronic illnesses by designing a private social network specifically for them to chat and blog with other children in similar circumstances.


Eric Pulier is unquestionably the type of person that wants to improve the welfare of people. Besides his previously mentioned career endeavors, which proved to be as much of a philanthropic undertaking, he actively continued to donate to various non-profit organizations. Plus, he resides on multiple different boards for organizations like The Painted Turtle, which is a camp for children with chronical illnesses, or the X-Prize Foundation. To top it all off, he co-authored a book called “Understanding Enterprise SOA.” SOA stands for service-oriented architecture, which is an architectural design for computer software.

Whether it is an aspiration to find purpose in life as a successful businessman, or it is a purposeful task to help people less fortunate, Eric Pulier has achieved great success while being an innovative philanthropic force. His dutiful career in being a founder of so many organizations that assists other people should be a lasting testament that the corporate world does not need to be all about profits.

James Dondero, and the Dallas Foundation

The Dallas Foundation is a philanthropic organization with a budget of up to $3 million. And James Dondero is president and CEO of Highland Capital Management, with a budget of his own to spend on giving. What do these two have in common? Well, philanthropy. And The Dallas Foundation found James Dondero a likely visionary.

The people at The Dallas Foundation say that James Dondero has quite the vision that they want to support, and they do so. They found that his connections to the Dallas Zoo and the George Bush Presidential Museum made him someone they could rely on to share his vision with them and help them find out where to give.

Dondero usually takes a very proactive relationship to giving, and his work with The Dallas Foundation is no different. In fact, there is a new company, The Highland Dallas Foundation, set up especially for the purpose of devoting the efforts of The Dallas Foundation and Dondero to giving locally.

The company is wanting to improve the lives of those who live in the greater Dallas area, and they have indeed already contributed a great deal to the local culture. With Dondero’s vision focused on giving locally, though he also gives nationally and internationally, the vision of The Highland Dallas Foundation is focused on making sure that Dallas remains a fine place to live and work, and the knowledge that charitable giving makes that happen is part of their subtext, and makes everything work out for the best.

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A Review of Team Leaders Credited for DIVERSANT’s Success

Diversant LLC is a global provider of IT solutions and staffing in the United States. The company focuses in meeting the needs of the Fortune 500 companies and SMEs. Clients are provided with high quality services and products aimed at effectively satisfying their needs.

Gene Waddy, the Firm’s CEO

In an effort to promote profitability and efficiency, Diversant has employed competent individuals to manage several key departments. For instance, Gene Waddy serves as the Company’s CEO. His unrivalled expertise and drive are a reflection of the firm’s current state. While at the helm, the company has tremendously grown and dominated the industry. Waddy is credited for his commitment in developing an excellent reputation among clients.

Jim Yoshimura, Chief Operations Officer

Yoshimura is a highly talented and skilled executive in the consultancy department. His 30 year experience in the industry is vital in safeguarding the financial strength of the company. Prior to working for DIVERSANT, Yoshimura held influential posts in various firms. He is credited for generating $ 500 million while working as senior vice president for Experis. Companies such as Cooper, EDS and Lybrand can attest to the proficiency of Yoshimura. He possesses invaluable knowledge pertaining to talent acquisition and staffing.

Senior executives serve as members of an Advisory Board of the firm. Such executives are mostly business experts and influential leaders with experience in various disciplines. They provide advice on strategic planning and commercial development. The Board regularly meets to evaluate company performance and market conditions.

An In-Depth Profile of John Goullet

John Goullet serves as the Principal of DIVERSANT, LLC. He initially worked as an IT consultant before shifting to IT staffing in 1994. Having gained enough knowledge, Goullet founded Info Technologies to provide IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. His efforts gained widespread recognition when his firm earned $ 30 million. His crowning achievement was when his company was ranked 8th in the 500 fastest growing firms in the United States.

Goullet focused on comprehending the staffing needs of his customers. Afterwards, he incorporated such knowledge with the work style and personality of his clients. He advises entrepreneurs to hire skilled workers to realize objectives and goals of the company. Info Technologies has won numerous accolades courtesy of Goullet’s expertise and commitment.

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John Goullet At Diversant

The Success of Sanjay Shah

Autism is a commonly diagnosed disorder that is diagnosed to one in 68 children all over the world. Autism is a disorder that not only affects how an individual communicates, but also affects how an individual processes information. Not only does this affect their social interactions, but can also make it hard to fully communicate with other individuals. For those that are diagnosed with autism, it is truly a disorder that affects how the individual sees the world.. With so many levels of autism, some individuals who have been diagnosed can live independently while others must be under constant monitoring. Autism not only lacks a cure, but also lacks information that is needed among the loved ones of the diagnosed individual.

One father in particular has recently had a son diagnosed with the disorder. As a dedicated father, this father wants to not only learn more about the disorder, but also wants to further the research of autism. This father is Sanjay Shah Denmark, an investment expert as well as a dedicated father who has centered his career path around not only his passion for investment, but also for his devotion to his loving family. As a father of an autistic child, Mr. Shah has no intention of finding a cure. Rather than finding a cure, Mr. Shah wants to further understand how his son processes information.

The furthering of autism research will not only help improve the relationship that he has with his son, but will also improve other relationships between autistic individuals and their loved ones. As a way to fund the research of Autism, Mr. Shah has founded Autism Rocks, a foundation that holds annual events the showcase some of the most widely known celebrities around the world. All of the performers at the hosted events encourage donations to this worthy cause. All of the donations that are made for this cause go directly towards the research.

Within only two years of hosting events that showcase musical talent, Mr. Shah and his family have raised millions of dollars. The contributions as well as the information that he has provided to the autistic research has already encouraged more research as well as donations to be made to this worthy cause. The motivation behind this endeavor is to build a stronger relationship with his son and to understand how his son thinks to further build the strong bond that they have.


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