Talk Fusion is Storming 2016

Talk Fusion received an award: the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation. It was the second award it received from the media company this year. The award points out products that are exceptional in their field and offer voice, data, and video that were greatly improved over the past year.

Talk Fusion lets you talk with anyone face to face with its video chat feature, using WebRTC technology. You can use a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. You can download the app on the Google Play Store and iTunes. The full version went live in March of 2016, but this award validates the hard work and attention to detail the team at Talk Fusion put into their product.

Ryan Page is the CTO, and he said that this award is a symbol of a bigger picture that they are striving for. TMC recognized them twice, but there are other reasons to love Talk Fusion. They have free trials now, in which you can try out the technology for 30 days. The company also has other features available, such as email, livechat, conferencing, and more.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina. Reina is a former police officer from Florida, so he was serving the public in that capacity long before switching to technology. However, the origin story of the groundbreaking technology is interesting. He went to send a small video clip to a buddy of his but was unable due to AOL’s policies. He decided to innovate. Getting together with his friend and IT expert, they created Talk Fusion.

Now, Talk Fusion is at or near the top of the app stores in many countries, including Japan, Switzerland, Indonesia, and more. The company makes a statement about giving back to charities for people, animals, and community services like orphanages in Asia. In addition, they have reps in over 140 countries who all get paid instantly when they make a sale, which lets them support their dreams and families. Bob Reina, the visionary leader, says he wants to continue to change the world through video communication.

Experiencing Innovation with Eric Pulier

Aspiring to be something significant in life is the self-appointed purpose of many people. They want to leave a lasting impression on the people around them. They want life to have meaning. These people want to find success, and that is their purpose. Eric Pulier is one of those people that aspired to be wildly successful and succeeded. He is a well-known philanthropist, author, and entrepreneur. He has brought light to serious issues, uses his money to enable people to have better lives, and creates innovative technology to help children in need.

The Building of Eric Pulier

Eric’s career did not start off insanely successful. He had to put hard work into getting where he is today. Even from those humble beginnings, Eric focused on his philanthropic values by starting a company named “People Doing Things.” People Doing Things used technology to solve issues in healthcare and education. A few years later, he created another company called “Digital Evolution.” On top of all that, he also helped children with chronic illnesses by designing a private social network specifically for them to chat and blog with other children in similar circumstances.


Eric Pulier is unquestionably the type of person that wants to improve the welfare of people. Besides his previously mentioned career endeavors, which proved to be as much of a philanthropic undertaking, he actively continued to donate to various non-profit organizations. Plus, he resides on multiple different boards for organizations like The Painted Turtle, which is a camp for children with chronical illnesses, or the X-Prize Foundation. To top it all off, he co-authored a book called “Understanding Enterprise SOA.” SOA stands for service-oriented architecture, which is an architectural design for computer software.

Whether it is an aspiration to find purpose in life as a successful businessman, or it is a purposeful task to help people less fortunate, Eric Pulier has achieved great success while being an innovative philanthropic force. His dutiful career in being a founder of so many organizations that assists other people should be a lasting testament that the corporate world does not need to be all about profits.

James Dondero, and the Dallas Foundation

The Dallas Foundation is a philanthropic organization with a budget of up to $3 million. And James Dondero is president and CEO of Highland Capital Management, with a budget of his own to spend on giving. What do these two have in common? Well, philanthropy. And The Dallas Foundation found James Dondero a likely visionary.

The people at The Dallas Foundation say that James Dondero has quite the vision that they want to support, and they do so. They found that his connections to the Dallas Zoo and the George Bush Presidential Museum made him someone they could rely on to share his vision with them and help them find out where to give.

Dondero usually takes a very proactive relationship to giving, and his work with The Dallas Foundation is no different. In fact, there is a new company, The Highland Dallas Foundation, set up especially for the purpose of devoting the efforts of The Dallas Foundation and Dondero to giving locally.

The company is wanting to improve the lives of those who live in the greater Dallas area, and they have indeed already contributed a great deal to the local culture. With Dondero’s vision focused on giving locally, though he also gives nationally and internationally, the vision of The Highland Dallas Foundation is focused on making sure that Dallas remains a fine place to live and work, and the knowledge that charitable giving makes that happen is part of their subtext, and makes everything work out for the best.

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The Full Alaor BMG Recap

Las Vegas boasts of hosting the Consumer Electronics Show which is a yearly event held every January and meant to reveal about the present and the future of the technology. So far, CES has managed to reveal about the future of technology for the past 40 years. It will always reveal what is more current and advanced and at the same time reveal how the globe was changing. In an event which can easily have your name translated into the Fair Consumer Electronics, one of the BMG executive Marcio Alaor made it clear that this was headlining year for a drone with a space for the electronic cars, the camera which is usually attached to the everyday objects and a space for the passengers.

The Done Ehang 184

RIP City to Seoul gathered that in the just concluded CES 2016, the drones proved to be a major attraction though none have been much appreciated as the Ehang 184. The drones have been specifically designed to be occupied by a passenger. It also provides us with the impression that the flying cars have finally arrived into the market.

All you have to do in a drone is to have the path preprogrammed, sit back and enjoy the trip. Currently, the flight is said to have a capacity of around 23 minutes and reaches a maximum height of 3.5 km.

According to Marcio Alaor, the main concern of the Chinese firm is security. Therefore, the firm is planning to come up with a control center which will be able to command the drone whenever there is need.

The Electronic Vehicles

The electronics cars used to be a major attraction in the electronic fair and are still considered to be the major trend in the automotive sector. The major forecast is that the car will be on sale at the endo of the year at a starting price of $ 30,000. You can get more information concerning the car at

The Smart Home

Another new innovation was the cameras which are connected to objects. For example when you are out in the market and want to purchase something which you are not sure is still in your home refrigerator, you can always receive photos of what is inside your refrigerator and have the problem solved. You can read more at

About Marcio Alaor BMG

Marcio Alaor BMG is among the members of the BMG executive. BMG is considered to be one of the main sponsors of the Brazilian football. More than 39 clubs uniforms are currently being printed by the BMG.
The BMG logs are strategically placed at the chest, back or on the shirt sleeves. It also sponsors other sports such as volleyball, gymnastics and basketball.

Kyle Bass: Financial Genious Or Scheyster?

Kyle Bass is the type of person who does not shy away from attention, and his blog is a testament to that, especially if it comes from the media. His most recent exploit with the media is his criticisms on the Chinese banking system and the supposed repercussions it will have on the entire Asian banking system.

What one must first ask of this new theory as set forth by Bass is whether or not his allegiances with South American countries has anything to do with it. Recently Mr Bass seems to be throwing darts at a board trying to land himself in with another sweeping revelation like the subprime mortgage fiasco in 2008.

His notoriety substantially grew with his remarkable predictions then, but how does the Asian banking market truly work in to his present state or plans? Recently he has seemed to have grown an alliance with Cristina Kirchner out of Argentina. This alliance did not seem to boost his reputation or the level at which he could be trusted.

His prediction for China is not as grinm as one would think. He is claiming that while the Chinese banks have grown too large for their own GDPs, they do have the means and the natural intelligence to dig out of a credit slow down.

Although, he is stating that the non-Japan Asian banks that have extended lending and credit to them will see a substantial let down because of Chinese overgrowth. What is further, is that this Chinese “crash” will also affect their exports. At present more than 70% of Chinese exports are with Asia and if this slows down the Asian market will be significantly hurt.

Based on other theories that Mr Bass has tried to exploit in past years, like pharmaceuticals and even GM vehicles mishaps, how does this all play in to his past behaviors and trends? Is Bass simply seeking someone to listen to his far fetched theories, or does he have a legitimate financial point when it comes to the Asian-China financial relationships?

It seems, at present we will all have to wait and see what will happen. China does not seem to be the target of his predicitions, and neither is Japan. How Asia as a whole became a target for these predictions is not quite clear, but with his record for wanting to be seen and heard, we will probably hear nmore soon.

Is Bass the financial genius that can aid with averting a financial crash in Asia? He may just be seeking the next opportunity to get his foot in the door. After all aligning with Asia in the form of a financial genius that can bail out an entire economy would be a strikingly amazing thing for him to pull off.