Wengie Shows us How to Make Our Hair Look Great


Wengie is a pro when it comes to hair! Therefore, she knows a plethora of different styling tips and tricks that many of us have never heard of! She’s compiled all of these in a easy to use and easy to follow video that will make many of our lives simpler.


A great hair hack from Wengie is also a very simple one. If you’re having a frizzy hair day or simply want your hair to smell good, comb with a dryer sheet! All you have to do is poke the dryer sheet through the bristles of the hairbrush. Then, simply brush your hair. This will take away frizz and give your hair that dryer-fresh scent!


Who doesn’t want to have a fuller looking ponytail? It’s something that many of us with thin hair struggle with. Thankfully, not all is lost. Wengie shows us that in order to have a fuller looking ponytail, you simply have to make two different ponytails. Put half in a ponytail and half in a ponytail slightly below it. Hide the second ponytail and tease it! When looking from the back, hair looks fuller and longer. No one will know that it’s a hair hack!


A final great hack is curling your hair the easy way. All you have to do is put your hair in a ponytail and separate it into three to eight different sections. Curl those sections. It still looks great and it’s so simple to do! Overall Wengie shows us that hair hacks can be simple and make our hair look great!


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